How Deep Should Fitted Sheets Be?

When it comes to bed linens, sheets can be a complicated matter—especially fitted sheets. Finding the perfect fitted sheet for your bed can be difficult, and there's nothing quite so annoying as trying to stretch a fitted sheet over your bed only to find that it doesn't fit! So the question is, how deep should fitted sheets be? If you have issues with fitted sheets, don't worry because we have thoroughly researched this topic and have all the answers you need!

According to bedding experts, a fitted sheet should be 2-3 inches deeper than your mattress. The actual depth will depend on how many inches thick your mattress is, but allowing a few inches is a good practice so that you can be sure that your sheet will fit even if you have a mattress topper underneath it.

Finding the perfect fitted sheets doesn't need to be a mind-boggling process. Follow the advice laid out in this article, and you will be on your way to stress-free bed-making. Let's get started!

White fitted sheets inside the bedroom, How Deep Should Fitted Sheets Be?

Fitted Sheet Depth

It's essential to get just the proper sheets, so a great fit is a must! The typical fitted bed sheet will accommodate a mattress up to 12 inches, but if you have a mattress that is deeper than 12 inches, regular fitted sheets won't work for you. Another issue is that many mattresses these days are about 12 inches, so you won't have much room to work with if your fitted sheet is also 12 inches.

Many consumers choose to put a mattress topper on their beds for extra comfort, and using one adds several inches to the height of the mattress. Mattress toppers are pieces of foam or padding that lay on top of the mattress, and they can provide added support to your existing mattress.

They vary in size, so if you think you might eventually get one, it's probably wise to preemptively buy your fitted sheets on the deeper side.

What Are The Depth Sizes Of Fitted Sheets?

Fitted sheets come in a variety of depth sizes. The average size, as discussed previously, is 12 inches. However, you can find fitted sheets that are 13 inches or more. Some brands make extra deep pocket fitted sheets that are as deep as 24 inches. 

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Does The Depth Of A Fitted Sheet Matter?

The depth of a fitted sheet matters. If your fitted sheet isn't deep enough, then you will struggle to get it to fit over your mattress, or your fitted sheet will come off as you sleep.

If you have a standard-size mattress with no mattress topper, then you might be able to make do with a regular fitted sheet. Still, if you have a thick mattress or you have a pillowtop mattress, then you're going to have to pay close attention to the depth size of the fitted sheets when you go to purchase them.

Where Can I Buy Extra Deep-Fitted Sheets?

If you're like many consumers, you've probably never given a lot of thought to the depth of a fitted sheet, but if you have recently purchased a thick mattress, this can suddenly become an issue. You might wonder where you can buy extra deep pocket fitted sheets.

The good news is that most stores that sell sheets will offer extra deep sheets, and a quick search online will take you to many sites where you can easily purchase them.

Why Do Fitted Sheets Not Fit?

A woman putting a fitted sheet in a room

Anyone who has wrestled with a fitted sheet has asked themselves this very question! The number one reason fitted sheets don't fit is that your mattress is too thick for the sheet. Mattresses come in many different depths, so if you buy a mattress that is 14 inches thick and your fitted sheet is only 12 inches, it won't fit.

Did They Shrink? 

Another possibility is that your sheets might have shrunk after washing and drying them. If you leave your sheets in the dryer on high heat for too long, they can shrink.

Experts recommend that you tumble dry sheets on low heat for as little time as possible to avoid shrinkage. This is just another reason to buy your fitted sheets a bit on the large side. It's better to have too much sheet than too little, especially if they end up shrinking in the dryer.

The Wrong Size?

Another possibility is that you are using the wrong size sheets on your bed. If you have a queen bed and you're using a full-size fitted sheet, you can bet that it won't fit. Make sure that when you purchase fitted sheets, you get the same size as your bed. 

Too Big?

Although we have discussed fitted sheets that are too small, you could also find yourself with fitted sheets that are too big. If you have an average mattress around 8-10 inches thick, you will probably want to avoid buying extra deep fitted sheets that are 22 inches.

Keeping your fitted sheets 2-3 inches deeper than your mattress is a good rule of thumb. Otherwise, your sheets will be much too big, and you might have a problem with them bunching up.

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Do You Put A Fitted Sheet Over A Mattress Topper?

A woman putting in a fitted bed sheet to the new foam

You might think a fitted sheet wouldn't go over a mattress topper, but that's not true. If you get a fitted sheet that is deep enough, there will be plenty of room for a mattress topper underneath. That's why it's a good idea to get a fitted sheet that is on the deep side.

Even if you don't have a mattress topper now, you might want to get one down the road as your mattress ages, so it never hurts to get a deeper fitted sheet just in case. Mattress toppers can range in thickness from 2-4 inches, so getting your fitted sheets with the future in mind is probably wise.

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How Do You Keep Fitted Sheets Tight

Although it's a good idea to get fitted sheets that are slightly deeper than your bed, if you want your fitted sheets to be tight, you could opt for sheets that are closer in size to the depth of your bed. But if you like the idea of having bigger sheets because they are easier to put on, you can try these simple techniques to keep your sheets tight.

Tuck them Under

If you do decide to get fitted sheets that are 2-3 inches deeper than your mattress, and it turns out they are much too big, you can always tuck the excess tightly under the mattress. It will look great, and you'll still have the ease of using sheets that aren't too difficult to put on. Plus, you can add a mattress topper down the road, and your sheets will still fit.

Sheet Straps

Another option is sheet straps if you still can't get your fitted sheet to stay tight by tucking it under. The straps clip under the bed and hold the sheets in place, so the sheet stays tight and doesn't ride up at the corners.

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Pin Them

Did you know you can pin your sheets to your mattress? Well, you can, and it's an easy way to keep your fitted sheets tight. Pull the sheets as tight as you like, and then take a safety pin and pin the sheet to the mattress at the corners so that the sheet stays in place. 

How Do You Measure For Fitted Bed Sheets?

Measuring for the perfect fitted sheets isn't difficult. If you aren't sure of your mattress depth, take a tape measure or a ruler and measure from the top of the mattress seam to the bottom. Measure in a few places on the mattress for accuracy.

Remember that you probably want your fitted sheets to be deeper than your mattress so add a few inches to the depth of your mattress when choosing a fitted sheet for the bed.

A Perfect Fit

A white folded fitted bed sheets

Now that you know the secret to buying the perfect fitted sheets, hopefully, you'll never spend another moment struggling with sheet corners that won't stay on. Just remember to go big and buy your fitted sheets a few inches deeper than your mattress. Take this advice, and making up your bed will always be a breeze.

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