How Many Bricks Do You Need To Build A Fire Pit?

An outdoor fire pit creates a unique ambiance where you can gather with your family and friends. Are you considering building a fire pit but need know how many bricks you will need? We researched the topic to provide you with a reliable answer.

The size of the fire pit you'd like to build will determine the number of bricks you need. You'll need at least 61 bricks and 134 bricks to build a fire pit whose diameter measures 27 inches and 60 inches, respectively. If you opt to construct a medium-sized fire pit that measures 36 inches, you'll need 80 bricks. 

Please keep reading to learn more about building a fire pit. We will discuss the type of bricks you should use when constructing a fire pit and whether you should add a liner to a brick fire pit. We will also share some considerations when building the firepit to help you avoid common pitfalls.

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How Many Bricks You Need To Build A Fire Pit

Determining the number of bricks you need to build a fire pit can help you formulate a realistic budget for the project. With proper budgeting, you can avoid feeling overstretched financially and ensure that you have enough funds to execute the project.

Typically, the intended diameter of your firepit will determine how many bricks you use. Please note that a fire pit's ideal size will vary from one home to another.

You want to ensure that the fire pit is deep enough to accommodate a fire and generates sufficient heat to keep a group of people warm.

Additionally, it may be necessary to keep the setting small enough so the people gathered can comfortably have conversations.

It is also essential to create a fire pit that complements your space rather than appearing out of balance.

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Lastly, safety is critical when sizing a fire pit. You want to avoid injuries and accidental fires by leaving sufficient clearance that allows safe navigation around the fire pit.

If your fire pit is not in an open space, it requires a clearance of about 21 feet above the fire pit. This distance may vary from one region to another. Some areas may also impose a clearance of at least 10 feet from buildings or other flammable structures.

Sizing A Fire Pit

In the U.S., a standard brick measures 8 inches long by 3 5/8 inches wide by 2 1/4 inches high.


If you have limited backyard space, you can build a small fire pit that measures 30 inches in diameter. For this diameter, you will need 67 bricks. This diameter size may be appropriate if you intend to host small private gatherings.

You will need 80 bricks to build a medium-sized fire pit that measures 36 inches in diameter. This fire pit size allows you to accommodate more people while retaining the intimate setting.

Fire pits that measure less than 36 inches may not be ideal for entertaining more than a handful of people. That said, firepits with diameters that measure 36 inches to 45 inches can sit a sizeable gathering without compromising on closeness.

Fire pits with diameters of 39 inches, 42 inches, and 45 inches require 87, 94, and 101 bricks, respectively.

If you have a large backyard, you can build a 60-inch fire pit that can serve as its center of attention. For this fire pit size, you will need 134 bricks.

The large fire pit is ideal for entertaining larger groups. Its size enables it to generate enough heat to keep the group warm without their huddling together around the fire pit.


Although you want to be able to contain the fire, be sure to balance safety and functionality. If your fire pit is too short, the heat of the flames may fail to warm those gathered around the fire. In contrast, it may be challenging to prop your feet over a fire pit that is too tall.

Considering safety and functionality, leaving an allowance of 6 to 12 inches between the top surface and the fire pit's outer wall strikes a good balance that allows you to enjoy the fire.

What Type Of Bricks Should You Use To Build A Fire Pit?

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The bricks used to construct the fire pit should hold up well when subjected to high temperatures. Typically, the fire's temperature will range between 800° F and 900° F.

Using fire bricks for the fire pit's inner walls is best. Because these bricks are denser than regular bricks, they can withstand temperatures up to 1800° F. Additionally, they hold up well when exposed to high heat, even over extended periods.

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Although fire bricks are more costly than regular bricks, it is not ideal to use regular bricks on a fire pit since they are likely to split and crack when subjected to intense heat over time. The cracked bricks are a potential fire hazard.

However, you can use regular bricks to construct the outer wall of the fire pit since the temperatures on these walls are not likely to reach levels that can cause them to crack.

Please note that you'll need to use a special type of cement to hold the bricks together. So, ensure that you buy refractory cement for use in your project. This cement can hold well under extreme heat without cracking.

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Does A Brick Fire Pit Need A Liner?

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A fire pit liner enhances your fire pit's safety and structural integrity. The liner is a vital component in fire pits made of normal bricks. But it is not necessary to add a liner if the inner wall of your fire pit is made of fire bricks. As we've mentioned, fire bricks can withstand high heat.

Because the liners are made from durable steel with a high temperature-resistant finish, they can protect your bricks from high heat and flames. Also, the liners can help contain logs while they burn in the fire pit.

The black color contrasts your bricks, thus enhancing your fire pit's aesthetic appearance. Furthermore, it is easier to achieve a seamless interior finish to your fire pit when you incorporate a liner.

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What To Consider When Building A Fire Pit

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While the fire pit is a  beautiful addition to your backyard and can increase your property's value, you must ensure that your fire pit is safe. Fire-related accidents have been known to cause loss of life and destruction of property.

Here are some considerations when planning to build a fire pit:

Get Approval From Your Local Authorities

Getting the necessary fire pit construction permits from your local authorities is vital before beginning the construction.

Find out whether there are restrictions on the size and location of a fire pit. Additionally, find out how far the fire pit should be from your house, utility lines, and other surrounding structures.

You may also need to determine if the local authorities provide guidelines on permissible construction materials and acceptable fuel sources.

The regulations vary from one municipality to another based on the risk of exposure to fire-related damages. You'll avoid trouble and unnecessary fines by complying with the set regulations.

Construct The Fire Pit On A Level Surface

Building the fire pit on an even surface reduces the likelihood of fire escaping beyond the fire pit. Therefore, it makes it easier to contain the fire in case of accidents.

It is also wise to use fire-resistant materials when constructing the fire pit. Consider adding a fire screen to contain embers and keep them from straying.

Being proactive can also help contain the fire and keep it from spreading. You can do this by keeping a bucket of sand, a fire extinguisher, or a garden hose within reach so you can quickly put out any stray flames.

Add Light To Walkways

Although fire generates light, it may be inadequate for providing light along the steps and walkways. Therefore, incorporating walkway lighting in your plans may be a good safety measure to keep you and your guests safe.

Plan The Seating Arrangement

Large outdoor fire pit surrounded by wooden rocking chairs, beautifully landscaped backyard, with the glass of wine and food platter.

The size of your backyard will influence what size of fire pit you can build and how many people can gather around the fire.

Ensure that you leave enough space for people to sit, get up, and walk around without having to avoid the fire.

Please read this article to find out How Much Space Between Fire Pit And Seating.

Final Thoughts

The actual number of bricks that you use to build your fire pit will depend on its size. You can expect to use between 61 and 134 bricks for fire pits that measure between 27 and 36 inches in diameter.

Use fire bricks to build the fire pit's inner wall since they can withstand high heat and flames. Alternatively, you can use regular bricks and add a fire pit liner to protect the bricks from the intense heat.

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