How Long Does It Take To Install A New Bathroom Sink?

Before plunging into a project, you probably want to know how much time it is going to take. You need to know what kind of commitment you are getting yourself into. So if you're contemplating replacing your bathroom sink, how long is it going to take? Well, we have the answer for you!

The amount of time it takes to install a bathroom sink depends on a number of factors. However, we will assume that the plumbing is already roughed in and the vanity prepared for the sink. In this case, a homeowner should be able to install the sink in 2-6 hours, depending on their skill level. An experienced plumber usually takes under 2 hours. 

Now you know what amount of time that you will need to set aside to complete this venture. Let's look into the how-to, and find out more about the cost and other details of installing your bathroom sink.

A newly installed bathroom sink in a contemporary home, How Long Does It Take To Install A New Bathroom Sink?

How To Install A New Bathroom Sink

Installing a new bathroom sink is something that many homeowners can do themselves. It will take longer than a professional, but if you have the time, it can save you some expense. If you are replacing an old sink, there will be some prep work needed before jumping into the following directions. You may need to move and adjust pipes, or modify the countertop if the new sink is not an exact replica of the old. 

Materials Needed

  • Sink
  • Faucet
  • Pipe Wrench
  • Mineral spirits
  • Bar clamp (Undermount sink only)
  • Two lengths of 2x4 (Undermount sink only)


There are two popular types of sinks, and each has a slightly different method of installation. These are drop-in and undermount sinks and we will give directions here for both types.

Installing A Drop-In Sink

  1. Install the faucet and drain on the new sink. You will want to follow the manufacturer's directions, but this is usually a fairly simple process. 
  2. Run a bead of silicone along the bottom edge of the sink. This works to help keep the sink in place as well as to provide a waterproof seal.
  3. Set the sink in place, making sure to center it. Line up the pea trap with the sink drain stem and press the sink down firmly.
  4. Sometimes there are clips included with a new sink. Install these underneath the sink to help to keep it in place. As there are various types of these clips, the manufacturer will include specific instructions. 
  5. Clean up any silicone that may have pressed out and then smooth the edge around the sink. Mineral spirits are helpful in cleaning up stubborn silicone.
  6. Connect the drain to the pea trap and tighten it securely, using the pipe wrench.
  7. Wind plumber's tape around the threads of your water line connectors to ensure a watertight seal. Proceed to hook up the hot and cold water lines.
  8. Allow the silicone to cure before turning on the water and checking for leaks. Check the package details to find the curing time for your specific silicone.
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Installing An Undermount Sink

  1. Lay your sink underneath the vanity and run a bead of 100% silicone around the top edge of the sink.
  2. Lay one piece of 2x4 across the top of the vanity.
  3. Place another 2x4 piece underneath the sink to protect the sink from damage.
  4. Run one end of the bar clamp through the sink drain.
  5. Tighten the clamp up so that it holds the sink in place, being sure to center everything.
  6. Attach the mounting brackets that will hold the sink in place.
  7. Clean up any silicone that was pressed out. A rag dampened with mineral spirits will help.
  8. Allow the silicone to cure for 24 hours before removing the clamp.
  9. Install the faucet and drain according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  10. Attach the drain pea trap and water supply valves. Use plumber's tape around the threads of each water connection.
  11. Turn on the water and check for leaks.
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Is It Hard To Install A Bathroom Sink? What To Consider Before Tackling This DIY Project?

Installing a bathroom sink does not have to be difficult. However, there are many things that can make the process either easier or more difficult. You will want to be fully prepared before beginning.

Make Sure That You Know How To Install The Faucet

Your sink should come with directions specific to that model. Be sure to read through them thoroughly before starting to install your sink. On the same note, ensure that your faucet is the right size for your sink. Bathroom faucets come in different widths and are not one size fits all. 

Double Check The Plumbing

When you're replacing an old sink, don't assume that the new sink will match right up with the old plumbing. You may need to shorten or extend the plumbing in order to connect it properly. Additionally, you may need to transition into a different sized pipe, if your new sink has a different size drain.

This article may be helpful in determining how far up your plumbing should reach: How Deep Are Bathroom Sinks?

Identify Hot And Cold

This may seem basic, but being prepared will help your job go much more smoothly. Make sure that you know beforehand which water supply line is for cold water and which is for hot.

Weigh The Risks

A bathroom sink made of ceramic can weigh quite a bit. Be sure that you are able to lift the weight that is required. If not, reach out for some help to do the lifting.

Measure The Opening

Make sure that the opening in your vanity is the right size for your sink. If you are replacing an existing sink, you may need to widen the opening before installing it.

Prepare To Be Without

Your silicone may have to cure for up to 24 hours. Make sure that you are prepared to be without a bathroom sink for that amount of time.

How Much Does A Plumber Charge To Install A Bathroom Sink?

Unfortunately, there is no specific or predictable price for a bathroom sink installation. Many plumbers charge by the hour, while others give a flat rate. Each situation is different. Some installations will require more work or time than others. However, average installation prices for bathroom sinks range from $100 - $300.

Is A Bathroom Sink Attached To The Wall?

Neither drop-in sinks nor undermount sinks are attached to the wall. However, there are a few types of sinks that are:

  • Pedestal sinks are attached to the wall, although the stand, or pedestal, carries the bulk of the weight. The wall acts more as a stabilizer.
  • One-piece vanity tops are attached to the wall with a sealant but are fully supported by the vanity.
  • Wall-mount sinks, otherwise known as hung or floating sinks, are attached to the wall. These sinks have no pedestal or vanity supporting them and are entirely supported by the wall.

Should A Bathroom Sink Match Countertops?

No, there is no rule that bathroom sinks should match the countertops. In fact, in most cases, it would be impossible to have your sink match. This being said, you should definitely choose a sink that complements the countertop that you are using. For example, if your granite is green, but flecked with black, a matte black sink would be appropriate.

Should A Bathroom Sink Match The Vanity?

Bathroom sinks should blend in with everything around it. Look for a sink that coordinates with both the countertop and the vanity that you have chosen. Stick with the same general color scheme, and coordinating materials. The sink should not clash with the vanity, but it is not necessary for it to match.

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In Closing

As we have seen, installing a new bathroom sink is not all that time intensive. It's also not as difficult as you may have thought. Whether you've installed a sink before, or this is your first rodeo, you've got this! We've covered what you need to know in order to successfully install your new sink.

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