How Long Does Spray Paint Take To Dry On Plastic? [And How To Make It Dry Faster]

It can be a huge advantage when there is no need to wait for paint to dry. The only type of paint that offers the benefit of quick drying is spray paint. You might wonder how long it takes for spray paint to dry on plastic. Read the answer we discovered from our intensive research.

It takes between 30 minutes and an hour for spray paint to dry on plastic. Various factors, including thickness of application, influence how quickly spray paint dries. Here’s how to make it dry faster:

  • Apply thin coats of paint
  • Use furniture polish with a wax base
  • Keep a fan on to help circulation
  • Place a heater close to the object
  • Reduce humidity

The amount of time it takes for spray paint to dry depends greatly on the surface you're painting. The drying time may vary because the drying process must occur on both the item's surface and its fibers. We will discuss this and related subjects in more detail, so keep reading.

Young male with protective face mask spray painting windsurf board, How Long Does Spray Paint Take To Dry On Plastic? [And How To Make It Dry Faster]

How Long Does Spray Paint Take To Dry On Plastic?

The time required for spray paint to dry on plastic ranges from 30 minutes to an hour. However, this will vary depending on the sort of spray paint you’re using. Dampness and cool temperatures can prolong drying time. Also, if you spray the paint on in thick layers, the drying time will be extended.

Atmospheric Conditions In The Area

The temperature of your workspace and the surrounding air can an impact how quickly your spray paint dries. Your paint will dry much more slowly if the humidity in your immediate vicinity is high. Here are some tips on how to make spray paint faster.

Apply Thin Coats of Paint

Spray paint is usually applied thickly because it typically requires several applications to completely cover an area.

The drying time will be greatly extended by doing this. A coat of spray paint will dry more quickly the thinner it is. So to help your spray paint dry quickly, apply it in thin layers.

Use Furniture Polish

Hands polishing a wooden table

Wax-based furniture polish can help spray paint dry more quickly. Furniture polish helps spray paint dry fast because it functions as a sealer.

Make sure this is the final thing you do after applying all the layers of spray paint, because it serves as a sealer. Apply thin coats of furniture polish to the entire surface.

Give the polish around five minutes to dry. Then, using a soft cloth, carefully wipe away any extra polish. 

Keep A Fan On

Modern fan on commode in baby room

Even while it's excellent to have the windows open, a fan can help to further circulate the air. You can also use a fan if you're spray painting in the garage.

To hasten the drying process of spray paint, you may turn on a box fan, ceiling fan, or floor fan close to the window at a medium speed.

It is crucial to have excellent airflow to hasten the drying process of spray paint. Keep the windows open as well if you must spray paint inside to encourage airflow.

Use A Heater

Woman regulating temperature on heater on wearing warm clothes

Utilizing a heater is another excellent approach to increase airflow, and you can combine a heater with a fan. The heater can aid in lowering humidity levels, which will hasten the drying process.

Before you begin painting, preheat the room with the heater. Once the area has warmed up, keep the heater on close to the painted object, and you can easily cut the drying period by a few hours.

Reduce Humidity

When spray painting, low humidity is essential. One of the worst spray painting blunders you can make is painting in an environment with a high humidity level. The drying process is slowed down by humidity, which can also harm your product by leaving drip stains.

How To Fix Cracking Spray Paint?

Old cracked paint texture

Paint layers can split when they dry and become extremely brittle. Spray paint cracking happens because the paint is thicker than is typical due to the previous layering. Learn more from the professionals here, including the solution.

Here’s how to prevent spray paint from cracking:

  • Control humidity and moisture
  • Use sandpaper on the cracked areas
  • Clean the surface
  • Add a primer
  • Apply the first coat of paint
  • Put on the last coat

The cracking in spray paint can be fixed. We'll look at why spray paint cracks before we get into how you can quickly fix your cracked spray paint. Continue reading as we talk about how to prevent future incidents like this.

Control Humidity And Moisture

Make sure the temperature at your workspace is ideal. Spray paint will never adhere adequately to the surface of whatever you're about to paint if you don't have a dry surface.

Follow the easy instructions we have provided for you.

Use Sandpaper

Uneven paint patches can be removed by gently using a piece of sandpaper. You want to produce a smooth surface. You should avoid rubbing too vigorously and remove all of the old paint by scraping.

Get rid of the top layer of cracked paint by gently rubbing it away in little circular strokes. While this process could take some time, the smoother your foundation is, the better your finished product will seem.

Clean The Surface

Take a paintbrush and remove all of the loose dirt from the object. The paint won't adhere to the dust and powder created by the sanding. You can also wipe the surface with a moist cloth after dusting. 

Apply A Primer 

You can create a smooth base for your painting by using a primer on the surface. The paint will adhere better and should not crack as a result. 

First Coat

Apply the first layer of paint and make sure to let it dry first. Be careful to apply a light coat because now is not the time to make previous mistakes. Paint as evenly as you can, and don't worry if you make a few mistakes. Let this coat dry completely before applying another.

Final Coat

The last coat should be applied as evenly and softly as possible. Target any uneven areas that the initial layer didn't completely cover. 

How Do You Seal Spray Paint?

It's crucial to seal spray paint with a high-quality product to prevent peeling or chipping. By doing this, moisture won't enter the spray paint and cause it to peel off. To obtain a successful outcome, follow these steps:

  • Work in a ventilated space
  • Clean
  • Apply the sealant evenly
  • Allow it to completely dry

A solvent-based sealer is the best choice if you need to give outdoor furniture or any other outside surface robust protection against the elements. You only need the best materials to finish your job because spray paint makes it simple and enjoyable.

To understand more about the steps you need to do, keep reading.

Work in a well-ventilated space

Choose the area where you want to apply since spray paint releases fumes into the air. If the location is adequately ventilated, there won't be a problem. If it isn't, the fumes could enter your respiratory system and create serious respiratory issues.


The area you intend to spray should be cleaned. Check the surface thoroughly to make sure there are no dust particles. Also, make sure the spray paint container is clean.

Spray water on the area with the pressure washer while swiping the hose back and forth to simulate scrubbing the painted surface. When finished, thoroughly rinse the area, and be sure to sweep up and get rid of all the dirt and spray paint.

Apply The Sealant 

Apply the sealant evenly over the entire surface. Ensure that you cover all exposed surfaces, including the project's edges. Make the coating as thin as possible so that it doesn't drip, and avoid using too much sealant in a single layer.

Check out this sealant on Amazon.

Dry The Area

Applying the sealer after the final coat of spray paint has dried fully is crucial. You should wait at least 30 minutes after the last has been applied to the surface. The sealant may start to flow down the surface if you don't wait long enough.

In Closing

A young male with protective face mask spray painting windsurf board

Spray paint typically needs 30 minutes to dry on plastic. Be sure to maintain the area well-ventilated and follow the steps we covered to make it dry faster. The weather and temperature may impact the total drying time of the spray paint.

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