How High To Hang Floating Shelves?

Floating shelves create a beautiful place to display your family mementos and home decor with style. In addition, selecting floating shelves offers a designated space without clunky brackets or braces, making the room appear less cluttered. 

Kitchen and cooking essentials stacked on floating shelves, How High To Hang Floating Shelves?

How High to Hang Floating Shelves

Floating shelves can add additional storage in a kitchen or offer a decorative addition to the living room. When hanging floating shelves, it is essential to consider a couple of things when finding the right height on the wall to hang them. 

Narrow bedroom with white brick decorative wallpaper, floating shelves and books stored on the side

First, determine how the shelves will be used. For example, consider if the shelves will be used for storage, to hold family heirlooms, display picture frames, or for another use. What will be placed on the shelves ultimately determines how high and how far apart to hang the shelves. 

Next, determine where the floating shelves will be hung. Will they hang in a hallway, over a sofa, in the kitchen, as part of a desk, or over a toilet? 

How High to Hang Floating Shelves Over A Sofa

Floating shelves can add life to a living room, offering a place to display photos, decorative objects, and plants proudly. However, it is essential to ensure floating shelves are hung at a proper height over the sofa to ensure it does not look out of place. 

When hanging a floating shelf on a wall, it is best to hang it at eye level, approximately four to five feet from the floor. When hanging the shelves over a sofa, hanging them about ten inches from the top of the couch is best. 

How High to Hang Floating Shelves Over a Kitchen Counter

Hexagonal shaped shelves with plants for decoration

Floating shelves offer many opportunities to add additional storage space in the kitchen. For example, the shelves can be used to place cutting boards, cups, plates, canisters, serving dishes, and herb plants. 

Floating shelves in a kitchen look best when installed over countertops. Install the shelf at least one foot to one foot and a half over the countertop for the best look. However, the actual height depends upon how much wall space there is and how many shelves are being hung. 

For multiple floating shelves in the kitchen, it is best to hang them at least one foot apart. Distances between shelves may vary depending upon what is being stored on them. Consider the items to be placed on the shelves and adjust the distance between them to accommodate the objects placed on them. 

How High to Hang Floating Shelves Over a Toilet

Multiple shelves over a toilet can provide space for toilet paper storage, plants, decorative items, and extra hand towels. To allow enough room, floating shelves in a bathroom should be placed about two feet above the toilet tank and about one foot apart. 

How Many Floating Shelves to Hand Together

The number of floating shelves hung in a single area depends on their purpose and how large the space is. For most parts of the home, three to six floating shelves grouped are ideal and look great. 

How Far Apart to Hang Floating Shelves

Like hanging multiple shelves in the kitchen, it is essential to consider what will be placed on the shelves and where they will hang. In most cases, hanging the shelves 16 inches apart offers plenty of space to store items. A general rule is to have a minimum of 12 inches between each shelf.  

Supplies Needed to Hang Floating Shelves

A black copy space laptop at a white work area with a floating shelf

Most floating shelves, such as the AMADA HOMEFURNISHING Floating Shelves available on Amazon, including all hardware needed to hang the shelves. Supplies you may need to hang the shelves, including a level, measuring tape, stud finder, drill with a drill bit, screws (if not supplied), and a pencil. 

How to Install Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are relatively easy to install, especially if all the supplies are gathered, and the hanging location is cleared and ready. Below are the steps to hanging floating shelves in the home. 

Mark the Placement

Step back and look at the wall to plan out where the shelves will go. Once a spot is determined, measure a distance to the appropriate and desired height, then mark the site with a pencil. Next, measure out and mark places for additional shelves to be hung. 

Find the Wall Studs

A small drill and power drill on the side

Hanging floating shelves on the wall studs offers more support. Typically, studs are about 16 to 24 inches apart. A stud finder, such as the CRAFTSMAN Stud Finder, 3/4-in. Depth available on Amazon helps easily and quickly identify where the wall studs are. 

Drill the Pilot Holes

A small drill and power drill on the side

After finding the studs and measuring where the shelves go, make adjustments so the shelves get hung securely and adequately. Use a drill to make pilot holes in the wall where the shelves will be hung. 

Attach the Bracket

White shelves and matching white brackets

Next, match the shelf bracket up with the wall at the pilot holes. Drive screws through the bracket and into the pilot holes, securing them to the wall. 

Hang the Shelves

Finally, slide the floating shelf onto the secured wall brackets. The shelf should easily slide onto the bracket up against the wall if done correctly. To prevent sliding, secure shelves to the brackets using screws drilled into the underside.

Decorate and Fill the Shelf

Once the shelves are hung, it is time to finish decorating the space. Place picture frames, decorative items, plants, or anything that needs storing. Adding sconces, frames, or other hanging objects can enhance the look of the shelves and the overall feeling of the space. 

Types of Floating Shelves

Small minimalist inspired work area with floating bookshelves and a huge mirror on the side

When shopping for floating shelves, there will be various types, styles, sizes, and colors to choose from. Some options include natural wood, stained wood, painted wood, glass, and plastic. 

How to Select Floating Shelves

When selecting floating shelves to hang in a home, it is best to consider the overall design of the space. Secondly, determine how large the room is. Both of these will decide the size, style, and color of the floating shelves selected. 


Kitchen and cooking essentials stacked on floating shelves

Now that the floating shelves are hung, it is time to kick back and enjoy the space. Relax and admire the fantastic work done to add storage space, decorative items, and a new look to the room.

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