How Many Appliances Can An 8000-Watt Generator Run?

Based on the wattage types, the generator provides 8,000 running watts. The starting watts depend on the generator brand and model, ranging from 8,500-10,000 watts.

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The amount should be less than the wattage of the generator. If the total wattage requirement exceeds 8,000 watts, you should use fewer appliances or use all of them but for a shorter time. Also, you may not be able to use all of the appliances at once if the total exceeds 8,000 watts. 

Some appliances, such as refrigerators, heaters, lights, and air conditioners, need to run continuously. It is up to you to decide how to manage the home appliances so that they receive power from the generator.

Listed are some appliances you can run with the generator:

  • Two cellphone chargers: 50 running watts
  • Coffee maker: 1000 running watts
  • Three 75-watt light bulbs: 225 starting and running watts
  • Refrigerator: 2,200 starting and 700 running watts
  • Oven: 2,000 to 5,000 running watts
  • Washing machine: 2,250 starting and 1,150 running watts

Using the appliances depletes the generator. You can allocate a large part for vital appliances and use smaller appliances less. It is not possible to use the appliances simultaneously. 

Among the appliances, the refrigerator and oven have high wattage. Also, these appliances are vital for the household. 

Moreover, heating and cooling appliances have high wattage requirements. If you need to cool the house, a central air conditioning unit uses around 3,000-3,500 watts. If you use a heat pump, the wattage requirement ranges from 802-5,102 watts. 

Other than household appliances, you can use the generator to use power tools or RV and camping appliances. 

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