How Long Is a 10-Person Table?

If you're someone with a big family or who simply loves to entertain large groups of people, you'll need the dining room table to match. While a six-seater would suit the average host, chances are you need something more like a ten-person table. How much space is it going to take to accommodate such a monster of a table, though? We've researched table sizes to get the answer for you.

A standard, rectangular 10-person table measures 96-inches long. Some factors that can affect that measurement include:

  • Table's shape.
  • How much elbow room you want each person to have.
  • Whether the table features leaves or not.

A lot about your dining room décor hinges on having the right table for the space, and picking the right table often means having the right size in addition to the right style. We will guide you through everything you need to consider if you're picking out a 10-person table for your home.

How Long Is a 10-Person Table?

Getting the Table's Shape Right

Dining room tables typically come in one of three shapes: rectangular, square, or circular. Since a perfectly square 10-person table would be unreasonably large and feature an excess of unused space in the middle, we need not discuss it. That gives you a choice between rectangular and circular.

Rectangular 10-Person Tables

The rectangular table is a classic. Since most dining rooms are also rectangular, fitting this shape into your home is easy. In addition, providing more room for seating is an advantage offered by rectangular tables. A common drawback to consider is that the table's legs get in the way of where, precisely, you can sit guests. This can get especially cumbersome when you're trying to seat so many people at once.

Still, given its elegance and straightforward design, the rectangular dining room table makes a fine choice. Consider picking up one of these for your own home. The contemporary design of this set offers charm and a touch of flair. 

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However, if you're looking for something to suit either a classic or modern home, you might be more drawn to this collection.

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Circular 10-Person Tables

Circular tables are measured by diameter. Therefore, a circular table that comfortably sits ten people would be about 84-inches in size. The major benefit of this table shape is that they are known for creating warm and inviting atmospheres. When seated around a circular table, eye contact comes more naturally, and conversation flows more freely. Of course, the drawback is that a circular table of this size can be unwieldy because you'll need a larger than average dining room to accommodate one.

Still, if the whimsy and charm of a circular table appeal to you, consider getting one of these models. The color of this set lends itself to both classic and rustic homes.

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If, instead, you're looking for a contemporary dining room table, look no further than this piece.

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Are Round Or Rectangular Dining Tables Better?

As is the case with most interior decorating questions, the answer has nothing to do with one option being objectively better than the other. Simply, it comes down to the style and mood you're trying to create.

Take this dining room, for example. The chairs' style, the room's color, and the artwork on the walls all work together to create an elegant, traditional vibe.

This room, on the other hand, offers a relaxed and more contemporary feel.

Notice how similarly styled chairs around a circular dining room table exude the same modern and casual vibe.

Meanwhile, this round dining room table offers as much tradition and stately energy as the first example.

Therefore, it's more important to consider your preferences when choosing the shape of a dining room table. Do you prefer a bistro feel and open conversation? Go with a round table. If you prefer the tradition and heightened room design options of a rectangular table, choose a piece fitting that description.

Considering Elbow Room

While 96-inches is the standard, you may still feel a bit cramped seating ten people around a table of that size. If you'd like to provide more elbow room at a rectangular table, you should search for one that measures anywhere from 97- to 120-inches in length.

For circular tables, adding one foot to the diameter typically does the trick. Instead of searching for an 84-inch piece, look for something closer to 96-inches.

Table Leaves

Table leaves provide another way to approach the situation. If you fear you don't have the room to house a 96-inch table all year long, consider getting an eight-person table that comes with leaves. This will allow you to extend the table's length when guests visit and then scale the table back down when it's just you and your family.

How Long Is A Typical Table?

For comparison's sake, let's discuss the length of a standard table. Typically, lengths can be broken down into the categories of four-seaters, six-seaters, and eight-seaters; their measurements are as follows:

  • Four-seater: 48-inches long
  • Six-seater: 60-inches long
  • Eight-seater: 78-inches long

When choosing which table length is best for your home, consider your immediate family's size and how often you have your extended family over for holidays or special occasions. This should help you decide, logistically, whether you need a ten-person table or if eight-seats will suffice.

How Do You Calculate The Best Table Size For The Room?

Knowing how big a 10-person table measures isn't helpful in a vacuum. You'll need to know how to take these measurements into your dining room table and design a functional room. For example, how much space should you provide for people to pull out their chairs comfortably? Well, typically, people need about 3-feet of space on any side of the table.

To find the maximum size your dining room table can be and still allow for accessible walkways, measure your dining room's length and width, then subtract six from both those figures. Of course, dining rooms usually feature more than just a table in terms of furniture. Subtract even more if you plan to have a china cabinet, curio, or other such pieces.

Feeling overwhelmed? You can always consider measuring your room and then playing around with the design possibilities using floor planner software (available online or via download).

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Can You Make Your Own 10-Person Table?

Can't find the right 10-person table for your dining room? You can absolutely build your own, just follow these steps:

1. Gathering Materials

You'll need tools, such as a saw, drill, and sander, in addition to building materials like plywood, nuts, bolts, and washers.

2. Designing Extendable Rails

An essential part of constructing a DIY ten-person table is getting the leaves in order.

3. Constructing the Top

Since it's the part of the table all your guests will see, you'll want to take your time sanding and staining your tabletop.

4. Adding Legs

It's possible to find table legs at home improvement stores. Your main job will be measuring them and sanding them to your liking.

5. Putting it All Together

Once you have all the pieces assembled, it's just a matter of getting everything into its place!

For in-depth instructions and a true step-by-step guide, check out this helpful article or watch the tutorial below:


Once you've finished building your new table, check out our step-by-step guide "How to Paint a Dining Room Table."

Enjoy Entertaining!

Now that you know exactly how to plan for and choose a 10-person dining room table to suit your home, we hope you enjoy many meals around the table with family and friends. Show off your design skills and gather everyone you love in one place! Just be sure you've read our "How To Clean A Wood Dining Table" so your home is in tip-top shape before you host.

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