How Long And How Wide Is A Chaise Lounge?

At first glance, a chaise lounge may appear to take up too much room to be practical. You may have questions about the average width and length of this accent furniture, as it is a perfect addition for living rooms, bedrooms, and even outdoors. We researched the average dimensions of chaise lounges, so you can best elevate your space and provide posh additional seating.  Read on to discover how a chaise lounge can complement your space and add a touch of sophistication.

The measurements for many chaise lounges are a sitting height of 35 to 40 inches, and the width is between 25 and 30 inches. Additionally, the length of a chaise lounge falls between 73 to 80 inches. The dimensions of the seat on a chaise lounge are anywhere from 42 to 48 inches. An outdoor chaise lounge is typically 78 inches in length, has a seat height of 13 inches, and is 20.5 inches wide.

This article will cover how the dimensions of this furniture can accommodate an overnight guest, improve an awkward corner in a room,  or create a relaxing space to recline.

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An Elegant Seating Solution

Instead of settling on a loveseat or a sofa, a chaise lounge is a stylish and functional form of seating. Most chaise lounges provide enough space to seat two people comfortably. Depending on the style of a chaise lounge, it can function as a daybed, space for napping, or stretching out with a good book. Lounging on a chaise lounge won't leave you struggling for space and comfort, as they extend between 73 and 80 inches in length. Also, the seating space is between 42 to 48 inches.

Living rooms with an odd corner or nook can be corrected visually by placing a chaise lounge in this space. Bedrooms are another wonderful room to host a chaise lounge, nestled next to a window or tucked into a corner. Not only does a chaise lounge make the most of the space in which it is placed, but it provides a cozy seat to relax and recline. Also, chaise lounges are a versatile accent piece for outdoor patios, gardens, or other recreational spaces to gather.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Furniture

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Traditionally, the chaise lounge is an indoor piece of accent furniture. However, in modern times chaise lounges are found poolside for casual seating, decks, patios, and other outdoor gathering spaces. Some indoor chaise lounges come with hidden storage under the seat cushion. Many indoor and outdoor chaise lounges are versatile and have an adjustable back so one can transition from sitting to fully reclining.

Outdoor chaise lounges are often constructed from steel with padded cushions encased in waterproof material, or they may be rattan or wicker. Indoor chaise lounges come in an array of colors from neutral to opulent jewel tones and are made with natural or synthetic fibers for durability and comfort.

Selecting A Chaise Lounge

Antique black and gold chaise lounge in red room

If you are curious about what type of indoor chaise lounge fits your aesthetic taste and home's needs, familiarize yourself with different styles of chaise lounges.

  • Bench sofa
  • Brisée
  • Chair style 
  • Modern Contemporary
  • Recamier
  • Victorian

Indulge your senses with a piece of historic accent furniture. From the 16th century in France to glamourous Hollywood's leading ladies photographed on fainting couches, this furniture enjoys a colorful and luxurious history.

Why Is It Called A Chaise Lounge?

The term chaise lounge to describe this inimitable form of furniture is a combination of English and French influence. A chaise lounge is denoted as such because it is similar to a chair for seating, but it also extends so someone can lounge or recline too. Typically, a chaise lounge has a backrest on one side, with the other side being open.

Overall, calling something a chaise lounge is a bit of a historical misnomer, as it is an elongated chair, but it has stuck. Other names for a chaise lounge include a sun lounger, a fainting couch, and a studio couch.

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What Are Chaise Lounges Used For?

A chaise lounge is a wonderful addition indoors for living rooms, bedrooms, studies, and outdoor spaces. Make the most of a small living room with a chaise lounge that folds down into a bed or includes storage space. Create an impressive visual focal point with a vintage-style chaise lounge or contemporary modern-style chaise lounge for extra seating. The chaise lounge is a beloved classic form of accent furniture that is useful for sitting, lounging, napping, and entertaining guests.

Outdoors, chaise lounges are a common form of seating for decks, patios, near pools, gardens, and under roomy gazebos. Chaise lounges have become a staple in recreational furniture for sunbathers, vacation properties, hotels, and cruise ships. To protect this outdoor seating, it is wise to cover them with a weather-resistant slip when they are not used or during inclement weather.

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How Do You Measure For A Chaise Lounge Cover?

After investing in an outdoor chaise lounge, it is good to keep it covered when not in use. You should take notes on your chaise lounge's dimensions so you can buy an appropriately sized chaise lounge cover. It is essential to take the measurements of a chaise lounge's depth, width, and height. Make sure to round the measurements to the nearest inch.

Use a measuring tape to get an accurate measurement of the chaise's widest point, starting from the front of the base of the front legs or back wheels if applicable. The chair's depth can be calculated from the front of the legs to the back of the legs. And lastly, the height of the chaise should stretch between the ground to the top of the furniture. Please note, when taking measurements, you want to go from left to right. You may also want to include an inch or two more than your measurements so that the cover can breathe.

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Whether used indoors or outdoors, the chaise lounge offers timeless beauty, high visual appeal, and plush, luxurious seating. Since this accent furniture's rising popularity in France from the 16th century and beyond, a chaise lounge makes a lasting impression. Many people love a chaise lounge for its versatility in style and function. You can enjoy lounging outstretched on a chaise lounge for a nap, relaxing, or seat two persons for intimate conversation.

Indoors, a chaise lounge is best suited for a living room, bedroom, or a nook under a window. The style of a chaise lounge can better determine its usefulness to the owner and how it can best complement one's personal style. Choose from modern chaise lounges with an adjustable back that folds down to a guest bed. Indulge your space with a vintage-style chaise lounge with tufted upholstery, a high back, and a neck roll. 

Outdoors, the chaise lounge has become a familiar piece of furniture on patios, decks, and at poolside for lounging with a drink, sunbathing, or enjoying the company of others. A chaise lounge is a durable and comfortable form of seating that adds a sense of drama, playfulness, and interest to any space.

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