How Deep Are Bathroom Cabinets? [Typical depth by cabinet size]

If you're renovating or building a bathroom you'll need to know how deep bathroom cabinets typically are. We've checked with our home renovation experts to see what they have to say and have the information for you here.

The standard measurements for bathroom cabinet depths are as follows:

  • Most lower bathroom cabinets and vanities range between 21-22 inches.
  • Sometimes you'll find 18-inch depths.
  • Medicine cabinets are typically about 4 inches deep, whether recessed or mounted on the wall.
  • Over-toilet shelving units run between 7.5-9 inches deep.

Let's look at each of these options and talk about why you might choose one or the other. We'll also talk about how bathroom cabinets are measured, how to waterproof them, and if you can ever use kitchen cabinets instead. So please, keep reading.

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The Depth Of The Various Types Of Bathroom Cabinets

Bathrooms range from a tiny under the stairs powder room, to a giant master bathroom with all of the fixtures. This is why bathroom cabinets come in various standard sizes and depths. Let's take a look at some of the most common.

Typical 21- To 22-Inch Deep Bathroom Vanities And Cabinets

The standard size depth for most bathroom vanity and cabinets is somewhere between 21-22 inches deep. Whether you're getting a custom bank of cabinets that attach to the wall, an elegant floating cabinet, or an all-in-one vanity and countertop, this will be the depth. 

Nowadays there are so many all-in-one bathroom vanities available for installation that it makes renovations easy.

Ariel Bathroom Vanity

This one from Ariel comes with a Carrera marble top, soft-close drawers, and beautiful brushed stainless door hardware. The faucet fixture is purchased separately. This is 55" long x 21.5" deep x 33.5" tall.

Click here for this vanity on Amazon.

18-Inch Depth Bathroom Cabinets

Many houses make use of a smaller footprint. But that doesn't mean you want to sacrifice the number of bathrooms, or the storage inside that bathroom. This is why cabinet manufacturers make vanities and cabinets in smaller depths as well. Though 18 inches is the standard small size, you can find some vanities as small as 14 inches for super small rooms. 

Design House Vanity

This petite vanity is a perfect size for a small bathroom and comes with under sink storage as well as a towel shelf. The overall size of this vanity is 24" wide x 18" deep x 34" high.

Click here for this petite vanity on Amazon.

Medicine Cabinets

Sometimes a bathroom may be so small that our options get even more limited for cabinet space. But medicine cabinets are an easy way to combine a mirror for above the sink with a little extra storage. The depth of these handy cabinets is typically about 4-6 inches, whether they are recessed into the wall or hung on the wall.

Homfa Medicine Cabinet

This contemporary wall-mounted medicine cabinet gives you two sides so that it can be split between two people. It's generous in its depth of almost 6 inches and is a little over 2 feet wide and just under 2 feet tall. Inside, there are adjustable shelves that allow you to style it for your needs.

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Jensen Medicine Cabinet

This petite beveled mirror medicine cabinet works in the smallest of spaces. It's a handy 16" wide, 34" tall, and just 4.5" deep. But that's still plenty of space to hold your vitamins, makeup, and favorite products.

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Over-The-Toilet Storage Units

If you're short on space and need creative storage solutions, an over-the-toilet unit might work for you. These shelving units slot over the commode and provide both shelves and closed cabinets to store towels and toiletries. They typically run between about 7-9 inches deep. Which isn't super deep, but if you need space they'll do.

Zenna Home Store Cabinet

This over-the-toilet unit is a real space saver. It sits over the back of your commode and has a drawer, an open shelf, and a closing cabinet. The overall size of this piece is 7.38 inches deep x 23 inches wide x 64.5 inches tall.

Click here for this one on Amazon.

Spirich Cabinet

Here's another option with a bit more space in both depth, height, and width. This over-the-toilet bathroom cabinet also comes in white. Its measurements are: 26.77" L x 9.4" W x 66.92" H.

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How Are Bathroom Cabinets Measured?

With bathroom cabinets, you typically have two measurements. Your base measure, which is the part of the cabinet sitting on the floor. And your top measurement, which is the top of your cabinet including the countertop.

For your base measurement, measure from end to end for the width. When measuring the depth, you may need to take out a drawer and measure from the front face of the cabinet to the face that goes against the wall.

For your top measurement, measure from one end of your countertop overhang to the other end for the width. Measure the depth from the front of the overhang to where it touches the wall.

What Is The Best Finish For Bathroom Cabinets?

With bathroom cabinets, you have a lot of moisture, so you want a finish that will protect the wood from that moisture. If you're using a painted cabinet, choose a semi-gloss oil-based paint for the most durable finish. You can use a typical acrylic latex interior semi-gloss, but the oil base gives longer-lasting results.

If you have wood-finished cabinets, then consider using a polyurethane varnish. It's available in both matte and glossy finishes to suit any design taste. This varnish will give your cabinets a strong, protective coating from moisture issues.

How Do You Waterproof Bathroom Cabinets?

The first thing to do is make sure your cabinet is caulked well at the base and at the edge of the fixtures. Use a clear caulk and fill any gaps that you may find. 

Caulk like this is made for bathrooms and kitchens.

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If your countertop is not a water-resistant material like granite, quartz, or laminate, then you may need to apply an epoxy sealer to it. Or if you've used butcher block for your bathroom counter, you'll need to frequently apply mineral oil to it to prevent staining.

Finally, make sure the cabinet itself has a strong coating of semi-gloss or gloss paint, or some type of polyurethane varnish if it's a wooden base.

Can You Use Kitchen Cabinets In A Bathroom?

It is possible to use kitchen cabinets in a bathroom, but you may not want to. Bathroom vanity bases are specifically made in sizes to support bathroom sinks and plumbing. Commercial varieties are also sold with waterproofing already in place. The kitchen cabinet bases may need some reconfiguring for your fixtures to fit and you'll need to take the time to waterproof them.

One nice thing about a kitchen cabinet, if you have the space, is that the bases are often taller and deeper. This may be more of what you're looking for than what's readily available in off-the-shelf bathroom cabinets.

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