How High Should You Hang Bedroom Curtains?

Curtains add so much to the ambiance of your bedroom, so you probably want to get them just right. However, you may be wondering what is just suitable for a bedroom? Is every window the same, or are there guidelines that apply to different-sized windows? We have looked into many different trends and rules to answer all of your bedroom curtain questions.

For bedrooms with 6 to 8-foot ceilings, curtains should be hung between 4 and 6 inches above the window frame. If your ceiling is higher than 8 feet, bedroom curtains can be hung higher. Ceilings that are 9 feet or above can accommodate curtains hung just under or from the ceiling.

There you have it, a straightforward solution for your bedroom curtain needs. However, we do have some tips tricks to get your curtains just right, so be sure to keep reading!

A bedroom with stylish curtain design, How High Should You Hang Bedroom Curtains?

Different Heights For Different Bedrooms

Bedrooms come in all shapes and sizes, and each homeowner has their own tastes and preferences. The height of your bedroom ceiling will affect how high you hang your curtains. It will also impact how long your curtains will need to be.

How High Should You Hang Curtains In An 8 ft Tall Bedroom?

The average ceiling height today is 8 ft, thanks to the standard size of lumber and sheets of plywood. If your bedroom ceiling is 8 feet tall, you will need to consider this.

While it is not impossible to hang your bedroom curtains at the top of the wall, it may look disproportionate to the room. Ideally, your curtains should be hung around 4 inches and up to 6 inches above the window frame.

How High Should You Hang Curtains In A 9 ft Tall Bedroom?

9-foot ceilings are currently the standard for modern houses, one foot above the average height. A bedroom with 9-foot ceilings can accommodate curtains that are hung much higher, depending on the window size and placement.

As long as your window is a decent size, feel free to hang your curtain anywhere from 4" above the window to just below the ceiling. That being said, a smaller window may still look best with a curtain hung 4" to 6" above its frame.

How High Should You Hang Curtains In A 10+ ft Tall Bedroom?

If you're lucky enough to have a bedroom with ceilings that are 10 feet or higher, you might as well go all out! Hang those curtains as close to the ceiling as you can, and stand back to admire the effect. You could even hang your curtains from the ceiling. This is a good method for hanging curtains over windows that reach almost to the ceiling.

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Where should curtains go in a bedroom?

Of course, the most common place that curtains are used is over windows. That being said, there are certainly other places in a bedroom that curtains could be utilized. Let's look at a few:

  • In the closet
  • As a room divider
  • Around your bed
  • Behind your bed

In The Closet

Traditional closet doors can be expensive, bulky, and irritating. You may choose to ditch closet doors altogether and use an attractive curtain in its place.

A massive bonus for curtains is that almost anyone can install them. You can use a standard curtain rod or a tension rod that fits your closet opening.

As A Room Divider

A room divider can add privacy, create a cozy reading nook, or add interest to your bedroom. Create a room divider by hanging attractive curtains from the ceiling of your bedroom.

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Around Your Bed

Hanging curtains around your bed is an easy way to create an intimate, restful environment. They create a similar effect to canopy beds, which are popular for a good reason. Hang your curtains from the ceiling surrounding your bed for an instant bedroom upgrade.

Four poster bed with mosquito net in bright hotel room

Behind Your Bed

Another place that you could hang curtains is behind your bed. These curtains will play a purely ornamental role in your bedroom, framing your bed. They can be left hanging straight down as a backdrop for your bed. Alternatively, you could pull them back and hang a piece of artwork in the center.

Great classic four-poster bed and soft white comforter

Should curtains always go to the floor?

As a general rule, curtains should go to the floor or "float" just above the floor. Curtains draw your room together and help the eyes travel smoothly from the ceiling to the floor. Floor-length curtains facilitate a cohesive look much more effectively than short curtains do. However, there are instances where you should not use floor-length curtains.

In The Bathroom

Did you ever notice that you never see bathroom curtains that sweep the floor? Having curtains on the bathroom floor would pose an obvious hygiene problem. It would be difficult, if not impossible, to ensure that the curtains and surrounding floor stayed sanitary.

Over Furniture

Short curtains are usually best for windows that overlook furniture or counters. While you could tuck long curtains behind a dresser or shelf, using shorter curtains is much more practical. Consider sill-length or even cafe curtains in these windows.

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Should you hang curtains to the ceiling?

There is undoubtedly a place for curtains that are hung up the wall. If your ceilings are 9 feet tall or higher, many decorating experts suggest hanging your curtains as close to the ceiling as possible. This is especially so if your windows reach very near to the ceiling. However, it is not always necessary, practical, or even proper to hang curtains to the ceiling.

Can you use long curtains on short windows?

Yes, you can use long curtains on short windows. However, it is still best to hang your curtains no higher than 6 inches past the window frame. Hanging the curtains higher than this can cause your short windows to look very disproportionate. 

How much wider should curtains be than windows?

This question could be taken two ways and has two different answers.

  1. How much wider should curtain panels be than windows?
  2. How far should curtains extend past the window?

We will look into each question and provide an answer to both.

How much wider should curtain panels be than windows?

As a general rule, your curtains themselves should be at least 24 inches wider than your window. However, your curtains can be up to 2 and a half times the width of your window. This extra width will ensure that your curtains gather evenly and attractively.

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How far should curtains extend past the window?

How far your curtains extend past your window will ultimately be affected by where your curtain rod is installed. You should install your curtain rod about 4 to 6 inches away from your window. As a result, your curtains will hang 3 to 6 inches past your window.


We have covered a lot of ground and hopefully answered all of your bedroom curtain questions! Whatever your window situation, keep in mind that hanging your curtains 4 to 6 inches above the window frame is always safe. Also, remember that higher ceilings mean more room to hang curtains. Now go hang some curtains!

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