How Many Paint Colors Does Benjamin Moore Have?

The decision to paint your home is important, so you want to choose a paint brand with lots of color options for you to pick from. Benjamin Moore is one of those brands that have an extensive amount of colors. But just how many colors does Benjamin Moore have? We have the answer to that and much more, so grab your paintbrush and get ready to bring your walls to life.

Believe it or not, Benjamin Moore has over 3,500 colors and 12 color collections for you to choose from. Since this brand has so many paint colors, the sky is the limit, and you are sure to find one you love.

When you decide that you would like to paint your home, there is nothing quite like having a variety of options when it comes to colors. So keep reading to learn more about all of the fantastic colors that Benjamin Moore has to offer.

Metal paint cans with a Benjamin Moor logo on the bottom left

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So Many Benjamin Moore Paint Colors

With over 3,500 paint colors, how does one choose? That’s a lot to think about, but Benjamin Moore makes things simple and stress-free. Let’s break it down to get you started.

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Metal cans of different colored paints


When you stand in front of all of the Benjamin Moore color samples, it can be overwhelming; however, the way the shades are categorized can simplify things. The paint is broken down into color families, color collections, and best-selling colors.

Benjamin Moore’s website also provides you with helpful tools like Color a Room which allows you to try different colors in various rooms.

There is also the Personal Color Viewer, where you will be able to see what a paint color looks like in your home by downloading a photo of the room. Of course, there are also qualified employees in stores to help you narrow things down. 


Another helpful feature of Benjamin Moore is that they offer several different ways to sample all of their paint colors. You can purchase 12×12 paint samples that stick on your wall. Instead of holding up cards next to the wall, you can put the color on the wall to get the full effect. Painting has never been so easy!

Benjamin Moore also sells color swatches that you can tape on your walls to get the full-color effect, and if you want the real thing, you can buy a pint of the color you like and try it out before you decide whether or not to use it on your walls.

Types of Paint

In addition to the colors, Benjamin Moore has many different types of paint. They sell indoor paint, exterior paint, primer, and stain in various sheens. There are eleven different types of sheens that you can choose from, including flat, eggshell, matte, and satin. 

Color Brochures

Even with all of the other products and resources available at Benjamin Moore, they also provide something called Color Brochures. These brochures feature information about the various products, give you color charts, recommend sample color combos, and more. The helpful brochures make the entire painting process that much easier. 

What Are Some Of The Most Popular Benjamin Moore Paint Colors?

A homeowner choosing different colors palettes of paint to apply in her living room

So which colors of Benjamin Moore paints are the most popular? According to their website, there are some definite favorites among consumers, and we have the top color picks right here for you.


The most popular Benjamin Moore shades are neutral colors. That isn’t too much of a surprise since most consumers like to paint with colors that match a variety of furnishings, floors, and cabinets. 

Some of the colors that made the list for most popular include the off-white paints Chantilly Lace, Swiss Coffee, Pale Oak, and Gray Owl. In addition, a few colors from the brand’s Historical Collection made the most popular list. They include Edgecomb Gray, Manchester Tan, Revere Pewter, Stonington Gray, and Coventry Gray.

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How Many Color Collections Does Benjamin Moore Have?

A man painting the wall with the color blue using a roller

Benjamin Moore categorizes their colors into collections, and they currently have twelve color collections. All of the color collections share a common theme. The color collections feature both indoor and outdoor paint.  No matter what you’re looking for, Benjamin Moore has something for everyone. Take a look at all twelve color collections below.

Color Trends

Color Trends 2022 features 14 stylish colors chosen by design experts that are popular this year.

Color Preview

This collection is made up of 1232 colors that are anywhere from bold reds and oranges to pastel pinks and purples.

Benjamin Moore Classics

This collection is exactly as its name states– a collection of classic colors from Benjamin Moore that work with traditional and modern interiors and exteriors.

Historical Colors

The Historical Colors Collection features 191 beautiful shades that are influenced by historical landmarks in the US.

Off-White Collection

This collection contains some of the most popular Benjamin Moore colors and is made up of more than 150 different versions of white.

Affinity Color Collection

The Affinity Color Collection features colors that coordinate well with each other and consists of 144 different shades.

Aura Color Stories

The 240 colors in the Auta Color Stories Collection all respond in unique ways to various lighting situations. 

Williamsburg Paint Color Collection

This collection of 144 colors is inspired by the historical colors of the 17th and 18th centuries. Still, even though these colors are rooted in the past, they are timeless enough to work well in contemporary homes.

America’s  Colors

This collection conjures up beautiful images of the American landscape since all 42 shades in the collection represent the wondrous colors found in nature across the land.

Designer Classics

This color collection features 231 classic colors that are popular with designers and consumers.

Colors For Vinyl

Colors for Vinyl offers customers 75 different colors to use outdoors on trim and siding.

Aborcoat Stain Colors

The Arborcoat Stain Colors are a collection of over 75 stains explicitly made for decks, siding, and trim.

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What Does AC Mean In Benjamin Moore Paint?

One of the color collections sold at Benjamin Moore is AC or America’s Colors. The 42 colors in this collection are all earth tones and represent the various colors in the landscape across the United States. The collection features paint colors in greys, tans, browns, blues, and greens.

Some examples of America’s Colors include Charlotte Slate, Coastal Fog, San Clemente Rose, and Acadia White. All of the paints in this collection are named after the geographical region in which their color was inspired. 

What Does OC Mean In Benjamin Moore Paint Colors?

A gorgeous and nicely lit unfinished living room of a modern house

Another collection of Benjamin Moore paint colors is known as OC or Off-White Collection. This collection of over 150 shades is very popular and features some of Benjamin Moore’s best-selling colors. Although all of the colors in the collection are white, they vary in undertones of green, blue, purple, orange, red, and yellow.

The Off-White Collection includes the popular Chantilly Lace, White Dove, Seashell, and Sand Dollar. No matter what your preference is when it comes to white paint, you’re sure to find one you like in the Benajmin Moore Off-White Collection.

What Does HC Mean In Benjamin Moore Paint Colors?

Yet another color collection that Benjamin Moore features is HC or Historical Colors. As the name suggests, the 191 colors in this collection are influenced by the historical architecture of American history.

The Historical Collection colors feature classic shades such as Newburyport Blue, Coventry Gray, Georgian Brick, and Tudor Brown. Although the colors are steeped in history, they can work perfectly in modern spaces.

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To Conclude About Benjamin Moore

A nice couple choosing a perfect color palette for their living room color

Since there are just so many Benjamin Moore paint colors, you can bet there will be one just right for your home. In addition to the overabundance of colors, the color collections Benjamin Moore features are a great way to narrow down your color choices and pick one from a group of colors or styles that you are drawn to.

Whether you go with a traditional color or something bold and bright, with over 3500 colors of Benjamin Moore paint, you can be sure you’ll have plenty to choose from.

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