How Far Should A Bathroom Mirror Be Above A Sink?

If you want to install a new mirror in your bathroom or replace an existing one, you may find that choosing an attractive mirror is easy. When you begin planning for the installation, though, you might find yourself with more questions than answers. One question that often arises is how far the bathroom mirror should be hung above the sink. We have done some research to make this process a bit easier for you. 

Your bathroom mirror should hang 10 inches above your sink in most cases. If your vanity lighting hangs so low that you can't hang your mirror 10 inches above the sink, center your mirror between your sink and the lighting. 

Choosing the right mirror and deciding how to hang it to the best effect takes some consideration and know-how. Keep reading for more details on how far a mirror should be from your sink, how to hang a mirror, and how to choose the right mirror.

Modern bathroom with brown accented countertop and frameless mirror, How Far Should Bathroom Mirror Be Above Sink?

How Far Should a Bathroom Mirror Be From the Sink?

When you measure your space to determine where to place your mirror, you will want to measure 10 inches up from the sink's counter. This is where the bottom of your mirror should be. To double-check that this is the right location for your mirror, measure from the top of your faucet to the proposed bottom of the mirror. There should be a few inches between those two locations. 

Your other option is to install your mirror so that it is centered between your vanity lighting and your sink counter. To do this, measure the space between the counter and the bottom of the lighting. Divide that measurement in half to find your center. Measure the length of your mirror and divide the measurement in half to find the center of your mirror. When you install the mirror, the center of the mirror should line up with the center point you found on the wall. 

Now that you can visualize where your mirror should sit on your wall, we can discuss how to choose a mirror and how to install it. 

Choosing a Mirror 

How Do I Choose a Bathroom Mirror? 

There are many bathroom mirror options on the markets, so you will no doubt find one that you love. Aside from preference, though, there are other factors you should consider when purchasing a mirror for your bathroom. The mirror will need to fit your bathroom in size, style, and function. 


You must measure your vanity before shopping for a mirror because you don't want a mirror that doesn't fit or looks awkward in its space. Designers recommend that the width of your mirror be a few inches shorter than the width of your vanity. The mirror's height should also be short enough to fit in the space you will hang it. 

How Wide Should Vanity Light Be Compared to Mirror? 

This question needs to be considered when you are shopping for your mirror. Unless you are replacing both your vanity lighting and a mirror simultaneously, you will need to choose a mirror that fits the proper measurement based on the width of your lighting. 

Ideally, the vanity lighting should be several inches wider than your mirror. If your bathroom mirror is 48 inches wide, for example, your vanity lighting should be 50-52 inches wide. One exception to this general rule is if you are installing one wide mirror over a double sink. In this case, you can install two vanity lights, centering each one over a sink. 


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Brown themed bathroom with framed mirror

The style of your bathroom is also something to consider when choosing your mirror. While you can easily choose a plain and simple mirror, there are other options available that may coordinate well with your bathroom decor. Framed mirrors are very trendy right now, but if you choose this option, you want to make sure the frame matches your bathroom's style. In the image above, the wood-framed mirror is well suited for the bathroom with many wood accents. A more modern type of mirror would not work well in that space because it wouldn't match the overall aesthetic. 


Finally, you will want to consider what the function of your new bathroom mirror will be. For example, are you hoping to use the mirror as a storage space as well? If so, a medicine cabinet with a mirror might be your best option. If you are installing a mirror more for the style than use, you can focus on more ornate mirrors, even if they are too small to be functional. Alternatively, if you spend a lot of time using your mirror to get ready in the morning, you may want to sacrifice an elegant mirror and choose one that is larger with less decorative elements. 


Besides choosing the best mirror to suit you visually, you will need to consider the environment in which the mirror will be hung. If you live in a humid location, you will want to consider moisture and mold resistant options. You will also want to consider hardware instead of adhesive for hanging the mirror.

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Are Frameless Mirrors in Style? 

Bathroom with double sink

Yes. Frameless mirrors are quite trendy, and they offer some benefits that make them even more attractive for homeowners and designers. Frameless mirrors coordinate well in bathrooms with a modern or minimalist aesthetic. They tend not to cost as much as framed or decorative options, making them budget-friendly. A frameless mirror is a great choice if you are looking for something stylish without wanting to spend too much money on your bathroom mirror. 

Installing the Mirror 

For some, choosing the mirror is the hardest part, and if you fall into this category, you're in the home stretch now. For others, though, installing the mirror will be the more difficult step. If you fall into this category, don't worry. We have some answers for you too. 

Should Mirrors Be Centered Over Bathroom Sinks? 

Regarding height, centering the mirror over the bathroom sink is just one of several acceptable options. If you have vanity lighting above your sink, centering the mirror between the sink and the vanity lighting will be the easiest way to make sure your mirror is spaced correctly. If you do not have lighting above your sink, you don't have to worry about centering the mirror between the sink and the ceiling. Instead, you can hang the mirror 5-10 inches above the sink, ensuring that it is a few inches over the top of the sink's faucet. 

Regarding width, centering the mirror above the bathroom sink will result in the best look. Your sink's basin and faucet will most likely be the midpoint of your sink. Install your mirror so that your mirror's midpoint is aligned with the sink's faucet to ensure that your mirror is correctly centered. 

How to Hang a Bathroom Mirror 

The procedure for hanging a bathroom mirror depends on whether the mirror is framed or frameless.

Framed mirror 

  1. Measure the width of your mirror and make a small mark at the midway point. When you hang your mirror, it is at this part on the hanger that you will want your mirror hung. 
  2. Measure the width of the space where you'd like to hang your mirror and make a small mark. Install a nail or hook to hold the mirror. 
  3. Check the back of your mirror to see if it already includes a hanging bracket. If it does, hang the mirror on the wall where you've installed the nail or hook. If it doesn't, you will need to make one. You can do so by installing two brackets on the back of the mirror, one on each side. You can then attach the hanging wire to one bracket, run the wire to the other bracket, and attach it, making sure the wire is taut. When this is installed, you can hang the mirror. 

Frameless mirror 

  1. Like with the framed mirror, you will need to measure both the mirror and the space to find the halfway point. Make marks on each, so you know which part of the mirror needs to connect with which part of the wall. 
  2. If you are installing a small mirror, you can use mirror clips to hang the mirror. Use the instructions on the back of the clips to determine how many clips your need and how to install them. For a larger mirror, you will need to use adhesive. Follow the adhesive instructions to install it on the mirror and hang the mirror on the wall. 

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With so many types of mirrors available, finding one that suits your needs and preference will be easy and fun. Before heading out the door to begin your search, though, you will want to do some research. Making sure you know your bathroom characteristics and the size of the space you want to put your mirror in will save you from the headache of having to return your perfect mirror later. 

During the shopping process, you will also want to have a plan for installing the mirror. Before you leave the store, check the mirror's packaging to ensure you have everything you need to install the mirror when you get home. When in doubt, employees at home improvement retailers, hardware stores, or even the framing department of some craft stores are great resources for helping you locate the right products for your project. 

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