How High Should You Hang A Full-Length Mirror?

Full-length mirrors are a great addition to your space for several reasons, but deciding how high to hang them or whether to hang them at all, can be tricky. So we're here to help. We've researched, in-depth, the height you should hang a full-length mirror and have the answer for you.

You should hang a full-length mirror at a height where the users will see their entire body. For a standard height that will accommodate most people, hang the mirror, so the bottom of the mirror is about 9 inches off the floor or just above the baseboard. 

We've given you a general idea of how high to hang a full-length mirror, but keep reading as we delve into other questions you might have. We'll discuss whether you need a full-length mirror, where to hang one, and what to hang it with.

full length mirror inside a bathroom, How High Should You Hang A Full-Length Mirror?

Full-Length Mirrors

When you hang your full-length mirror, you should be able to see your entire body. Hanging a mirror slightly above your baseboard should give the average person a full-body reflection. When trying to decide on the height to hang your mirror, make sure you can see your shoes in the reflection. 

Thick black framed full length mirror

If your height is shorter or taller than average, you may need to hang your mirror higher or lower. Since people aren't all a standard height, there's no one size fits all for how high to hang your mirror. 

What size is a standard full-length mirror?

A mirror is considered full length if it is at least 48 inches long. However, many full-length mirrors are, in fact, longer and can reach upwards of 65 inches. Smaller mirrors can also be used as full-length mirrors as long as you can see your entire body in the reflection. 

To figure out whether a full-length mirror is the correct size for you, a good rule of thumb is to buy a mirror that is at least as long as half of your height.

A black framed full length black mirror

For example, the average height of women in the US is approximately 64 inches, and the average height of men is 69 inches. If you often wear heels or hats, make sure you include them in your calculations. A mirror that is at 36 inches should be able to show you your complete reflection. 

Do I need a full-length mirror? 

Whether you need a full-length mirror depends on your other needs. Full-length mirrors aren't just great for seeing your entire reflection; they are also a great way to make a room feel bigger. They can be a stylish focal point and boost light around the room.

An outfit might look great laid out on your bed, but you won't know for sure how good it looks on until you can see your total reflection. So if you'd like to be able to admire your whole outfit before leaving the house, a full-length mirror is necessary. 

A full-length mirror modified with lights on the corners inside a dressing room

If you have a small room, full-length mirrors draw the eyes upwards. A well-known interior design tip involves drawing a viewer's eyes upwards to make the room feel taller. 

For more tips on making a small bedroom feel bigger, check out our other blog post: How To Make A Small Bedroom Look Bigger [9 Great Ideas!]

Mirrors can help reflect light around a room, making it feel more open and spacious. The bigger the mirror, the more light will be reflected. This makes full-length mirrors an excellent choice for this illusion. 

Where to hang a full-length mirror?

Before buying a full-length mirror, you need to make sure you have adequate space for it. Deciding where to hang your full-length mirror isn't just about where you have the most wall space. However, this is an essential factor. Full-length mirrors can go in many places. 

Behind The Door

If you don't have the wall space for a full-length mirror, consider choosing a door mirror. Door mirrors work well if your wall space is limited or you don't want to drill into your wall. They are ideal for people renting or students in dorm rooms. 

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In Your Bedroom

Interior of an ultra modern and eccentric bedroom with patterned beddings, colorful patterned rug, and dangling lamps

If the purpose of your full-length mirror is to make sure your outfit looks good, hanging your full-length mirror in your bedroom or where you get dressed is a good idea. Just make sure you hang it in a place with space in front. You need enough distance to stand far enough back to see your reflection entirely. 


Interior of a Scandinavian themed living room with white painted walls, indoor plants, and a coat rack near the mirror

Another good place to hang a full-length mirror is in your hallway. Hanging it in your hallway allows you to admire your final look on the way out. 

Small Rooms

A contemporary themed living room apartment with luxurious dining set, square armed sofa, and a huge ceiling lamp at the dining area

We mentioned earlier that placing a mirror in a small room can make it feel bigger. Hang the full-length mirror on the largest wall space, or if you've chosen a more decorative mirror, place it where it will be seen the easiest. 

What do you use to hang a full-length mirror?

After you've decided where to hang your mirror, you need to know what to use to hang your mirror. Full-length mirrors not only range in height but also range in weight. If you don't hang it correctly, you risk damaging your wall and the mirror itself. 

Stud Finder

If your walls are drywall, you will need to secure the mirror to studs. Use an electronic stud finder to locate the wall studs. Drywall is not able to support a lot of weight if you do not use the studs. 

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Mirror Hangers

You'll also need to know how much your mirror weighs in order to know the support your screws will need to have. Choose screws that can hold at least the weight of your mirror. 

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Heavy Duty Wire

Some people choose to hang their mirrors using wire. As with screws, you'll need to choose a wire that can support the weight of your mirror.

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Make sure to mark out where you want your mirror to go before drilling any holes. Use a level to make sure the mirror will hang straight. You don't want a crooked reflection!

Once you've hung the mirror, it's also good to double-check its straightness by placing a level along the top. It's better to realize it's not straight now while you still have your tools handy than later on when you're admiring your outfit. 

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For more information about how to hang heavy mirrors, check out our other blog post here: How To Hang A Heavy Mirror [3 Ways] or if you're worried about damaging your walls with nails, we also have an article on that topic too: How To Put Mirrors On Walls Without Nails.

Thick black framed full length mirror

If hanging a mirror seems too intimidating, there are also full-length mirrors on stands. These will take up more space than hanging mirrors but are a safe alternative if you're worried about damaging your walls.  

Final Thoughts

There's no exact height to hang a full-length mirror. As long as you can see your entire reflection, you can hang it at whatever height works for you. Hopefully, we've also helped answer some other questions you might have had about full-length mirrors. 

A contemporary themed living room apartment with luxurious dining set, square armed sofa, and a huge ceiling lamp at the dining area, How High Should You Hang A Full-Length Mirror?

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