How Long Do Dyson Vacuums Last?

Dyson Limited, or Dyson, is a Singapore-based company and a modern innovator of household appliances. They sell different products under their name, the most popular one being their vacuum. So, we researched how long Dyson vacuums last, and here's what we found.

The average lifespan of a Dyson vacuum is around 10 years. That's two years longer than the average vacuum in an ordinary household. Through proper maintenance, it's possible to exceed the average lifespan of a Dyson vacuum.

In this article, we will discuss the advantages of a Dyson vacuum and how to extend its lifespan. Continue reading this article as we will go through which Dyson vacuums you should buy and if they should replace the average vacuum in a common household. 

A dyson brand vacuum cleaner display in Harvey Norman electrical store, How Long Do Dyson Vacuums Last?

What Is The Average Lifespan Of A Dyson Vacuum?

A Dyson vacuum lasts an average of 10 years. Most vacuums that you find on the market last for only eight years or less. That speaks volumes of the durability that a Dyson vacuum boasts.

The battery life of a Dyson vacuum can last up to six years without replacing it. The battery life varies depending on your use of a Dyson vacuum and in what setting. It's best to consult the manual that comes with your Dyson vacuum to achieve optimal efficiency when it comes to battery life.

Additionally, despite the different batteries used in various Dyson vacuum models, they all last six years. This speaks of the quality and consistency that the Dyson company strives for with its products.

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How To Extend A Dyson Vacuum's Battery Life?

Dyson cyclone V10 fluffy vacuum cleaner battery

If you wish to extend the lifespan of a Dyson vacuum's battery, there are several ways to do so. First and foremost, always check your Dyson vacuum for any faults and defects. Make sure to regularly maintain it.

Then, check for any blockages that could result in a decrease in suction power. This causes the vacuum to use up more power than necessary. Wash and replace the filters regularly or as instructed by the manual.

As much as possible, don't set your Dyson vacuum to the turbo setting when it's not necessary. This helps reduce the strain on the battery. And charge your Dyson vacuum when there's only 20 percent remaining.

Another to take note of is the use of third-party products that are not related to the Dyson company. These products could affect the performance of your machine and lower the battery's lifespan. You can read more on the topic in this article, How Long Does Dyson Take To Charge?

Benefits Of Buying A Dyson Vacuum

Below are the benefits of owning a Dyson vacuum:

Easy To Use And Maintain

Although handling a Dyson vacuum could be intimidating at first, it's far easier than you think. The mechanics are relatively simple and there's no fuss at all in using it. It's a breeze to clean up as well. Remember to empty its dustbin and hose it down. Don't forget to clean and replace the filters.

Stylish And Functional

Dyson display their high quality latest vacuum cleaner V11

Due to its innovative design, Dyson vacuums are sleek and exceptional in appearance without compromising functionality. You can use Dyson vacuums on almost any surface. This versatility is what sets it apart from other vacuums on the market.

Energy Efficient

Due to their internal batteries, Dyson vacuums require less energy to run than other vacuums. Without the need for an external power source all the time, you're not constantly running up your electric bill.

Dyson vacuums also come with different settings, each requiring a set amount of power. You can choose and distribute the power you need for a certain action.

Warranty Services

On average, Dyson vacuums have a warranty of between two to five years. Sometimes longer, depending on the model that you bought and if there's a promo deal in place.

This service is exceptionally helpful when there's a fault with your machine. You can then take it back to the center and have it fixed or replaced for free. If you wish to learn more about Dyson's different warranty services for their products, you can read this article: How Long Is A Dyson Warranty?

How Durable Is A Dyson Vacuum?

Dyson vacuum cleaner

Compared to most vacuum products on the market, Dyson vacuums boast incredible resilience to wear and tear. Industrial-grade metal and high-grade plastic comprise most of a Dyson vacuum's components. This leads to a well-built and sturdy machine that lasts for years.

Additionally, all Dyson vacuums come with an internal battery. In short, they don't always rely on an external power source to function fully unlike most vacuums on the market.

However, these advantages also come with their disadvantages. For one, Dyson vacuums are much bigger than average vacuums and take up a lot of space. They are also heavier as a result.

When a Dyson vacuum suddenly stops after starting, you may need to look into it. You can read this article for more details: Dyson Starts Then Stops—What To Do?

How To Maintain A Dyson Vacuum?

Maintaining a Dyson vacuum is pretty easy and involves no complicated steps. You only need to clean and wash the dustbin with running water. Then, make sure to wash and replace the filters as well. On average, you need to replace the filter once every three months.

Store your Dyson vacuum in a small, enclosed space so it won't be in anyone's way. This also prevents the risk of your pet or children from stumbling into it and turning it into their plaything.

Bring it to a repair shop if you spot any fault with the machine or if it's starting to show signs of wear and tear. Have a professional look at it to know whether a component needs replacing or it's time to buy a new one.

Should You Buy A Dyson Vacuum?

View of Dyson store in Icon Siam Mall

If you are planning to buy your own Dyson vacuum in the future, there are several factors that you need to account for. Some factors include money, space, convenience, ease of access, and how often you will use it at home.

First, Dyson vacuums are not cheap. Due to their quality and efficiency, their price tag is much higher than the average vacuum. So if you're planning to use a vacuum for the short term, it's best to opt for something cheaper.

Next, they take up a lot of space. The internal battery alone takes up a lot of space in the machine. And, due to its build quality, its overall design is much bigger than the average vacuum.

Another thing to consider is whether or not you prefer a cordless Dyson vacuum. Both have their distinct advantages and disadvantages. Get one based on how much impact it could bring to your everyday living at home.

So, if you plan on buying a Dyson vacuum for your home, always take note of your resources. Dyson offers a wide range of vacuums to choose from, so there's bound to be one for you that's within the right price range and comfort zone.

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How Does A Dyson Vacuum Compare To Other Brands?

Dyson vacuums boast many functions compared to other brands on the market. Couple these functions with the sleek design composed of sturdy materials and what you get is a great machine capable of withstanding the test of time.

Another important aspect that Dyson vacuums boast over other brands is the high-efficiency particulate arrestance filter or HEPA filter for short.

A close up view of Dyson cordless vacuum HEPA filter head on a wooden floor

This guarantees to remove at least 99.7% of the air's dirt, dust, and other allergens. So those who have respiratory problems and allergies will find using a Dyson vacuum better for their overall health than other brands.

On top of that, Dyson vacuums produce little to no sound when in use. Other brands produce so much noise that it is loud enough to wake someone up inside the house or disturb your neighbors.

Buying a vacuum is not as simple as choosing Dyson over all other brands despite all these features. If you move from one place to another often or live in a relatively small space, then choosing a cheaper vacuum brand is more economical.

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Final Statement

To summarize, Dyson vacuums last up to 10 years. In contrast, the average vacuum lasts around eight years. And if you give proper care and maintain it well, it can last for far longer.

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