How Long Do Bed Sheets Last?

Making sure you choose the right mattress and bedsheets are essential to getting a good night’s rest. Since the average person will spend a third of their life sleeping, it pays to invest in quality bedroom furniture and linens. Before you decide on the best set of bed sheets, you should consider their longevity and performance. 

Bedsheets on average last about six to eight years, but can last over a decade depending on the material and maintenance. Durable bedsheets may be made using Egyptian cotton or fine linen. Inexpensive sheets often use a blend of cotton and bamboo, rayon, or polyester to keep your bed cool, comfortable, and help you drift off to sleep. 

How Long Do Bed Sheets Last?

You may be asking yourself whether you should spend more on your bedsheets to help them last longer, or whether inexpensive sheets are worth the cost? Both costly and bargain-priced bedsheets offer a modest lifespan for your bed. You will want to keep reading to learn more about your bedsheets and getting the most use out of them.

Understanding Your Bedsheets

Whether you choose bedsheets that are organic bamboo, microfiber, or rayon and polyester, you should treat your bedsheets with TLC. If you want to estimate how long your bedsheets will last, consider the type of fabric used to make your sheets and what type of cleaning and care is needed.


Bedsheets may be jersey, wool, cotton, microfiber, satin, silk, bamboo or flannel. Natural fibers may naturally last longer than synthetic materials treated with chemicals. Sheets made from a blend of synthetic materials may better wick away moisture, improve breathability, and are wrinkle-resistant. Check out these comfortable silk sheets that offer a touch of luxury.

Know how to care for your sheets and follow the suggested form of maintenance. Choose to hand-wash, machine wash, or dry clean sheets to improve their longevity and performance. Don’t stress over your bedsheets and figuring out how to make them last, this article is here to help.

How Can I Make My Bedsheets Last Longer?

For starters, ask yourself how long do you sleep in your bed? If you want your bedsheets to last, you want to make sure you are not overwashing them. It is advised to wash your bedsheets each week, but if your sheets don’t get used often, every two weeks is okay. Synthetic material bedsheets may not need to be washed as often if they have anti-microbial and odor-fighting properties.

Help reduce fading bedsheets by washing your linens in cold water and make sure to wash like colors together. Be mindful of the temperature used when washing your sheets to reduce unwanted damage. Choose to wash your brand new bedsheets before you put them on your bed to prevent shrinkage, a poor fit, and remove chemicals and odors. Following the suggested care instructions on your bedsheets according to their fabric will help them last a long time.

How Long Should Sheets Last?

The sheets on your bed take a beating because of sweating, dead skin cells, dust mites, and wear and tear. On average, most bedsheets will stay in good condition from a range of six to eight years. It is possible to enjoy your bedsheets for ten to twelve years. Check out these Egyptian cotton sheets for long-lasting quality linens.

Natural fiber bedsheets made from cotton, wool, or silk may have a longer lifespan than inexpensive synthetic fiber sheets. Depending on a bedsheet’s fabric, certain materials are more prone to degradation over time because of light exposure, shrinkage, and frequent washing.

How Long Should You Keep Bed Sheets?

Once you find a great pair of bedsheets that make sleeping comfortable and easy it might be difficult to say goodbye. If your bedsheets are ill-fitting on your mattress, cause an allergic reaction, irritate your skin, or are worn and threadbare, it’s time to let them go.

Project to keep an average set of bedsheets that are routinely washed once a week at least five to six years. Use your best judgment and do not hold onto bed sheets that no longer perform their best, are tattered with holes, or are incredibly dingy and dirty looking.

What Are the Best Bed Sheets to Get?

Getting enough hours of sleep each night is essential to good health, reducing stress, and staying focused throughout your day. Your bedsheets can either help or hinder the quality of your sleep and health. Depending on your lifestyle, medical conditions, and preferred aesthetic you should choose your bedsheets accordingly.

Sleepers who like bedsheets made of natural, breathable materials should consider cotton, silk, wool, or linen sheets. If allergies and sensitive skin are not a problem, bedsheets that are a blend of natural and synthetic fiber is a solid choice. Check out these top-performing synthetic bedsheets. Hands-down, sheets made from cotton or silk are the best type because of their moisture-wicking qualities, comfortable feel, and lifespan. Natural fiber bed sheets made from cotton or silk may be more expensive, but they are worth the investment.

What Is the Best Method of Maintenance For Longevity and Performance?

Sheets that are made from expensive materials can be dry cleaned to reduce the breakdown of the fibers. If you machine-wash your bedsheets you will want to wash your sheets by themselves with pillowcases on the gentle cycle, and avoid overcrowding your machine. Unless you need to sanitize your sheets because of a recent illness, skin irritation, or bed bugs, launder your sheets in warm water versus scalding hot water at 60 degrees Celsius.

Remember to avoid washing your sheets with towels or clothes for the best results. Clean your sheets only when needed, and feel free to dry clean sheets that are made from luxury materials.

How Can I Care For Vintage Bedsheets?

There’s nothing like the visual appeal and physical feel of vintage sheets on a bed. Whether your vintage sheet set is an heirloom from a grandparent or a find from an antique store, they need special care to last. Help your vintage bedsheets last for generations by soaking them in lukewarm water,  and not washing them in excessively hot or cold water. The most important thing is to treat vintage sheets gently to avoid unwanted damage.

If you find your vintage sheets have some yellow stains from age, you can lift away blemishes with a little Oxyclean, lemon juice, or a mild detergent. Avoid using harsh cleansers like bleach to clean your vintage sheets as it can destroy the fibers.

What Factors Impact the Lifespan of My Bedsheets?

No matter the material your bed sheets are made from, how long they last is affected by varying reasons. Bedsheets may not last long if they are allowed to stay dirty for long periods, are bleached by sunlight, or overwashed in very hot water. Mixing colors in the wash or laundering dark sheets in hot water may change the color of your sheets.

Allowing animals to sleep on your bedsheets without frequent washing, or not treating sheets for bed bugs, dust mites, and allergens can reduce how long your bedsheets last.

Rest Assured With Bedsheets Built To Last

The lifespan of your bedsheets is ultimately up to you. Depending on your lifestyle habits, frequency of washing your sheets, and the fabric, your sheets may last up to ten years. Feel confident with your bedsheet choice by getting to understand how the fabric responds to your body, your bed, and routine maintenance.

All bedsheets do not perform the same under varying environments. Natural fibers in the highest quality cotton or silk offer the best performance, quality sleep, and last for years with little degradation. Synthetic fiber sheets are comfortable, wrinkle-resistant, and might be treated to be anti-bacterial and wick away sweat, but often have a shorter lifespan. 

Overall, trust your instincts and our research to get the most out of your bedsheets and enjoy restful sleep for many years to come. Choose the best sheets for your home based on their performance and fabric material, so you stay cool, comfortable, and can focus on peaceful slumber. Also, going to malls are a bit of a hassle if you want to buy bedsheets well check out Where to buy bedsheets online? Top 40 stores. With a click of a button, you can have the top websites selling bed sheets and along with this, you can check out reviews on the products so that you can choose the best one. 

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