How Big Should TV Be Over Fireplace?

Fireplaces are meant to make you feel cozy and warm. Aesthetics are obviously a priority to achieve this atmosphere. If you are thinking of installing a TV near the fireplace, you must be wondering what the ideal size for it must be--so we have researched answers to find out. 

When installing a TV, you want to balance it not being the dominant fixture in the room but being big enough to have a comfortable viewing experience. Your TV Should ideally be under 55 inches, but you should also consider its distance from the couch and how high it is mounted.

Having a cozy fireplace in your living area depends on the position of your frequently-used fixtures. The space should be balanced and harmonious both visually and functionally. Keep reading below to learn more about the ideal placement of appliances and furniture around your fireplace.

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How Big Should TV Be Over Fireplace?

Fireplaces still need to have a cozy feel to be aesthetically pleasing. The ideal size for the TV should be between 6-8 inches smaller than the fireplace, and it should not be touching the ceiling. 

Even if you have the ideal TV size, it would not be effective if the space above the mantel feels cramped. A solution for this could be clearing out the shelves at the side of your fireplace and placing the TV there.

Make sure the TV is slightly above level if that's your preference, but don't mount it higher than visually necessary. 

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Things to Consider Before Mounting TV Above The Fireplace

Although having a TV in your fireplace area sounds like a cozy arrangement, there are things you need to be aware of to avoid inconveniences at best or accidents at worst. 

The weight of the TV, the anchoring system, and the amount of heat produced beneath are only some of the things that need thorough checking. It is best to be safe and not teeter too close to the recommended weight and temperature. 

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to mounting an appliance above a fireplace. For best results, consult an expert to get their professional opinion on your fireplace's components specifically. 

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Here are basic things to consider before mounting your TV above your fireplace. 

Temperature Requirements

It is important to remember that overheating can happen if you mix heat with an appliance. However, you can work around this by applying safety precautions such as installing a fireplace hood to prevent heat from coming in contact with your TV.

You also need to give a generous clearance between the TV and the firebox. The hood and mantel will act as a protective box for your TV, but it is best to provide as much space as possible.

Your safest option is still to convert to an electric or gas-powered fireplace so you won't have to worry about your TV overheating or melting. 

Viewing Angle

Of course, you wouldn't want to get a stiff neck while watching your favorite show. You need to consider the height of the TV mount and the distance of your couch from the TV.

A comfortable viewing angle should be around 42 inches from the floor to the TV. However, looking straight into the screen at eye level can cause eye strain, so you may want to still have more distance.

You can avoid these issues by getting a full-motion wall mount above your fireplace so you can adjust it anytime you feel uncomfortable. However, this is not recommended if you have a brick or stone veneer for a wall since it may not be strong enough to hold this fixture.

Type Of Wall For The TV

Drywall over standard wood studs is ideal for mounting a TV, but classic wood studs are safer if you're thinking of putting cables through the wall. The drywall will be able to hold the weight of your TV and make the installation more convenient.

It is highly unadvisable to mount your TV on a brick wall since its quality is non-determinable and could prove to be risky. Your TV could fall off and crash, or it could overheat and melt. 

Having a sturdy wall is important if you want to maintain the structural integrity of your fireplace--or your living area.

Consider Getting A Projector Instead

Projectors are relatively risk-free, considering they won't be attached to a wall above your fireplace. If you have the means to purchase a high-quality projector that can conjure high-definition images, it could be the safest option for you.

These projectors can also be hidden away, so you can enjoy connecting and conversing with your friends and family around the fireplace. This is ideal, rather than having the TV distract you!

Figure Out Cable Management

Electric wires have a reputation for ruining a space's aesthetic. You can hide them using a bridge system that unfurls the cable wires behind the wall or have them neatly stacked together using a cable raceway. Cable raceways are ideal for protecting cables from the heat emanating from a fireplace and keeping them from collecting dust.

Make these raceways more visually cohesive by painting them the same color as your walls. This will make them blend with your interior and not ruin the look of your living area.

Have them neatly tucked behind the fireplace so you can still have that intimate, cozy atmosphere while enjoying warmth and convenience.

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How High Should You Mount Your TV?

Your comfort should be the main priority when arranging the TV's viewing angle, so it should be calculated from where you are sitting and not from where you're standing. 

According to TV engineers, the viewing angle should not be more than 30 degrees from where you're sitting, giving allowance to the viewer when they're reclining. 

  • If you have a 42-inch flatscreen TV, it should ideally be mounted 56 inches off the floor to your viewing angle.
  • If your television is around 70 inches, it should be mounted around 67 inches off the floor to the screen. 
  • However, if your TV is bigger than 55 inches, your fireplace should always be bigger by 7-8 inches. 

Where Else Can You Place The TV?

If your wall is made of brick and is not able to hold a TV, there are other ways you can rearrange your layout to make the furniture placements more convenient for everyone. 

Having other placements for your TV can be an opportunity to make your elegant-looking fireplace the centerpiece of your living area. 

Beautiful living room interior with hardwood floors and fireplace in new luxury home

On top of a console

You can place your TV on top of a console and place it perpendicular to the fireplace. That way, your TV is protected and it is not the central focus of your living room.

This placement will also make you enjoy the ambiance of a cozy fireplace while having the TV ready if you need to watch your favorite show.

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Next To The Fireplace

You can place the TV next to your fireplace for a more convenient layout. If you're worried about competing focal points, you can build a cabinet specifically for the TV and hide it there when not in use. 

If possible, you can also create a recessed wall fixture where you can place your TV. That way, it won't compete with the fireplace and will make your layout more integrated.

Television Above Fireplace Design Inspiration

Your living area's look is another component that will help you feel more relaxed and cozy. Here are ways you can elevate your living room fireplace design.

Large living room interior with TV television screen on the wall

Make A Cohesive Design

Having a color scheme and style that are visually integrated is key to making a cozy, fireplace-worthy space. For a warm and homey vibe, incorporate sunset-inspired colors peppered with rustic decorations. 

If you want a more cosmopolitan vibe, go for neutral and cool colors. Don't forget to add depth and dimension by exploring textures and tones to make your living area feel cozier. 

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Beautiful living room interior with tall vaulted ceiling, loft area, hardwood floors and fireplace in new luxury home. Has large bank of windows

Place Accents On Your Living Area

Technically, everything, including your furniture, is considered accents when you have the fireplace as the central figure in the room. This is why it is important to recognize your personal style first before purchasing decorations and furniture--so the area won't look visually chaotic.

If you're still figuring out your style, go for "safe" accents such as indoor plants, neutral-colored couches, and cream-colored throws and pillows. You can build on these items and create a relaxing, visually-pleasing space.

Modern luxury living room interior with large TV above a fireplace. How Big Should TV Be Over Fireplace

Final Thoughts

The size of your TV isn't the only thing you need to think about when thinking of mounting it above your fireplace.

As always, safety should be your number one priority when dealing with heat and appliances. From there, you can build your own dream fireplace area. 

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