How Far Should A Range Hood Stick Out From the Wall?

Cooking produces moisture, smoke, steam, and grease circulating inside the kitchen without proper ventilation. Range hoods installed at the appropriate height and depth over a range will reduce lingering grease and odors. The question is, what is the proper distance a range hood should stick out? We researched range hood dimensions to help you.

Range hoods should be installed:

  • Gas range: 24-30 inches above the cooktop
  • Electric range: 20-24 inches above the cooktop
  • Outdoor range: between 36-42 inches (average) above the cooktop

Continue reading as we discuss them in greater detail, whether it be for a specific type of cooktop or an indoor or outdoor range. In this post, we will also discuss some frequently asked questions. 

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Getting The Range Hood Height Right

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Getting the right height for your range hood is extremely important because it makes the hood work effectively and for a long time. If you locate the range hood too close to the cooktop, it can get damaged since it receives a lot of heat.

On the other hand, if you locate it too high, it may not effectively provide proper ventilation for your kitchen, as it will not absorb some of the cooking fumes correctly. This will soon cause grease to start appearing on the nearby surfaces, including the range hood. 

The distance a range hood should stick out varies depending on the type of cooktop. The following types and their corresponding distances are discussed below.

Gas Cooktop 

The minimum distance between your range hood and gas cooktop should be 24 inches. This is because gas ranges have an open flame. Placing it too near the cooktop can catch fire and burn the hood or the entire kitchen. 

Meanwhile, the maximum distance is 30 inches from the gas cooktop and your range hood. This is the best height to locate your range hood to properly and thoroughly ventilate your kitchen. 

Electric Cooktop

Since you are not dealing with an open flame on an electric cooktop, the minimum distance is closer, approximately 20 inches above the stove. The maximum distance from the cooktop is only 24 inches because it produces less heat and smoke. If the range hood is installed higher than 24 inches, chances are the smoke and fumes will not be absorbed properly.

Outdoor Range Hoods 

For outdoor range hoods, the distance from the cooktop should be between 36-42 inches regardless if it is a gas or electric cooktop. Typically, outdoor ranges produce more significant amounts of smoke and heat, which is why an additional space is needed to exhaust completely. 

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Range Hood? 

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Investing in a clean and safe kitchen is one of the priorities you should consider in building or remodeling a house. The kitchen is where you prepare food, and it is important that it is always sanitary to avoid health problems arising. Having a range hood to ventilate your kitchen could be a good idea.

Since range hoods come from different types, the cost for their installations also varies. Below is the list of the average costs for the installation of a range hood: 

Under Cabinet Range Hood

The average cost for installing an under-cabinet range hood runs from $200 to $400. The time it consumes when installing this type of hood depends on the size. The larger the range hood, the more time it takes to install. On average, this type of hood requires 1.5 to 2.5 hours of installation.

Wall-mounted Range Hood

Installing a wall-mounted range hood will cost you $50-$100. It has the cheapest installation cost because it is the easiest type to install. It is so easy that a homeowner can actually install it by themselves with a few easy steps. 

Island Range Hood

Island range hood installation costs $300-$500. The installation time of this type of hood is from 1.5 to 3 hours. An island range hood is installed through the roof, which is why it has a longer installation time. 

Ductless Range Hood

To install a ductless range hood, you need to prepare $100-$300. The installation is easier in this type of range hood since it will not require any duct work. Ductless range hoods are commonly used on electric cooktops and in apartments and condominiums.

Ducted Range Hood  

In installing a ducted range hood, you can expect to pay $100-$1,000, depending on the hood size. The larger the range hood, the higher the cost of installation.

Convertible Range Hood

Convertible range hood installation costs between $200-$1,200. This range hood type has ductless and ducted modes that you can use, hence the convertible.

Are Ductless Range Hoods Effective? 

Ductless range hoods filter the smoke and steam produced while cooking and recirculate it inside your kitchen. Given that it only filters the air and does not remove contaminated air in the kitchen, ductless range hoods are more effective in domestic kitchens where cooking is infrequent.

However, when talking about commercial kitchens, ductless range hoods may not be that effective. It may not be able to handle large amounts of smoke and steam coming from the non-stop cooking of these establishments. 

What Ovens Do Not Require A Hood?

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Generally, commercial kitchens require range hoods in compliance with laws and regulations for the public's safety. However, this rule is not absolute, for some ovens and kitchen appliances are exempted from these rules. The following are:

  •       Light-duty microwave oven
  •       Certain models of combi ovens
  •       Multi-cook ovens
  •       Accelerated cooking ovens

Having the list above, you are still reminded that utmost care and precaution should be exercised in using these appliances.

Is It OK To Vent The Range Hood Into The Attic? 

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No, it is not OK to vent your range hood in the attic. Having a smelly kitchen and accumulated smoke lying around while cooking is not ideal for a kitchen. Nevertheless, venting the range hood in the attic will only put the greasy air up there and will eventually lead to mold and cause damage. 

Besides, the air in your attic will also escape into your home, making you breathe in all the hazardous air from your kitchen and may cause harmful effects on your family’s health. It will also take a lot of work to maintain your attic since the smoke and steam will just sit there, building up moisture that will soon cause molds and decay. 


Remember that the proper distance a range hood should stick out is important for safety purposes and for the range hood to function well. This distance varies for different types of range hoods and is recommended to be followed strictly. Proper kitchen ventilation will give you a hassle-free and safe cooking time. 

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