How Many Chairs Fit Around A 72-Inch Rectangular Table?

Whether you're planning for a dinner party or simply trying to fit your family comfortably around the dining room table, knowing the right number of chairs you can place around yours is important. If you have a 72-inch rectangular dining room table and are wondering how many chairs can be seated at it, we can help you. We did the research so that you can know for certain how many you can seat.

The number of people recommended to be seated at a 72-inch rectangular dining table varies, but you will be able to fit at least 6 comfortably. Depending on the width of the table and the occasion, you may be able to accommodate up to 10.

Now that we know that between 6 and 10 can be seated at a dining room table of this length, we'll take a look at dining table capacity and how certain variables will impact it. You might also be curious about how much space you should maintain between a dining room table and a wall or how long a table runner should be for a 72-inch table. For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post and see what we've uncovered in our research.

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Dining Table Size And Capacity Explained

How many folks can be seated safely and comfortably will depend on a few things. The nature of the meal is certainly important. Formal affairs require a little more room than a family dinner. The width of the table also matters.

Here, we'll break down our recommendations for seating based on these variables. We'll also discuss how nontraditional seating options can impact your table's capacity.

How Width Will Impact The Overall Seating

While the length is important for seating capacity, the width should also be noted. Though one person might be seated at either end of the table, some tables are wide enough to seat two in these positions.

For you to place two at each end, the table needs to be 48 inches wide. This gives each person 24 inches of room which is ample spacing in most cases. There will be exceptions to this that we'll discuss ahead in this post.

Many rectangular tables are only 36 inches wide. If that's the case with yours, you will not be able to seat more than one person at either end.

Formal Dining

When having a formal dinner, spacing the chairs properly is pretty important. Your guests will want some elbow room and will require more space than your family or close friends gathering around the table for dinner. This extra space needed will cut into the number of people you can fit at any table.

In a formal dining setting, you'll want each person to have 36 inches of room. At a table that is 72 inches long and 36 inches wide, this means two on each side and one at each end. This allows for 6 to be seated at the table.

Keep in mind that formal dining usually involves multiple courses and more complicated place settings. While you could cram more people on either side of the table for this sort of affair, you'll find that your guests will all be pretty cramped.

Family Dining

Family dining is another event altogether. Folks that are familiar with each other, whether kin or close friends, won't require near as much room as a formal dinner.

Whether gathering around the table for a quick breakfast or taking in a full meal after a long day's work, your table capacity can be elevated in these situations.

Dining under these circumstances only requires 24 inches of room for each person. The 72-inch table will be able to host 3 on either side.

If the width is 36 inches, one will be seated on each end, bringing the total seating to 8. But if your table is 48 inches wide, you'll be able to seat 2 on each end, making your dining room table accommodate 10 people.

Consider A Bench Seat

Though not something you'd want at a formal dinner, a bench seat is a great addition to the family dining room table. If you have children or smaller adults, a bench seat can be used to comfortably seat several diners.

These tables fit along with one of the longest sides of the table and generally come built for 72-inch and 66-inch tables.

Is A 72-Inch Table Too Big?

We know how many people you can seat at a 72-inch table. But we haven't answered the question if this table will be too big for your room. Measuring the available space is important for safety and comfort reasons and should be done carefully.

People seated at your table will need to be able to sit and rise without any obstacles. In a room that is a minimum of 9 feet square, this will not be an issue unless you have furniture along the walls that obstruct your motions while leaving the table.

Rooms any smaller than this will mean that anyone seated at the ends of a 72-inch table will be cramped.

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How Long Should A Table Runner Be For A 72-Inch Table?

Table runners add a nice accent to your dining room table. Selecting one that matches your aesthetic shouldn't be a problem, as they come in more varieties than one can count. But you will want to make sure you get the proper size.

It's recommended that your table runner hangs over each side of the table by no more than 6 inches. You want it to cover the entire length of the table, of course. But you do not want either end to hang over more than your tablecloth.

For a 72-inch table, you should consider a table runner that is 84 inches long. But be sure to carefully look at the distance your tablecloth hangs over the edges of your table so that you don't get one that is too long.

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How Long Should A Rectangular Table Be To Sit 10 People?

If you are wanting to seat as many as 10 people around a rectangular table, a table that is 72, 84, or 96 inches long will work for an informal occasion.

To do so at a 72- or 84-inch table, it will need to be 48 inches wide. A 96-inch long table will seat 4 along each side and one on each end of the width is 36 inches, or 2 at each end of the width is 48 inches. For formal dining, you will need a table that is at least 108 inches long.

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How Much Space Should Be Between My Dining Room Table And The Wall?

Comfort and safety are the two reasons you should have proper spacing between each chair. But you will need to ensure that there is also enough room between the table and the wall.

Guests will need to be able to sit and rise from the table without any issues. If the table is too close to the wall, this can be a big problem.

It's recommended to maintain a minimum of 36 inches from the edge of the table to the nearest wall or piece of furniture. This will allow for the right amount of room.

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Final Thoughts

Making sure that you have the right number of seats at your dining room table is important for safety and comfort. Whether you're having a formal dinner or just sitting down with your family can impact how many chairs should be put at any table. Consider proper spacing between the chairs and the walls for optimum comfort.

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