How Long Do Andersen Windows Last?

Andersen Company has been manufacturing windows for almost 120 years. Are you wondering if they have good-quality windows and how long their products last? You're on the right page! We've done thorough research to provide you with the best answer. 

Anderson windows last an average of 20 years. They have passed quality tests and are made with wood interiors and aluminum or vinyl exteriors that are durable and long-lasting.

Windows are one of the bigger expenses in any house. Whether you are deciding on buying new Andersen windows or thinking of replacing your old windows, read further to find out the factors that affect the long-lasting performance of Andersen windows. 

The rooms have wooden floors and gray walls ,decorate with white and gold furniture,There are large window looking out to the nature view, How Long Do Andersen Windows Last?

Why Andersen windows?

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Andersen is one of the best window manufacturers in America, and their engineers know the importance of a window's long-term performance. The company is trusted by homeowners because it makes reliable and superior products.

Check out these factors below that can affect the 20-year average life span of Andersen windows:

What type of material is used?

The quality of Andersen windows lies in the material used for the window framing. This supports the whole window system so they can be sturdy. Andersen's window frames are made with wood, fiberglass, aluminum, vinyl, and composite materials.

Andersen windows come in different series. Each series is made of materials that impact the lifespan and performance of the window.  Except for the 100-series model, the rest are made of wood.

Windows with wood framing are sturdy. It's a material that has the strength to withstand time. It can provide good insulation, which translates to better energy efficiency with your AC and heating systems.

On their own, wood windows are prone to wear and tear. Paint can chip off so, so they require occasional repainting.  They can absorb moisture that results in warping.  Due to weather conditions, wood windows can shrink or swell. Termites and other insects can infiltrate wood and cause damage.

To protect the wood, Andersen used vinyl or aluminum cladding. This ensures that the windows are shielded from nature's forces like extreme heat, rain, and storm. As result, the different window styles of Andersen are long-lasting.

100 -Series

The 100-series is the most budget-friendly option in the Andersen window series. It is made with the proprietary Fibrex composite material. These use an eco-friendly material made of recycled wood.

The composite material used for this series is an improvement from vinyl. It is 200% stronger than vinyl and will reduce the possibility of warping even if exposed to heat. Composite windows have good insulation too. It comes in 6 colors for the exterior frame, but there are only 4 color choices for the interior frame. 

The 100-series can be made into different window types such as awning and casement windows. It is even strong enough to be used for expansive picture windows. 

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The 200-series is made with wood interior and vinyl cladding. The vinyl covering for the wood will make this kind of window last longer since vinyl is a plastic material that is resistant to moisture and humidity. This window is suitable in wet areas like the kitchen and bathroom. It is also durable, won't corrode, and is scratch-resistant. 

The windows under 200-series only have 2 colors to choose from for the finish. The window types are also limited to just double-hung, picture, and gliding windows.

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Among the Andersen windows, the 400-series is the best option. Wood is used for its interior and clad with vinyl. This makes the window weather and dent resistant.

This Andersen window is energy efficient. It has weather stripping to prevent draft, water, and wind to go through the windows. This helps lower cooling and heating expense.

This series offers a variety of colors for the frame. There are 7 colors for the exterior and 3 interior colors to choose from. 

The 400-series come in window types like awning, casement, double-hung, and gliding. It can also be made into a picture, specialty, bay, and bow windows. Wide windows allow more light to come in. However, this is prone to damage during natural disasters.

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A-series is a premium window style. It is made with wood interior. The exterior is fiberglass and Anderson's Fibrex composite. This makes the window twice as strong as vinyl. Window strength has been tested to withstand a hurricane.

Fiberglass material is very durable. When exposed to moisture or heat, it keeps its shape. Fiberglass windows are non-corrosive and stain-free. The good insulation of this material reduces energy use. Even if it's an expensive material, it can last longer than other windows.  

The series is Andersen's best-performing product for its energy efficiency. Having received an Energy Star certificate, it is one of the most efficient window products on the market.

This series offers a wide range of colors for window frames. For its exterior colors, there are 11 colors There are lesser choices for the interior color but still a variety to match the house aesthetics.

It can be made into various window types such as awning, casement, double-hung, and picture. It can also make specialty windows including one of the common window types for houses, which is a casement window.

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The top product of Andersen is the E-series. It is made of wood interior and aluminum exterior. The aluminum exterior is made of lightweight material. However, it will not warp, absorb moisture, or be prone to termites. The anodized or painted finish of aluminum gives a smooth look. 

All window types can also be made in this series. Aluminum's strength allows manufacturers to make big window frames. Thus, one can have a picture window with the widest size without cracking.  

The E-series offers unlimited possibilities beyond the regular colors, finishes, shapes, and sizes. The window frames can be customized to the size and shape a space requires.

There are custom colors available for the exterior and interior colors of the frame. For the exterior colors alone, there are 50 colors, 7 anodized finishes, and other customized colors.

Where is the house located?

The location of the house is a factor in making windows last longer. Areas that are extremely hot or prone to storms can affect the durability of the windows. 

Snow and rain can cause moisture in window materials. As a result, windows warp or change shape. Strong wind and storms can cause windows to move or crack, although these will not be a problem for Andersen windows because of the durable materials used.

Andersen windows are built to last. The exterior cladding of the wood frame protects the window frame. Fiberglass, vinyl, and aluminum cladding are hard for termites and other insects to penetrate. 

Houses near the beach need windows that do not corrode easily.  Salt causes corrosion. When salt sticks to your windows, it can easily form rust. Aluminum finished windows like Andersen E-series will be perfect for beach houses.

How is the window installed?

Andersen partners only with trusted and well-experienced contractors. They are certified by the company to ensure quality work on installing the windows.

Hiring an expert installer is recommended since they have more experience in fitting and insulating windows. Ensure your windows are installed correctly to prevent water seepage or drafts. Drafty windows will mean you need more energy to heat or cool your space.

What kind of maintenance is done?

Proper maintenance ensures your windows last. Inspect your windows regularly. To ensure that there is no damage to the window, always check after a storm. 

The type of window frame material will dictate how often maintenance is needed. Wood needs to be repainted after a few years of use. Vinyl and fiberglass, on the other hand, do not require repainting.

The different series of windows made by Andersen hardly ever need a new coat of paint. Only basic maintenance, like annual cleaning, is needed. The functionality of the windows, however, can be affected if accumulated dirt and debris are not cleaned properly. Clean windows when they become hard to crank open.  First, remove dirt and debris. Then, spray or rub lubricant on the track. 

Lubricate the window track with a dry spray lubricant. Oil lubricants gather more grime and dirt. Dry spray can help remove friction but won't accumulate dirt. 

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Does Andersen window offer a warranty?

Andersen windows have passed rigorous tests to ensure longevity. They are of the highest quality and durability.

Andersen offers an Owner 2 Owner limited warranty. This covers windows, hardware, and accessories. This warranty is also transferrable to the next house owner.

Can you seal windows yourself?

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Regular maintenance can make windows last longer. Windows have to be sealed to prevent water and hot or cold air to penetrate. Window sealant can crack or even go missing in the corners or in between windows. As a result, windows can leak, but fortunately, you can get insulation kits that are easy to use to seal windows. 

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In Closing

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Windows have a significant role in the aesthetic appeal and ventilation of a home. Andersen windows not only cater to the aesthetics but also ensure durability, making the products last 20 years or even beyond.

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