How Far Should A Faucet Extend Into The Bathroom Sink?

When it comes to bathroom remodels, it's really all about the details. New faucets can really spruce up a bathroom, but just how far should your faucet extend into the bathroom sink? We've checked out the variables and seen what the experts have to say and gathered it for you here. Keep reading to find out more.

You want your bathroom faucet to extend far enough into your sink for the water to cover your hands as you wash them and not splash out onto the side or back of the sink. Most sink faucets have a spout reach of 5.5 inches on average but can go as high as 8 inches.

We're going to look at when 5.5 inches of spout reach works and when it won't. Are there instances where you need a greater reach? And are there faucets available? We'll also take a look at faucet positioning and the advantages and disadvantages of tall faucets, one handle faucets, and two-handle faucets. So be sure to keep reading. 

Modern bathroom sink with mirror reflection - with towels top view, How Far Should A Faucet Extend Into The Bathroom Sink?

What Is The Correct Reach For Your Bathroom Faucet?

Your bathroom sink's main purpose is for washing hands, your face, and doing grooming activities like shaving, fixing your hair, or brushing your teeth. So, you want your faucet to have a good reach to be able to easily reach the water flowing out of it for your basic needs.

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5.5" Faucet Depth

Typically, most bathroom faucets have a 5.5" reach. Like this Delta faucet below:

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6" Faucet Depth

This works in most cases, but if your sink has a sloped bowl, you may find you want a bit more extension for your faucet. There are some Kohler faucets that have a 6" reach, giving you a bit more depth. This will give you more space for washing your hands.

This Kohler faucet has a 6" reach.

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7" Faucet Depth

There are even a few bathroom faucets out there on the market that have a 7" or 8" reach. They're definitely harder to find but brands like Newport Brass offer a few of them. 

This Newport Brass bathroom faucet has just shy of a 7" depth reach for its center faucet. This gives you plenty of room for anything you might need at your bathroom sink.

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How Far Back Should The Faucet Be From The Sink?

Modern bathroom sink with mirror reflection - with towels top view, How Far Should A Faucet Extend Into The Bathroom Sink?

This depends on the type of sink you have. Many sinks come with pre-drilled holes for your faucets and knobs, leaving the guesswork out of it. The one type of sink where this is not true is the undermount sink. Undermount sinks mount from below your countertop and the holes for your fixtures must be drilled or cut into your countertop. 

Typically, your faucet is placed at the center of your sink, though not always. Some users want the faucets off to one side. That is really up to how you want your faucet to function. But determining how far back it is from the sink is based on how much room you have between the sink edge and the back of the counter and the manufacturer's specifications for your chosen faucet. So be sure and look at those included specifications to know exactly what your faucet needs.

This antique hammered copper sink takes the guesswork out of faucet placement with its pre-drilled placement holes.

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Should The Faucet Line Up With The Drain?

Bathroom interior with white sink and chrome faucet

This is another matter of preference. One reason why you would want your faucet to line up with your drain is to eliminate any splash. But sometimes your drain and faucet placement won't ideally line up and that's fine too. Or maybe you've chosen a sink with a unique drainage placement.

In fact, as most bathroom sinks are 16-20 inches in diameter, and most faucets have a 5.5-inch reach over the sink, chances are they won't line up with a center drain.

An under-mount sink like this, with a drain near the very front of the sink, wouldn't be an ideal sink to line up the faucet with the drain hole. However, it makes for an excellent sink anyway. 

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Do Tall Faucets Splash More?

Tall faucets are super stylish and a popular choice among homeowners. They're wonderful for clearance in the kitchen for washing pots and pans and in the bathroom for giving you plenty of room for handwashing. The downside to a tall faucet, however, is its tendency to splash. If your sink is deep, then there's less splash worry. But if you have a very shallow bathroom sink, and a lot of water pressure, you may end up with lots of splashes.

You can help reduce the splash by lining up your faucet with your drain. This way the water immediately escapes. You can also minimize splash by getting a deeper sink, and, of course, by not turning your water on at full power.

A tall faucet like this is large enough to use with an above mount vessel sink.

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Are One-Handle Or Two-Handle Faucets Better?

Whether you choose a one-handle or two-handle faucet depends on a couple of factors. First, your sink. Does it come with holes for your fixtures? Some sinks only have a single hole. Or maybe your bathroom sink is quite small. Or maybe you love a contemporary look and one-handle suits your style. All of these are great reasons why a one-handle faucet may be better for you.

Here's a lovely contemporary one-handle faucet.

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With two-handle faucets, you do get better heat and cold control. There's also the advantage that if one of the two faucets is leaking, you can turn it off below the sink and use the remaining faucet until you can get it fixed. It's also a style preference thing and you may simply love the look of two handles. Many farmhouse style homes or older homes utilize this look in the bathroom.

This widespread two-handle faucet is a popular look for many bathrooms.

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What If You Want A One-Handle Faucet But Have Three Holes Pre-Drilled In Your Sink?

The first thing to do is not to worry. Faucet manufacturers have you covered. Look for single faucets that have a deck plate that extends over the extra holes. Most single faucets will come with one to give you the choice to install it with or without the cover plate. They are super commonplace and it will look perfectly at home once it's installed. You can even buy a deck plate separately if that's all you need.

Look for faucets like this with a deck plate to cover the extra holes.

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You can also buy deck plates separately.

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In Closing

A contemporary modern bathroom design. featuring a round mirror, an above counter vessel sink, custom built vanity with storage, toilet and walk-in glass shower stall, How Big Should Bathroom Vanity Mirror Be?

Your sink should function for you in the way you want it to. Washing your hands, brushing your teeth, having a shave, these are all the things that happen at the bathroom sink. Keep these in mind when shopping for your perfect bathroom faucet.

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