How Long Does A Box Spring Last? [The Answer Might Surprise You!]

The length of time that your box spring lasts depends on several factors such as the brand and quality of the box spring, the frequency in which you send the amount of weight placed on it, and environmental factors within the room. We researched the average time a boxspring may last, and in this post, we will share our findings with you.

On average, a box spring will last anywhere from seven to ten years, though some models have been shown to last over a decade. However, expensive and poorly made box springs can last as little as three or four years, so it's important to research the best brands before making a purchase. There are also ways to extend the life of your box spring and prevent it from aging prematurely.

For the most part, box springs are made of plywood, metal springs, and felt. The structural support they provide to mattresses can deteriorate over time as a result of everyday wear and tear. Continue reading to learn how to determine if your box spring needs to be replaced and how to dispose of it if it does.

Very modern and elegant bedroom with a King sized bed, carpet, bedside tables, a large wall mirro and armchair., How Long Does A Box Spring Last? [The Answer Might Surprise You!]

Ways To Extend The Life of Your Box Spring

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Refrain on the bed

Jumping on the bed can place an extra amount of strain on the box spring. This, in turn, can wear out the metal springs within the structure, causing them to become flatter quicker than they normally would. These springs can also flatten faster if too much weight is placed on the bed. Most box springs can endure weights up to 2,500 to 3,000 lbs. However, if they endure a heavy amount of weight for an extended period of time, the springs within the structure are likely to lose their resistance capabilities.

Keep the bed as clean as possible

You may not realize it, but keeping your bed clean can also affect the lifespan of your box spring. Things such as food, hair, dirt, and other debris typically fall off of your bed onto the box spring. Over time, the accumulation of debris can create an environment that breeds bacteria. Not only can this cause your box spring to smell, but an excessive amount of dirt or grime can cause the wood frame and felt cover to deteriorate. For this reason, it's helpful to lift up your mattress and wipe off your box spring with a dry cloth every six to 12 months.

Change the position of the box spring

Typically, box springs will endure pressure points in the same areas, as most people tend to sleep in the same positions night after night. This naturally causes some spring areas within the box spring to wear down faster than others. To prevent this, consider rotating your box spring every six to 12 months to minimize indentations and impressions.

Use a mattress protector

A good mattress protector can help protect your box spring from dust, allergens, sweat, and other things that fall onto it from your mattress. You can purchase mattress protectors for about $15 at local bedding stores or online. Remember to wash the protectors every few months to prevent dirt or grime build-up.

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When to replace a box spring?

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Determining whether or not your box spring needs to be replaced can seem a bit tricky, as sometimes it's the mattress that needs to be replaced. So here are a few ways to inspect your box spring to see if it's time to get a replacement.

It begins to squeak

A squeaky box spring is one of the biggest telltale signs that it needs to be replaced. It's usually the sign of innerspring coils that have rusted over and are starting to deteriorate. It's best to replace the box spring as soon as possible to prevent an eventual collapse of the coils.

There are broken or bent planks

If you notice any strange clanking sounds or any movement coming from the bed when you change positions or sit on it, the chances are that it's coming from broken planks. The frame of a box spring is made of plywood, and over time these planks can loosen from their position and eventually fall apart.

Bowed or sagging areas

Another big sign that a boxspring needs replacement is when there are noticeable areas that sag or become bowed on the top of the box spring. These indentations are usually made by the user's sleep patterns and will only worsen if the box spring is not replaced.

The box spring is over a decade old

It's generally a good idea to replace your box spring if it is 10 years old or more. At this time, the spring coils typically wear out and become looser, causing the mattress to lean and sag in certain areas.

What Type of Box Spring Should You Choose?

Very modern and elegant bedroom with a King sized bed, carpet, bedside tables, a large wall mirro and armchair., How Long Does A Box Spring Last? [The Answer Might Surprise You!]

While you can simply purchase a newer model of the current box spring that you have when replacing it, it also helps to know what other options are available. Before replacing your box spring, be sure that you know the size of your mattress to ensure that the new box spring lays flush beneath it. Let's take a look at a few boxspring options to choose from.

Coil Box Springs

You'll find that the most common type of box prank is the coil box spring. These box springs have metal coils on the interior that support the weight of the mattress and are known for their durability. You can expect the box spring to last anywhere from seven to 10 years. However, some come with standard warranties of five years or more. You'll find that these box springs offer sufficient support for mattresses of all sizes and can range and prices from $60 to over $100.

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Semi-Flex Grid Box Springs

One of the newer and more expensive box spring options is semi-flex box springs. These options are made from an inner mesh layer of metal wire. These springs have a wooden base and are known to be better choices for heavier mattresses. These box springs are used on California king beds, as they can accommodate heavier weights. In turn, you will also find that these box springs are typically more expensive than other options.

Zero-Deflection Box Springs

This type of box spring is made out of durable steel-wire supports and plywood slats. It offers a very sturdy support structure that can prevent mattresses from sagging or bowing in their center. This popular box spring model is fairly inexpensive and is also highly durable.

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Are box springs recyclable?

If you're scratching your head wondering how to dispose of your box spring, don't fret. For the most part, box springs are recyclable. Many different materials go into the manufacturing of bed box springs, but most of them include wood, metal, and fibers such as cotton and polyester mesh--all of which are recyclable.

This being stated, you'll need to research local laws regarding recycling to determine if these materials are accepted in your area. If you find that it is recyclable, you can take a pair of shears and cut up the box spring yourself to place it in the recycle bin.

Or, you can have a local sanitation company come out and remove the box spring for you. Lastly, if you have a van or pickup truck, you can take the box spring to the landfill on your own. Keep in mind that box springs are large and bulky, so you'll likely need an assistant to help with this task.

Can you put a new mattress on an old box spring?

It's generally not recommended to place a new mattress on an old box spring, especially if you purchased the two items at the same time. The reason is that you'll find that the box spring will typically need to be replaced around the same time as the mattress. However, if the box spring is still in good condition, meaning there is no squeaking, bowing, sagging, are other obvious signs of deterioration, it may be okay to use a new mattress on top of it. However, if the box spring is at least 10 years old, you may want to consider replacing it in the next year or so.

Wrapping Things Up

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Similar to mattresses, box springs can wear out over time. You'll find that most will last anywhere from 7 to 10 years or more. If you notice that your box spring is beginning to squeak, sag, or lean on one side, it may be time for a replacement. Typically, box springs are recyclable. However, it's best to research the recyclable materials of your specific locale to determine how to best dispose of your box spring.

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