How Long Does Aluminum Siding Last?

Whether you're looking for a maintenance guide or still contemplating if aluminum is the best siding choice for your new home, you may be curious about its lifespan. Well, we have you covered! We did the research, and here's what we found.

Aluminum siding lasts 20-50 years. And for that, it's one of the shortest lifespans in home exterior siding materials. But aluminum siding is cost-effective, fireproof, rustproof, durable, and many more, which is why it's still pretty standard as exterior siding.

You'll learn more about the expenses of maintenance and the cost of the siding itself. Continue reading so you don't miss out on some of the most important information, not just about aluminum siding but siding materials overall!

Aluminum Siding Lifespan And Maintenance

Unlike other siding materials, aluminum siding is relatively cheap and heavy-duty for its price. Approximately 20-50 years is a pretty long time, and to some degree, aluminum siding can probably stand longer years than that.

It usually requires minimal maintenance, but if you put more effort than usual, it'll last a long time.

Suburban cottage home with light blue aluminum siding

But the thing is, with all the wear and tear throughout the decades, it won't manage to look the same. The paint will come off and have lots of scratches and chips here and there.

So, what can you do to prevent this from happening too soon to your aluminum siding?

Here are two ways:

1. Clean with a pressure washer

Pressure washing once or twice a year is ideal for maintaining aluminum siding. Doing so will help it look bright and brand new for years to come.

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2. Consider repainting

Manufacturers recommend that you do a paint job every once in a while, but this is only the case if it's still in good condition. Repainting doesn't fix major damage to your aluminum siding; it's only for making it look nicer.

Read the post "How To Paint Aluminum Siding" to learn more about the steps.

Is Aluminum Siding Expensive To Maintain?

If you clean the siding yourself, it'll only cost you the pressure washer, water, and the repaint job.

But if the siding has been left dirty for a long time, you will pay around 35-80 cents per sq. ft. For a professional to do the cleaning.

Besides that, factors that can affect the cleaning process and the cost include:

  • Design complexities
  • Two-story homes
  • Using green-friendly cleaning materials
  • Cleaning Franchise
  • Hiring a licensed handyman

Pros Of Aluminum Siding

Just like any siding, there are a lot of advantages to aluminum. So, before you decide whether to get one for your home, read the following!

Cost Effective

Aluminum siding is one of the cheapest materials, coming second after vinyl. It costs around $5 to $9 per sq. ft. to install. And the average home will cost you between $7,750 to $13,800, including all the materials, labor, and additional fees.

Fireproof, Waterproof, and Rust Resistant

When choosing a siding material, safety is the most important thing. Suppose you live in an area where a forest fire is common or with extreme weather conditions. In that case, you're in luck with aluminum siding.

Regarding its fire-resistance capabilities, aluminum (or metal generally) is the most fireproof.


Aluminum siding is durable because it's made of recycled aluminum coil stock material. In the process of turning it into a siding, various chemicals are added to prevent corrosion, breakage, and cracking.

Your aluminum siding can last 40-50 years if properly installed and maintained.

Insect Proof

Since aluminum is metal, it's also insect-proof. This is very important when dealing with ants and termites that can easily go through your walls and furniture.

Low Maintenance

Aluminum siding requires minimal maintenance, despite the fact that you should rinse it every 1-2 years or optionally repaint once the enamel goes off (the enamel lasts 10-13 years).

Color Variety

With purchasing aluminum siding, you have the freedom to pick a color of choice from the manufacturer. You'll find a variety of colors and textures you can choose from with aluminum siding.

Cons Of Aluminum Siding

Before purchasing aluminum siding, it's vital to know the downsides.

Industrial Appearance

Building facade aluminum siding

Some people like it, and some people don't. Since aluminum siding was commercially used after WWII, the industrial look has remained the same.

It'll look good, though, if it's the style you're going for. Take a look at this image, for example.


Aluminum siding is known to have random noises that can irritate some. Due to hot weather, metal may contract and cause a denting sound. Besides that, raindrops may sound twice as loud on aluminum siding.

Scratches Easily

Aluminum siding is durable; however, it can be easily scratched.

If your area is prone to hailstorms or is busy, expect things like bicycles, scooters, basketballs, and many things to potentially scratch or leave a dent on your aluminum siding.

These conditions will result in repairs and maintenance, so look out for that.

Other Siding Alternatives

Other Siding Alternatives

During WWII, aluminum in commercialized products was halted for the war effort. Because of this, manufacturers had to find other alternatives. Thus, vinyl and stucco were used as siding materials.

And now, here are more materials being used as siding:

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding up the side of a new house

Vinyl siding is cheaper than aluminum, but its lifespan is only 20-40 years. It's also available in various styles like Dutch lap, standard, scalloped, and many more.

Despite being just as sturdy as aluminum, vinyl tends to get brittle through wear and tear, so it's prone to cracking and breaking. Vinyl is the cheapest alternative, only costing $3 to $7 per sq. ft. to install.

Wood Siding

View of small porch with wooden staircase bridge

Wood is an excellent siding material. It gives the home exterior a rustic and homey feeling to it. But wood requires a lot of attention and effort to maintain.

Despite that, it only lasts 15-40 years. If you don't regularly repaint it, it becomes home to insects and pests, which can lead to breakage.

Read this post, "How To Stop Mice From Getting Under Siding," to learn more.

Wood siding costs $5 to $10 per sq. ft. to install.

Stucco Siding

Cute stucco house

Stucco is also a great alternative to aluminum. It's low maintenance and stays intact for at least 15-40 years. It costs $9 to $12 per sq. ft. to install stucco siding.

How Much Does It Cost To Remove Old Siding?

If you hire a handyperson, expect the cost of removing old siding to be between 50 cents to $1 per sq. ft. Other variables can affect this process, like the complexity of your home or whether it has more than one floor.

It's also possible for your contractor to stack the new aluminum siding on top of the old one, assuming that the old siding is still smooth and intact.

When Should You Replace Aluminum Siding?

Damage siding from wind

A new paint job would do your aluminum siding good. It should last a couple of years before fading again.

But the real question is, when is the right time to replace your aluminum siding? The quick answer is that if it's externally and internally damaged, no paint, putty, or maintenance can save it.

There's no guarantee that any siding material will last you forever.

It'll be damaged one way or another after a long service period. Plus, it's more cost-efficient to buy a replacement than a repaint and maintain your aluminum siding repeatedly.

Read this step-by-step guide on "How To Replace Siding On A House?" to learn more.

Is Aluminum Siding Better Than Vinyl?

The answer is relative to your needs. Both aluminum and vinyl siding can last a good amount of time.

On the other hand, vinyl is cheaper to install and has low maintenance. If you're on a budget and don't have the time and resources to maintain your house, vinyl siding is for you.

What Color Siding Has The Best Resale Value?

Black front door of classic style home

White siding has the highest resale value. But it's the hardest color to maintain because it's prone to show dirt if not maintained properly.

Off-white colors are a great substitute and are trendy.

To Finish Up

When it comes to deciding what material to pick, it can be tricky. But you can always weigh the pros and cons of each material, just like we did.

If you think aluminum siding doesn't meet your needs with its lifespan and other cons, feel free to search for alternatives that meet your standards! Your home's security and safety are of the utmost importance.

We hope that you have learned a lot from this post!

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