How Deep Is A Bathroom Vanity?

If you are remodeling your bathroom, one of the most crucial things to consider will be your bathroom vanity. This is because the bathroom vanity demands a large portion of the bathroom. Whether you are moving in or simply need a change, remodeling is always complicated. And that’s before you consider all of your own personal preferences and creativity! So, we’ve researched the bathroom vanity in-depth to help save you time and money.

The average bathroom vanity is typically around twenty-one inches in depth. Still, bathroom vanities can also range from seventeen to twenty-four inches deep. These measurements mainly account for the size of a traditional bathroom. However, the size of a bathroom can frequently change from one home to the next. Therefore, it is always best to measure your unique bathroom before choosing a bathroom vanity.

The ideal bathroom vanity should allow appropriate freedom of movement. This will not only provide more comfort but also ensure your safety. A standard bathroom vanity may be too deep for smaller bathrooms. But it’s also important to consider the bathroom vanity’s height, width, and design. It may sound like a lot to take in, but keep reading to really make the most of your bathroom!

A gorgeous bathroom vanity with a white paneled cabinet and a wooden framed cabinet mirror, How Deep Is A Bathroom Vanity?

The Purpose Of A Bathroom Vanity

If you’re actively shopping for a new bathroom vanity, it is best to understand what you’re looking for. A bathroom vanity isn’t just the cabinet above your sink. A bathroom vanity is actually a combination of holding your sink and providing storage. As such, a bathroom vanity must always be deep enough for a traditional sink.

However, bathroom vanities also come in many different types. These can accommodate almost any bathroom or style. You can check out "Where to Buy a Bathroom Vanity [Top 30 Online Stores]" to start your search.

What Should You Look For When Buying A Bathroom Vanity?

If you are beginning to search for a new bathroom vanity, it is best to consider the size, price, and design.


Ultimately, the size of your bathroom vanity should be the first thing on your mind. This way, the bathroom vanity will fit nicely, look appealing, and avoid hazards.

When making any new purchase for your home, your first concern should always be safety. It is essential to make sure that your new bathroom vanity will not create a hazard. In fact, every bathroom is already built to adhere to several building codes. The vanity mustn't block your bathroom door. If you have a smaller bathroom, it is especially important to maximize your space anyhow.

You should note that bathroom vanities can also be sold without a countertop. Adding the countertop will also add to your overall depth and width. So, be sure to account for a countertop if you are purchasing a bathroom vanity that doesn’t already include one.

What Is The Best Height For A Bathroom Vanity?

The standard height of a bathroom vanity is around thirty-one inches. If you’re selecting a bathroom vanity for children, shorter models will naturally be more comfortable. Likewise, it’s best to consider what will give you the most comfort. Ideally, you won’t have to bend much to use the sink. It is relatively easy to find bathroom vanities as tall as thirty-four inches.

Most bathroom vanities prioritize a comfortable size for adults. If your household includes children, it’s commonly advised to give them a stool. However, some bathroom vanities may actually have a built-in stool.


Once you are certain that the bathroom vanity will not cause any safety issues, you have the proper size in mind. Now, you can consider pricing. Like any other product, various brands will offer different levels of quality. This, in turn, will affect the cost.

However, larger bathroom vanities are more likely to lighten your wallet. This might be avoided by avoiding wider bathroom vanities. After all, some bathroom vanities are actually wide enough to hold two sinks instead of one. This probably isn’t necessary for an average home.


It is important to differentiate the style and type of your bathroom vanity. First of all, the type of bathroom vanity only refers to its practical function. The style of a bathroom vanity only indicates artistic nature. There are a wide variety of styles that can appeal to any personal preference. You can check out this post about adding light sconces to your vanity to elaborate on your design.

How Style Affects Vanity Depth

The style of a bathroom vanity should rarely affect the practical measurements. After all, the style only alters the decorative look of the bathroom vanity. The style will alter which materials are used to make the bathroom vanity and what ornate additions may be included. It can also change the color and finish of the material. Bathroom vanities come in a surprisingly wide variety of styles.

For example, a modern bathroom vanity will emphasize symmetry and take a minimalist approach. This means that the surfaces will be relatively smooth rather than ornate. This will create a sleek look for your bathroom. It can also offer more openness by drawing less attention. Meanwhile, a traditional vanity will imitate classic, decorative furniture.

Types Of Bathroom Vanities

Once again, different bathrooms can require many different types of bathroom vanities. It is best to consider several options and choose the one that will personally serve you best. A bathroom vanity can be sold in many different types. However, there are three primary types to consider. These bathroom vanity types should cover the majority of your needs.

Freestanding Vanity

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A freestanding bathroom vanity is the most common type available. It is designed to resemble a standalone piece of furniture in your bathroom. For that purpose, a freestanding bathroom vanity is commonly made of wood. It will cover your unappealing plumbing and still offer the desired storage space.

Corner Vanity

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A corner vanity spells out its design right in the name. It is a significantly smaller bathroom vanity. This way, it will only occupy the corner of your bathroom. This is ideal for an especially small bathroom. Naturally, this will greatly affect the depth of your vanity. However, it certainly frees up plenty of space in your bathroom.

Floating Vanity

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A floating bathroom vanity is simply a wall-mounted design. There are no feet, so the bathroom vanity does not connect with the floor. This is meant to create more openness in your bathroom. It also makes it easier to clean underneath and avoid any potential water damage. However, a floating vanity will naturally sacrifice more storage space.

What Is The Best Countertop For A Bathroom Vanity?

There are a number of vanity tops on the market. However, it’s generally best to consider function before beauty. For example, marble countertops are certainly great to look at. But they’re quite expensive and vulnerable to scratches. So, you’ll also need to remember to seal them every year. And although a granite countertop would be very durable, it’s also going to be rather costly. Overall, the best countertop should be resistant to damage and reasonably priced.

Quartz countertops and solid surface countertops are both adequately priced options. They are also durable, which is always preferable. These workhorse choices will additionally resist stains and make it easier for you to clean. If you prefer a more natural style, the stone effects countertop is a good compromise. Stone effects countertops are also engineered to be fairly durable.

The design of your countertop should be easy enough to select. It should be consistent with the bathroom overall, including the vanity. However, it can also be used to complement different bathroom vanity styles and make them “pop.”


While the depth of a bathroom vanity is definitely important, there are many other factors to consider. The bathroom may seem to be full of mundane things. But with some effort, it can be easy to create a spacious and appealing room. Now that you know everything you need to purchase a new bathroom vanity, you can enjoy a room that reflects your own personality and creativity!

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