How Long Does It Take For Gorilla Glue To Dry?

Gorilla Glue is one of the strongest bonding agents you can purchase over the counter. Just a small amount can hold two cinder blocks together, with the only possible way of separating them by breaking the blocks. With that being said, have you ever wondered how long it takes for Gorilla Glue to dry and reach its full strength? For this article, we have done the research and found an answer to this question and much more!

Original Gorilla Glue takes roughly 60 minutes to dry; it sets properly if clamped down. For the best results, the manufacturer recommends keeping it clamped for up to 24 hours. The longer, the better.

How do you make gorilla glue dry faster? How long does it take Gorilla wood glue to dry? Can you use original Gorilla Glue on wood? How strong is Gorilla glue? What does Gorilla glue not stick to? We will answer these questions and more down below, so keep reading!

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How Do You Make Gorilla Glue Dry Faster?

There are a couple of things to consider when trying to get your Gorilla Glue to dry faster. First, consider the surfaces you are gluing together. You want to make sure the areas are sanded down (when possible) and flat. This allows the glue to be as spread as possible for a thinner layer. Thinner layers dry faster than glue that is thicker and more concentrated in a smaller area.

Next, you'll want to make sure your surface is as dry as possible. Gorilla Glue drys the fastest when the surface is not moist or damp. This also includes the humidity in the air. When possible, use Gorilla Glue in a properly ventilated, climate-controlled area. This can drastically speed up the curing process.

Lastly, make sure you clamp the items together as best as possible. Ensure the clamps are tight and the pressure is evenly dispersed so that the whole surface is clamped down well.

How Long Does It Take Gorilla Wood Glue To Dry?

Gorilla Wood Glue, similar to the original, requires a short clamping time. In the case of wood glue, it only requires a clamping time of 20 to 30 minutes for the wood to set. For a full cure, the manufacturer recommends leaving it for 24 hours. This 24-hour timeframe is more important for wood glue because it typically takes longer to form a stronger bond.

Can You Use Original Gorilla Glue On Wood?

While you can use the original on wood, Gorilla Wood Glue is designed specifically for wood because of its unique properties and will therefore have a much stronger bond than the original formula.

How Strong Is Gorilla Glue?

Gorilla Glue has a 4,250 PSI (pound-force per square inch) bond strength. To put this in perspective, the average super glue typically falls into the range of 1,300-1,400 PSI. This means that Gorilla Glue is over triple the strength as most other already-super glues.

As a disclaimer, this is why we recommend always being extremely careful with Gorilla Glue. Wear gloves and eye protection when using Gorilla Glue and always be very calculated in the amount used and placement of it. Also, be sure to keep it out of children's hands who are under the age of 18. If Gorilla Glue gets on your skin, it can be very difficult to remove. Contact emergency services or visit a hospital immediately if you need it removed from your body.

What Does Gorilla Glue Not Stick To?

While Gorilla Glue is advertised as an all-around glue, there are a few surfaces it does not stick to very well. For one, wood is not meant for the original formula, and it is not recommended. Of course, the company has thought of this and created its own wood glue. 

It also does not stick well to a rubberized surface, so you should avoid those. As we have mentioned before, wet surfaces are the enemy of this glue. Anything with moisture will not stick together well if you are using Gorilla Glue.

How Fast Does Krazy Glue Dry?

Krazy Glue can dry in as little as 10 to 60 seconds. This makes it one of the fastest glues with the amount of strength that it has. the Krazy Glue company recommends letting it sit overnight (8-12 hours) for the full bonding experience on surfaces such as wood which may require a tighter bond. Comparing this to Gorilla Glue, you can expect Krazy Glue to work faster.

Because it drys so fast, there is no need for you to use clamps. Instead, you can just use your hands for one to two minutes to clamp down on the surfaces in order to bond them together.

What Does Krazy Glue Not Stick To?

Avoid using Krazy Glue on papers, foams, and polyethylene. It does not stick well to these surfaces. However, like Gorilla Glue, Krazy Glue offers a bunch of other products specifically designed for materials that the original Krazy Glue formula is not meant for. This means you can find a product for almost every surface.

How Strong Is Krazy Glue?

Krazy Glue has a PSI strength of around 1,000 which is extremely strong for a glue that sets in under a minute. Once again, this means you should be very careful when handling and applying this glue. You should always wear eye protection and gloves to stay safe. Please keep it out of reach of children.

In order to get the maximum strength from Krazy Glue, make sure the surfaces are clean. Dirt, oils, or other substances can hinder two surfaces from sticking together as tightly as possible. A dirty surface is sure to cause issues when gluing your objects.


All in all, Gorilla Glue and other types of very strong glues are truly magical. They can dry very quickly and cure fully in just under a day. Many professionals prefer to use Gorilla Glue over nails and screws in some cases. As a reminder, be sure to follow proper safety precautions and avoid letting the glue come into contact with your skin or hair. It is very dangerous. With that being said, properly utilizing Gorilla Glue or Krazy Glue can be a lifesaver when something you own breaks or needs repairing and you need it fixed quickly and effectively.

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