How Long Does Granite Grip Last?

Undoubtedly, Granite Grip enhances the look of concrete flooring surfaces. A Granite Grip can be the first layer of defense on your flooring surfaces. However, many often wonder how long it will last. Wonder no more! We have researched this for you, and here's what we've uncovered.

A GraniteGrip's longevity will always vary depending on how you prep or apply it in specific applications and how you handle the coating process. However, you can expect the granite grip to last for about two years in great condition.

Stay with us as we explain further the other key factor that may affect the average lifespan of the granite grip. We will also address the ideal curing time for this product, along with the proper pouring process. So don't skip yet, and keep on reading for more learning!

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How Long Does Granite Grip Last?

Aside from the Granite Grip boosting the elegant look of your house masonry surfaces, it can also serve as a concrete surface, providing an extra layer of protection from damaging elements.

Although Granite Grip's average lifespan is only two years, you can preserve and extend it with proper pouring and preparation. Make sure you follow the necessary practice before you begin applying the product.

Doing so will help boost its longevity for a few more years before it begins to degrade or even peel off.

Factors Influencing The Granite Grip's Lifespan

Just like any other coating brand, Granite Grip will also be subject to some factors affecting its performance quality. Early mitigation is critical for avoiding these factors that could cause harm to your Granite Grip quickly.

Here are the factors that influence Granite Grip's lifespan:

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation

UV radiation is naturally emitted from the sun, but some artificial lights can also produce UV light. These includes halogen lights, fluorescent lights, incandescent lights, mercury lights, and laser lights.

These UV lightings are notoriously damaging factors that badly impact the Granite Grip's longevity. If you apply the Granite grip directly exposed to these UV lightings, it significantly weakens the Granite Grip's adhesive properties.

Thus, the Granite Grip could manifest early failure or damage. So be cautious where you apply the Granite Grip not to compromise its service life.

Extreme Weather Conditions

Undoubtedly, weather conditions threaten the masonry surfaces, whether paint or coating. If you live where extreme weather conditions are prevalent, you should expect early paint color or coating maintenance.

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Furthermore, weather conditions can quickly intensify the Granite Grip's coating curing time. For instance, the advisable usage of this product is between 50°-90° Fahrenheit outside the thermal point.

You should be mindful of pouring sufficient coating for a certain coverage area. Overcast coating across your concrete project could quickly dry out during hot days.

Ideal Coating Number

This may not be an issue to the expert, but for most inexperienced homeowners who DIY a coating job, likely the case isn't the same. The ideal coating process is also vital for achieving the full durability level of the Granite Grip's coating.

Applying an incorrect coating layer to your concrete will easily crack from the intense UV radiation. You should prep two coats of Granite Grip for optimal durability and strength.

Improper Drying Process

Another factor that promotes the Granite Grip's lasting earlier than usual is improper drying. You should always allow the coatings to cure properly before it subject to any pressure or stress.

Poor Workmanship

In general, no matter how great the quality of the coatings or paints that you are going to use, Granite Grip coatings or paints will quickly wear down if you don't correctly and evenly apply the product,

How Long Does The Granite Grip Curing Process?

Determining how long coatings and paints will take to dry completely is one crucial concern in home-building projects. Even among experts, various coatings and paints typically have varying curing times.

The ideal curing process takes days for the Granite Grip to withstand stress and pressure. After 24 hours, the masonry surfaces where you pour the GraniteGrip are suitable for light foot traffic.

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However, you must let the Granite grip fully cure for three days to handle a heavy load like running over it with cars. Remember that failure to allow the Granite Grip to cure properly will lead to its early loss sooner than expected.

Where Are The Best Places To Apply Granite Grip?

The Granite Grip is rated for horizontal masonry projects. However, there's a special case that this product is also being used in wall coating applications. Following its recommendations is the key for the Granite Grip to last longer.

This includes standard setup, proper pouring distribution, and proper areas where to apply the Granite Grip. This product is great at covering even the thinnest cracks or holes in the concrete surface if applied to its designed right application.

Here are the common locations Granite Grip is applied.

  • Patios
  • Pathways
  • Pool decks
  • Driveways
  • Garage floors

These places are recommended to effectively apply the Granite Grip coatings or paints. However, you must avoid setting the Granite Grip in an industrial area where there can potentially be heavy vehicular load.

Can You Pour The Granite Grip Into A Painted Concrete?

You must not apply the Granite Grip to painted surfaces to fully adhere the coatings to the surface. Sometimes you might notice this kind of practice in some construction projects.

However, this will not ensure that your Granite Grip coatings will last longer, as any concrete surfaces you want to apply coatings or paint should be in good condition or free of contaminants.

You can use a cleaning agent product such as muriatic acid to remove dust or paint debris on painted surfaces. It is also good to let the surface dry for about 30 days before applying the new coatings or paints.

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How To Apply A Granite Grip Properly

Applying the Granite Grip properly will guarantee the overall quality and result of the coating. But before you pour the coating, please ensure that your concrete is clean and free from any moisture or grease.

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For leftover coatings, do not mix them into the other can to preserve the best color result. Also, stir the can well before you pour the coatings again. Prepare a 3 mm nylon roller cover, polyester brush, or texture sprayer.

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Here is the step-by-step guide to applying your Granite Grip correctly:

  1. Carefully apply the Granite Grip first coatings to the visible cracks in your concrete flooring.
  2. Use the polyester brush to fill the tiny voids properly across the flooring.
  3. You can use your roller cover to evenly spread the coatings around your project area.
    • Start spreading the coatings in the center of your projects.
    • If working close to a wall, apply the coatings in the corner across the project area.
  4. Allow the first coat to dry for around three to four hours before pouring the second coating.

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After applying the Granite Grip using these steps, the flooring will need 30 days to be subjected to rinsing and cleaning. You must scrape first the existing coat if you are applying the coatings in painted concrete.

NOTE: Your first coating will be the base coat of the whole flooring project. Thus, failure to abide by the necessary guidelines before applying the first coat will compromise its longevity.

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Watch this video demonstration for reference:

To Wrap Things Up

In this article, you know how long the Granite Grip will last. We also address the key factor affecting its durability and quality. You also know that allowing the Granite Grip to fully cure mitigates early failure.

Moreover, we also shared how you clean and apply the Granite Grip properly to ensure the best result.

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