How Do You Hang Curtains Behind A Bed?

How do you hang curtains behind the bed? Perhaps you have an ugly wall you want to cover up and make more attractive. Or maybe you want the feel of a canopy bed. Are there ways to hang curtains around your bed to make your room more interesting? We've done some research and come up with some great ideas.

Here are some ways to hang curtains behind your bed.

  • As a room divider
  • As an alternative to a headboard
  • To create the look of a canopy bed
  • To cover a window
  • To create a wall of color when you can't paint

Let's take a look at each of these options more closely, along with images, so you can see what we're talking about. We'll also talk about the original purpose of bed curtains and if you can use regular curtains for your canopy. Finally, some tips on how to coordinate curtains with your bedding. So please, keep reading!

Four poster bed with mosquito net in bright hotel room with beach view on balcony, How Do You Hang Curtains Behind A Bed?

Reasons Why You Might Want To Hang Curtains Behind A Bed

There are many reasons why you might want to hang curtains near your bed, other than a window to cover. We'll look at some interesting ideas below.

Use A Curtain As A Room Divider

One thing you might want to do is create a division of space in your bedroom. Perhaps you need a home office but don't want to stare at your bed. Or maybe you're in a studio apartment. Hanging a curtain is a great way to create some separation. If you hang it so that it bends behind your headboard, then you can slide it completely out of the way when it's not in use.

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Curtains Can Create The Feeling Of A Tall Headboard

If you don't have a headboard and simply use a bed frame and mattress, hanging a curtain behind your bed's head creates a faux headboard. The nice thing about it is that curtains are inexpensive and easy to change out when your taste changes.  You'll just need to hang a curtain rod at the height you want your headboard and pick out your favorite curtains.

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You Can Create The Look Of A Canopy Bed With Strategic Curtain Hanging

There are a couple of different ways to create the look of a canopy bed by hanging curtains behind your bed frame. In this first one, curtains are hung from hooks mounted into the ceiling. This creates the draping look shown in this photograph.

Four poster bed with mosquito net in bright hotel room

The second way is to create a faux four-poster bed. Hang curtain rods from the ceiling so that you have four corners above your bed. Allow the curtains to flow down as they would on a traditional canopy bed.

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You Might Actually Need To Cover A Window

Perhaps the perfect place to put your bed is in front of a window. If there are other windows in the room, you may not even worry about being able to open and close the curtains. In this room, sheers have been hung first to allow a constant soft-filtered light in the room. On the outer edges, rich brown curtains have been hung to coordinate with the rest of the room.

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Create An Accent Wall Without Paint

If you're in a rental, you may not be able to paint your walls. But if you're dying for some bold accent color, then a wall of curtains could be the solution. It not only gives you a myriad of choices of color, but you also have the option of texture and drape when choosing what to hang. We love these draping satin brown curtains studded with patterns. The gooseneck lamps highlight the interesting texture and hang of the wall of curtains.

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What Was The Purpose Of Bed Curtains?

Bed curtains were created in response to a need for privacy. During medieval times, many people would pile in and sleep in the same sleeping space. A bed curtain would provide privacy and some warmth on drafty nights. In some warmer, tropical environments, mosquito netting for beds was (and still is) used to protect sleepers from biting insects. These are typically made from mesh fabrics that all airflow but keep bugs out.

Mosquito netting for beds helps keep airflow moving but keeps biting insects out. Click here for this on Amazon.

Can You Use Regular Curtains For A Canopy Bed?

Four poster bed with canopy and blue towels

If you have a canopy bed with four sides on the upper canopy top, you can use regular curtains on the bed. Though traditional canopy beds often have the canopy that goes over the top as well, you can use the side rails to hang regular curtains. You'll need some type of curtain hook that will fit over the top rail of your bed. And of course, you'll need to measure your bed to figure out which size curtains you need.

You may also need to layer curtains up to get the right sizes and color combinations. But this could be a really fun boho sort of look if done correctly. If you don't have a canopy bed, you have other options as well. Buy curtain rods and attach them to the ceiling to create the feel of a canopy bed, like in this image below.

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How Do You Coordinate Curtains With Bedding?

The hallmark of great design is that you notice, but you also don't. You want all of the elements to work so well together it simply seems right. In the bedroom, this can often mean your curtains and your bedding. So how do you coordinate the two? You can, of course, buy a matching set. Many bedding sets now come with the option of matching curtains.

Here's an example of a comprehensive bedding set that even includes curtains. Of course, your windows need to match the curtain type that comes with the set for this to work. Click here for this on Amazon.

But if an exact match is not your style, there are a couple of ways to approach it. If you've used a specific color for your bedding and walls, then you might opt for a floral or patterned curtain that picks up your chosen color. Here, a burgundy bedding set and accent wall look perfectly at home with these subtle floral curtains that pick up the burgundy tone.

Interior design of a red bedroom with carpet on floor

If your bedroom is a neutral oasis, keep your curtains in the same soft shades, even if they're a slightly different color. Here, soft pink curtains blend well with the flooring, walls, and comforter. The throw pillows are where the homeowner has chosen to make a slightly bolder statement using turquoise blue as an accent shade.

We have a post on this process here if you want to read more: "Should Bedroom Curtains Match Bedding?"

Curtains Provide Interesting Options For Your Bedroom's Design

As you can see, there are really creative ways to hang curtains in your bedroom. Whatever your reason, we hope this post has gotten those creative juices flowing! If you enjoyed this one, please check out a few others here at below:

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