How Long Does Carpet Glue Take To Dry?

Figuring out how long carpet glue takes to dry can be tricky without some help. Do you want to install a new carpet yourself, or are you currently waiting to move your furniture into your home? We have done plenty of research to find you the answer. So let's dive right into it.

Carpet glue typically will take 48 hours to dry fully. Generally, it is OK to walk on your new carpet after you glue it down, but do not move any furniture onto it for at least 24 hours. If you put too much pressure or weight onto the newly glued carpet, you can damage it permanently.

As we begin, we will discuss how to glue down carpet and tag some helpful related products. Whether you are redoing your whole house or just moved in, it is super important not to place heavy items down on your carpet before you are sure it is dry. With that said, let's get into this topic!

Floor Fitter when applying adhesive on the floor. How Long Does Carpet Glue Take To Dry

Can You Walk On Carpet After Installation?

Generally, you can walk on the carpet right after you install it. Surprisingly enough, it might be a good idea to do this in case you did not press down your carpet enough to the glue below. With that said, make sure to be gentle when walking on the newly glued-down carpet because you don't want to damage the fibers beneath it.

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We suggest waiting at least 12 hours before having multiple people hang out or walk around on newly glued carpeting to be safe.

Does Carpet Need Time To Settle?

When it comes to carpet settling, there is not a specific timeline for this to happen. A common myth is that carpet can't be cleaned or vacuumed for a week after install, but we found that is not true. Although we don't recommend shampooing for at least a week post-glue, we do think you are fine to vacuum once those 48 hours are up. There will always be fibers shedding and pulling as long as you have carpet, so holding out on cleaning isn't much help.

How Long Does It Take For Indoor/Outdoor Carpet Adhesive To Dry?

Typically, indoor/outdoor carpet adhesive takes three to five days to completely dry. Of course, every carpet reacts differently to adhesive, but expect at least three days of drying time.

The amount of time your carpet adhesive takes to dry depends heavily on humidity and temperature, so keep everything fairly stable. Generally, try to keep your home's temperature at 65 degrees Fahrenheit or higher while gluing down your carpet.

Henry & WW Co ARDEX Carpet Adhesive

Here is an indoor and outdoor carpet adhesive from Henry & WW Company to use. This adhesive is silicone, highly durable, and comes in a few size and bundle options.

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Can It Be Too Cold To Install A Carpet?

Yes, it can be too cold to install a carpet successfully. Generally, you should install carpet in 65 degrees or higher for it to cure correctly. Although 65 degrees is fine, we read that temperatures closer to 80 degrees are ideal for carpet adhesive and take less time to dry.

This will depend on your situation, but if you can get your temperature closer to that 80 degrees Fahrenheit mark, the better. If the temperature is too low, you risk having your carpet not dry properly, which can lead to it coming out of place later on.

Does New Carpet Have A Smell?

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When it comes to new carpet having a scent, we say it most likely will. Usually, carpet smell is measured by its VOC (volatile organic compounds) and should go away after a week or so. We recommend an air freshener spray or even just leaving the windows open for the first day to help with any odors. When shopping for carpet glue, a good thing to look for is low VOC, so the smell isn't too crazy once you use it.

Are Carpet Glue Fumes Toxic?

In most cases, carpet glue fumes are minimally toxic to humans. With that said, options with lower VOCs should not cause any issues as long as your home is well ventilated. A few toxic ingredients commonly found in carpet adhesives include benzene and toluene, which are highly toxic when inhaled.

If you begin to feel lightheaded or like your carpet smell is too strong, we suggest closing the door to that room and placing either a fan or opening a window to circulate the air. 

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Here is a high-power pivoting utility fan from Lasko to use for your carpet. This fan has three-speed settings, a circuit breaker, and a patented safety plug.

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How Do You Get Rid Of The Carpet Glue Smell?

Most times, grabbing a fan or opening a window are the easiest ways to alleviate a carpet glue smell. Typically, carpet glue doesn't have a strong odor but can be overbearing if not ventilated properly. Like a new car or fresh paint, sometimes the best thing to do is air your space out and check back later.

If opening a window or turning on a fan doesn't work, we suggest sprinkling baking soda over your new carpet and vacuuming it up once the smell is gone. Baking soda is great for taking away unwanted odors and won't damage your carpet or the glue beneath it.

Can Carpet Adhesives Make You Sick?

From what we found, yes, carpet adhesives can make you sick. Although this is not common, prolonged exposure to some of the chemicals in carpet adhesive can cause headaches, irritated eyes, and runny nose. Generally, as long as you are not right on top of your new carpet, you should not have these issues. A good rule to follow is to wait 48 hours before being in a room with a new carpet for a prolonged time.

Should I Put Carpet In My Home?

Awning window over the bed with a nice reading chair. room with carpet

For those of you now turned off by carpet, we still think that it is a great flooring option to consider. When it comes to sound absorption, carpet controls noise much better than hardwood or vinyl flooring. If you have a multi-level home or live in an apartment or condo, carpet in the bedrooms can make a world of difference.

Generally, you do see carpet in apartment-style homes and almost always in bedrooms regardless of building type. That said, carpet is not always conducive for those with pets or who expect to make a mess regularly.

How Long Does Carpet Last?

Generally, good quality carpet lasts five to ten years. Most often, carpet used in apartments or new builds is mid-grade material, meaning it needs to be replaced every few years. We recommend splurging a bit on carpeting so you won't need to tear it up as often.

The highest performing carpet materials include wool and nylon, so those are options to consider for your home. Even if you have your carpets professionally cleaned and avoid wearing shoes on them, you will inevitably need to replace them as they age.

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Here we have a professional-grade carpet cleaner from BISSELL to try. This carpet cleaner has a four-row deep cleaning brush, tackles pet messes, and promises to be lightweight and effective on worn-down carpeting.

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To Wrap It Up

Whether you just installed a new carpet or want to take on the challenge, we recommend waiting 48 hours for the glue to dry. From what we found, carpet adhesive does take around two to three days to cure fully, so it's best not to move any heavy furniture into your space right away. Another thing to note is that temperature and humidity affect dry time, so keep your room around 80 degrees and as dry as possible.

If you notice an odor or smell from your new carpeting, open a window or grab a fan to ventilate your space. Regardless, make sure to let your carpet dry before you move furniture onto it, and don't be shy to grab some baking soda if the adhesive odor persists.

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