How Long Do Custom Blinds Take From Order To Delivery?

Are you wondering when your custom blinds arrive? Don't worry. You're on the right page because we researched the duration to get this kind of order delivered. Here's what we found.

If you ordered custom blinds, delivery time widely varies depending on the manufacturer, specification, production process, and location.

On average, the waiting period is between two to four weeks to receive your purchased blinds. Check with customer service whether the shop can expedite it. They will usually charge an additional fee for rushed items.

We had a detailed discussion on the custom blinds. Keep reading to learn more as we explore related topics, such as installation, return policy, material types, and maintenance. 

Wooden blind details - How Long Do Custom Blinds Take From Order To Delivery

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Custom blinds function the same as ready-made options. They are excellent window treatments for improving aesthetics, controlling sunlight, and maintaining privacy without compromising the airflow in the room. They can also cover the sliding doors that you rarely use.
However, tailored-fit blind services provide a broad range of selections, whether you want vertical or horizontal ones.
For this reason, these products match your ideal specs, interior, and lifestyle. You will also avoid incorrect fitting or measurement. Similarly, below are the aspects you can control when you opt for these blinds.

Exact Length and Width

Before production, a professional will measure your window dimensions. Thus, you can easily open and close the blinds because they are a perfect fit. Likewise, you will not worry about how to cut any excess portion.

Lining Inclusion

The lining covers the slats to protect them against sun deterioration and improve insulation. In return, it is beneficial to blocking capacities and energy efficiency.

Atypical Window

If you have a non-standard window shape, custom blinds come in handy. They are a versatile solution for covering arched, skylight, porthole, and trapezoid openings.

Flexible Slat Size

Slats come in sizes ranging from 1/2 inch up to 2 inches. The bigger the width, the more you can control the amount of light that goes inside your room. Wider slats are perfect for plunging windows.

Extra Features and Style

Blind slats are available in aluminum, bamboo, genuine wood, synthetic wood, woven wood, and vinyl. Aside from the styles, you can also upgrade them with a matching headrail or coordinating valance.

Professional Installation 

The service usually comes with free or discounted professional installation. As a result, you will not need to worry about the procedure. However, you must still prepare the area for efficient installation and determine whether the handyman will do the job appropriately.

To be familiar with the step-by-step process, consult this article: How To Fit And Install Blinds Like A Pro.

What Can I Do With The Wrong Size Blinds?

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Ask the store for replacement if the delivered product has an incorrect size, despite providing the measurement. It's the customer's right to get what they ordered. 

Can You Cut A Blind To Size?

Trimming the blind is possible. You will need a few tools to achieve the desired size, including a measuring tape, screwdriver, coping saw, heavy-duty stapler, and pliers.

Watch this clip to learn the DIY custom size for unfit blinds.

Can Custom Blinds Be Returned?

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Contact the manufacturer before the production or order confirmation. Otherwise, you cannot return the product, regardless of your reason, because reselling it is impossible.

Nonetheless, other shops allow returns if you meet their conditions.

Are Blinds Returns Free?

When they approve the return, some stores will let you shoulder the fee for the delivery. They do not include the shipping costs and sales tax in the refund.

What Is The Return Policy For Blinds?

Return policy differs for each manufacturer. Request or look for the return form on the shop's website. Present it to the office after filling it up along with the blinds you will return.

For unopened items, some shops give a refund for less than two months. But, it does not apply to custom blinds.

Moreover, online purchases do not refund the returned or exchanged items. 

What Is Covered By The Warranty Custom Blinds?

Usually, manufacturers offer a limited warranty from factory or craftsmanship defects, given that you install it properly and keep the packaging. They will replace the incorrect items or repair any damage during shipping without any charge.

However, it is still on a case-to-case basis. Remember to inform the shop between 24 hours and 30 days from the date of receipt.

How Long Do Custom Blinds Last?

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The average life cycle of blinds is between 2 to 5 years. Mini blinds last shorter compared to faux wood ones.

The slats are prone to restring or warp when handled roughly. Activities of kids and pets and constant sun exposure also cause damage. Despite the downsides, the durability will still depend on how you maintain them.

How To Take Care Of Your Custom Blinds?

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Take good care of your custom blinds to prolong their life. Each type of blinds requires a different frequency and cleaning technique.

For instance, faux wood variety is easier to preserve than hardwood. However, the former is susceptible to wavy slats. You must apply a wood polisher for better shine and protection of hardwood blinds. In contrast, fabric blinds are vulnerable to staining and noticeable dirt buildup. Thus, it calls for professional help.

Moreover, the vinyl style is the most amenable to soaking in soapy water. But, you should completely dry them out to prevent water marks. Aluminum blinds need care similar to vinyl ones.

To keep your blinds looking new, complete this easy maintenance procedure regularly:

  1. Lower the blinds and tilt downward but halfway to allow easy cleaning.
  2. Gently wipe off the debris and grime in the slats with a blind duster.
  3. Dampen a cloth with diluted, mild soap or baking soda for spot polishing.
  4. Cool dry the wet parts or remove bugs within the fabric using a hair dryer.
  5. Expose the opposite side and repeat the steps.

Remember, do not use magnetic cleaners to prevent breaking the light-dimming lining. The vacuum cleaner with brush extension is an appropriate tool for wood style. 

Click here to see this blind duster on Amazon.

Instead of repairing, homeowners typically buy a new set or explore alternative window treatments. Unlike blinds, long-haul coverings such as shutters, drapes, and shades remain useful for around seven years or even a decade. However, they are more costly.

If the only problem you have with your unique blinds is their cords, you can explore DIY solutions to keep your toddlers safe.

Final Thoughts

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The delivery time of tailor-fit blinds is extended based on different factors. Nonetheless, they have compatible features and updated styles. However, you must check their condition, so you can obtain a replacement or refund if possible.

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