How Long Should Benjamin Moore Paint Dry Between Coats?

With painting comes inevitable wait times. Do you want to use Benjamin Moore paint but don't know how long to wait between each coat? We have done plenty of research to find you the answer.

You should let your Benjamin Moore paint dry for about one to two hours between coats. With that said, Benjamin Moore's acrylic latex and alkyd paints take a bit longer to dry, usually between four and 16 hours.

As we begin, we will cover all things Benjamin Moore paint and discuss their different dry times. Whether you need to paint your interior or exterior, it is essential to give your paint enough time to dry before recoating. With that said, let's dive right into this post!

Classical empty room interior 3d render. How Long Should Benjamin Moore Paint Dry Between Coats?

How Long Should Benjamin Moore Paint Dry Before The Second Coat?

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Typically, you should wait for one to two hours before painting over your first coat of Benjamin Moore paint. Of course, Benjamin Moore has an extensive line of products, including acrylic latex and alkyd paints which will have longer dry times.

For their acrylic latex and alkyd options, give your walls between four and 16 hours to dry before adding a second coat. An easy way to find your paint's dry time is to check Benjamin Moore's online product guide that explains how long each paint will take to dry between coats.

What Happens If You Paint The Second Coat Too Soon?

If you decide to paint your second coat too soon, you risk your paint peeling, streaking, and looking uneven in color. Although waiting a few hours can feel unnecessary, it's essential to let your paint adhere to your walls and dry a bit before recoating.

For those who want to speed things up, we recommend placing a few high-power fans in the room you just painted between coats.

This high-power fan is 120 volts, has three speeds, six positions, and has two built-in USB ports.

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Does Benjamin Moore Paint Need Two Coats?

Regardless of how dark your current walls are, you will most likely need two coats of Benjamin Moore paint. Although Benjamin Moore's paint is high-quality, two coats will give your walls a luxurious, rich color and be fuller coverage than one. 

Of course, if your first coat of paint covers your walls enough to your liking, it is not required to apply a second coat.

Does Benjamin Moore Paint Have Built-In Primer?

Although not all of Benjamin Moore's paints have built-in primer, they do offer a few options. For example, their Regal Select waterborne interior paint has a built-in primer and is safe to recoat after one to two hours.

Another paint they offer with built-in primer is their Aura waterborne interior paint which has a slightly shorter dry time of just an hour.

Do I Really Need To Wait For Hours Between Coats Of Paint?

Classical empty room interior 3d render

When it comes to waiting hours between coats of paint, this is necessary. Even with a fast-drying product, your paint needs time to dry between coats to prevent it from bubbling and looking unprofessional.

Recoating your walls too soon will almost always end with a poor-quality paint job, which will take even longer to fix. That said, if waiting for paint to dry makes you go crazy, try painting later in the day and letting your walls dry while you sleep.

What Happens If You Don't Wait Long Enough Between Coats Of Paint?

Like we mentioned, recoating your paint too quickly can result in peeling, streaking, and discolored walls. Generally, it is best to let your paint sit for a few hours between coats and follow its recommended care instructions.

With that said, most Benjamin Moore interior paint should be dry enough for recoating within two hours, which is pretty standard.

What Kind Of Paint Dries The Fastest?

Formula-wise, acrylic paint tends to dry faster than other options. Paint with lighter formulas, especially water-based options, will dry within a few hours versus oil-based, usually taking more than 24.

That said, some of Benjamin Moore's interior acrylic paints are also latex, which will have longer wait times. Latex paint usually has an oil-based formula, hence the longer dry and recoat time.

Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec 500 Interior Paint

This interior paint has an acrylic formula, a washable eggshell finish, recoats in two to three hours, and comes in one or five gallons.

Check out this paint on Amazon here.

Does Paint Dry Faster In Heat Or Cold?

When it comes to temperature, paint will dry faster in the heat. Of course, this doesn't mean you need to turn off your A/C entirely, but try to set it closer to 80 degrees while your paint dries.

The reasoning behind this is that heat absorbs the moisture in paint, speeding up its drying process. That said, warm, dry air is the best climate for fresh paint, so if you live somewhere humid, try placing a dehumidifier near your newly painted walls to suck up excess moisture.

This dehumidifier turns off automatically, covers 300 square feet, is quiet, and holds up to 35 ounces of water.

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What Paint Has The Best Coverage?

Young asian happy woman painting interior wall with paint roller in new house

In general, paint with built-in primer and a high-quality formula will have the best coverage. Between oil and water-based options, we would say oil-based will cover your walls better but will take longer to dry.

When it comes to which of Benjamin Moore's paints has the best coverage, their Regal Select interior paint takes the crown. According to the New York Times, Benjamin Moore's Regal Select is their top pick for interior paint because of its coverage, quality, and cleanability.

Should I Prep My Walls Before Using Benjamin Moore Paint?

According to Benjamin Moore's website, they recommend cleaning, sanding, and priming your walls before using their paint. Doing this will ensure your new paint goes on smoothly and won't peel, bubble, or look uneven once dry.

To clean your walls, this is as easy as a sponge and warm, soapy water to remove any dirt or grime from your existing paint/finish. Sanding is another way to prep your walls for new paint but isn't necessary if your surfaces are smooth.

For primer, if your paint has one built-in, you can skip this step as well.

How Much Does Benjamin Moore Paint Cost?

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Typically, Benjamin Moore paint will cost you between $50 and $80 per gallon, depending on which one you choose. For those not wanting to spend so much, Benjamin Moore's ben interior paint comes out to around $47 per gallon, making it their most cost-effective option.

For anyone wanting a higher-end product, Benjamin Moore's Aura interior paint will cost you closer to $84 but is highly recommended for its overall quality, coverage, and durability. Of course, you don't always have to spend more money to get a good paint job, but higher-end options will last longer and have better coverage.

What Is Benjamin Moore's Top Selling Paint?

Popularity-wise, Benjamin Moore's Regal Select interior paint tops the list. As we covered earlier, this paint line has excellent coverage and is easy to clean while only costing you around $57.

When it comes to their top-selling colors, Benjamin Moore's White Dove and Chantilly Lace take the crown.

To Wrap It Up

Whether starting a DIY paint project or hiring a professional, figuring out how long Benjamin Moore paint takes to dry between coats can be tricky. From what we found, Benjamin Moore paints usually need close to two hours before recoating but can require up to 16 if they have an oil or alkyd base.

When it comes to Benjamin Moore's paint needing a second coat, this is not always necessary. Formula-wise, acrylic paint will have faster dry times than other options, so that is something to consider. Regardless, remember to give your paint time to dry, and don't be afraid to grab a few fans to speed things up.

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Young asian happy woman painting interior wall with paint roller in new house, How Long Should Benjamin Moore Paint Dry Between Coats?

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