How High Is A Box Spring? [Including Various Types]

A common concern when trying to decorate a bedroom is setting up your bed. To do this, you need to know how high a box spring is. Whether you bought a new bed frame, a new mattress, or you just moved into a new house and need to find a bedroom set, trying to find a good box spring is a difficult feat without a good bit of knowledge. We’ve determined various heights for box springs, so depending on your bed set-up, you will find that knowledge here to make this process much easier for you.

The average box spring is about nine inches in height, although a standard box spring can range from about seven to nine inches. There are also low-profile box springs that average out at about five inches in height, ranging from two to six inches. Both standard and low-profile box springs, however, will offer you the same support and stability. The choice is mainly made based upon how tall you want the bed to be in the end.

A box spring’s job is to provide additional support for the mattress and protect the mattress by absorbing some of the movement and pressure applied to it. So how do you decide which size box spring is best for you? Keep reading for all the details on what to consider and whether you even need a box spring at all.

A box spring bed with a king sized mattress, blankets and pillows as well as bedside lamp, How High Is A Box Spring? [Including Various Types]

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Do I Need A Box Spring?

Whether you need a box spring for your specific mattress and bed frame depends on a few different deciding factors, and deciding if you need one is the first step to getting the correct sized box spring. You will need a box spring if you are using a metal bed frame. This type of bed frame is created to hug the box spring to create the base you need for your mattress. Without the box spring, your mattress would flop and be very uncomfortable. Also, not using this frame correctly can and will ruin your mattress.

You will also need a box spring if the mattress manufacturer recommends one. Usually, by reading your manufacturer’s information, you can tell if the warranty requires a box spring. If you use it incorrectly, it may disqualify your mattress’s warranty. If you need added height on your bed, you will need a box spring; it is the easiest and usually cheapest way to do that. Also, you will need a box spring if you are using an older, innerspring mattress; these mattresses work best and last the longest with a box spring.

You do not need a box spring if you have a newer mattress, like a hybrid or a memory foam mattress. If you use a platform bed or a bed with a built-in wooden base, you do not need a box spring. You would not need a box spring if you sleep with your mattress directly on the floor, although if this is the case, you should allow your mattress to air out regularly.

Here’s more information to help you decide.

How High Should The Top Of The Mattress Be From The Floor?

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The suggested height of your mattress from the floor depends on how tall you are. It is best for your back, your joints, and your overall health that the top of your mattress is about knee level. Another way to measure this is to sit on the edge of your bed, feet flat on the floor. Measuring this way, you will want to make sure your knees are at a ninety-degree angle to ensure your bed is at the correct height. 

The average bed height is 16 to 25 inches, but usually not more than about 25 inches tall. More than 25 inches is a bit too tall for the average person and may cause issues with mobility. This is measuring from the floor to the top of the mattress. 

Does The Height Of The Box Spring Matter?

Box-spring Bed

The height of the box spring, if you decide to use one, does matter. The height matters depending on a few key factors. If you are someone with mobility issues, the box spring height is important, and here’s why. You will not want it too high because it may require jumping, climbing, or reaching to get into every night. But you will also not want it too low because it can be bad for your joints to bend down to it every night.

The overall look of a room can be swayed by the height of the bed as well. A low bed can make a room look more spacious and less crowded. A lower bed can also offer a minimalist look that many people enjoy. A taller bed has perks as well; if there are high ceilings in your bedroom, a taller bed may look better. Also, a taller bed usually offers more storage for your bedroom.

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A lot of people suggest that bed height has a direct correlation to the energy in a room. A bed that is too short is said to cause restless sleep because it blocks the flow of energy in the room. A tall bed can cause high energy levels, therefore not allowing much rest.

When To Use A Low-Profile Box Spring?

The decision between a standard box spring and a low-profile box spring can be difficult to make. However, the necessary information to make that decision is here for you. The box spring will be the main factor in changing bed height, so deciding how tall you want your bed is the first step.

As discussed earlier, your bed’s height decides a lot for your bedroom, and a lower bed may be best for your space and for you. From the standpoint of making things easier on you, a lower bed allows for the easier making of the bed and changing the sheets. A lower bed also allows for easier movement into and out of daily; this will be better on your back and joints.

A lower height will make your room look less crowded and more open. If you want nightstands beside your bed, you will want them to look proportional; therefore, a lower bed that matches the height of your nightstands may be best. Decorative headboards may look better if you can get the full effect and see more of it, meaning the top of the mattress should not be too high and should not cover a large portion of the headboard.

Also, many fancier, premium mattresses are taller in height, therefore needing less height from a box spring. A taller mattress will offer more support and more comfort for you to sleep on every night.

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What Height Box Spring Should I Get?

Obviously, the decision is up to you of how high your box spring will be, but using this article, you should find the best size for you based on your specifications. One thing to mention is that some mattresses will come with a box spring already. In this situation, it may be best to just use that one, as it is the cheapest option. However, if you are looking into buying a new one, you first need to know how tall your bed frame is and how tall your mattress is. 

You will want to find a box spring that’s height when added to your bed frame and mattress height equals the height you want the overall bed to be. But it is important to remember that any size box spring, any height, will end up supporting you and protecting your mattress just the same as any other box spring.

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In Closing

The height of the average b0x spring is nine inches, but a low-profile one may be best for your situation. A low-profile box spring comes in at about five inches but maintains the same support as the standard size. Make sure you take all of this information into account when deciding on the height of your box spring.

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