How Long Does A Bissell Carpet Cleaner Last?

The Bissell company is a well-respected manufacturer of household and professional-grade carpet, steam, and vacuum cleaners that are excellent cleaning tools for removing carpet stains and maintaining a clean home. If you have one or are considering purchasing a carpet cleaner, you may have wondered how long it will last. We've researched this question and have found an informative answer for you. 

On average, a well-maintained Bissell carpet cleaner purchased brand new will last a household for 8 to 10 years. Used models could be shorter depending on the prior owners' usage. Moreover, several factors contribute to how long a carpet cleaner will last:

  • How often is the carpet cleaner used?
  • Are Bissell cleaning products used?
  • Where is the carpet cleaner stored?
  • Were the brushes cleaned regularly? 

Are you interested in learning methods to extend the life of your Bissell carpet cleaner? Perhaps you are wondering how often to deep clean your carpets? Or curious about troubleshooting your carpet cleaner issues? Please continue reading; we have great information to share with you!  

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Factors that will shorten the lifespan of a Bissell Carpet Cleaner 

You could easily shorten the lifespan of a Bissel carpet cleaner if it is stored after use with the water tank full. The sitting water will become a petri dish for dangerous germs in your home, and the standing water will expose the motor to prolonged moisture. If your Bissell has the water hose feature, leaving it attached and undrained after use will trap water droplets inside the hose and potentially ruin the hose or the carpet cleaners' belt. 

Also, do not store the cleaner outside or in the garage where it is exposed to high heat or freezing temperatures. The temperature extremes will cause the carpet cleaner to malfunction or break.

Only use cleaners the Bissell company recommends that are designed for the carpet cleaner. Other brands or homemade cleaners could damage the Bissell. Moreover, using undirected cleaners could void the warranty as well. 

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How Often Should You Use Your Bissell Carpet Cleaner?

According to Bissell, deep cleaning the carpets twice per year is average to maintain quality air within your home. Moreover, for those with allergies, small children, pets, and indoor smokers, it is advised to clean your carpets four times per year--with careful attention to spot cleaning stains between deep cleans.

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How Long Does Carpet Take To Dry With The Bissell Carpet Cleaner?

Generally, carpeting takes between four to six hours to dry fully. However, several variables apply to how long it takes for carpets to dry-- long or short carpet fibers and the thickness of the carpet pad.

Carpeting with long fibers will take much longer, in some cases, it could take up to 24 hours for the carpeting and carpet pad to dry completely. Short fibered carpeting could take as little as four to five hours with ample air ventilation. 

The cleaning techniques used will cause variations in estimated drying times. Such as how hot the water is and whether the cleaning solution is measured correctly. How many times the cleaner goes over the same spots to remove water can alter drying time.

Also, the temperature and humidity levels in the rooms--if you live in a humid climate, the carpeting could take much longer than six hours. Or, if you reside in a dry climate, the carpeting could take less than four hours to dry.

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Suggestions for preparing the carpet for deep cleaning 

Always vacuum the carpeting thoroughly with careful attention to the corners and along the mopboards where dirt and debris hide. Vacuum the room diagonally and then horizontally to vacuum the carpet fibers in two different directions to remove as much dirt as possible. Next, spot treat any stains with a spot treatment that works with the carpet cleaning solution you intend to use.

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How Do You Troubleshoot A Bissell Carpet Cleaner?

Clumps of debris on the cleaned carpeting 

Suppose your ProHeat, ClearView, Pro-Tech, PowerSteamer, or Pro Upright Carpet Cleaner leave clumps of debris and hair on the carpeting during or after deep cleaning. This issue occurs because the rotating brush rolls clean much deeper than a traditional vacuum cleaner via a combination of cleaning solutions and rotating brushes that remove dirt and filth that is not otherwise visible on the surface.

The carpet cleaner will suction the water out, but it will miss bits of fuzz, hair, and lint in the process. Especially if it has been several months or years since the last deep cleaning.  To remedy this issue, after the carpet has dried, pick up the debris by hand or hand-held vacuum. 

Brush rotation issues

If the DeepClean Essential carpet cleaner brushes are not spinning when the power is turned on, this is normal. Recline the handle, and the brushes should start spinning. If not, turn the carpet cleaner off and unplug. Remove the water tank to avoid accidental spills.

Then, check the floor brush and belt to see if any debris is caught in either one. If something is caught, remove it by hand and turn the brushes several times to ensure movement. Set the carpet cleaner upright, put the water tank back, plug it in and turn on the carpet cleaner.

The brushes should be turning. Also to note, the speed of the brushes is quite fast; it is a blur and could appear to be stationary. 

Failure to spray solution 

First, check to make sure the water tank is filled, and reinsert it. If it was misaligned, that could have caused it to stop spraying.

If that didn't fix it, it could be that the solution filter is clogged. To unclog it, turn the carpet cleaner off and unplug it from the wall. Remove the water tank to avoid accidental spills. Then, remove the red solution cap at the bottom of the cleaner with a screwdriver and turn the cap clockwise until removed.

Next, remove the white filter by holding the post and pull it up and out of the unit. Rinse it with cold water until it is clean. Next, reposition the white filter in the cleaner; turn the red cap clockwise to resecure. 

If you have tried to troubleshoot the issue, and the carpet cleaner is still not working. Contact Bissell support for the next steps and warranty-related questions. Or contact an authorized Bissell repair center. 

Suggestions for extending the lifespan of a Bissell carpet cleaner 

You have invested in a quality Bissel carpet cleaner. It is important to practice proper storage and maintenance to ensure that it lasts beyond the average 8-year lifespan. Practicing the following steps will help you achieve that ownership goal!

  • Always empty and rinse the soiled water tank after every use. 
  • Read the owner's manual.
  • Only use cleaning products directed for the carpet cleaner. 
  • Wipe all debris collected within the filters and gaskets with a damp paper towel or terry cloth towel. 
  • Check the brush for dirt and debris. If it is filthy, remove, wash, and rinse the brush thoroughly before putting it back in the carpet cleaner. 
  • If you used the water hose, remove it wash, rinse, and dry before reattaching. 
  • Store the carpet cleaner upright and in a dry place, like a closet. 

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Additional thoughts

Bissell carpet cleaners are versatile for deep cleaning and removing embedded specks of dirt hidden within the carpets. Do not use the Bissell carpet cleaner for any upholstery made of silk or velvet.

Also, you should refrain from deep cleaning wool carpeting with the Bissell until you read the wool carpeting manufacturer's guidelines for cleaning. There may be cleaners and techniques to avoid using that could ruin expensive wool carpeting. 

In Closing

Maintaining clean carpets is a tough job for those with children and pets. However, Bissell carpet cleaners are essential for having a clean and inviting home with stain-free carpets. We hope this article was helpful for you. Please visit soon for more engaging content. 

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