How Many Rugs Are Too Many?

Rugs can add appeal and comfort to your home, making it feel like a true reflection of your style. But can you have too many rugs in a home? Let's take a look if too many rugs are affecting your interior design.

While it is a personal preference, too many rugs can make a room feel cluttered and busy. It can also be difficult to clean around all the rugs, and they may not all coordinate well together. In addition, if you are staging a home for sale, too many rugs can be a turnoff for potential buyers.

If you are considering adding more rugs to your home, it is important to take a step back and evaluate your current rug situation. In this article, we will discuss how to strategically add rugs to your home without making it feel cluttered. In addition, we will answer other frequently asked questions about having rugs inside your home, so read on!

Can You Have Too Many Rugs?

Rugs have several benefits in a home. They can add color, pattern, and texture to a room. Rugs can also help to protect your flooring and keep your feet warm in the colder months.

However, too many rugs in a home or a single room can throw off balance and make the space feel cluttered. When considering adding a new rug, it’s important to take into account the size of the room, the layout, and the amount of furniture and other decor already in the space.

In general, it’s best to have one large rug in a room with smaller pieces of furniture around it. This way, the rug will anchor the space and make it feel more pulled together. If you have a large room, you can add multiple rugs to create different distinct areas.

For example, you could have a seating area with a coffee table and chairs on one rug and then another reading nook with a comfy chair and floor lamp on another rug. This can help to break up a large room and make it feel cozier.

For homeowners looking to sell their homes, first impressions matter. Too many rugs in a home can make it feel small and cramped. It’s best to keep things simple when selling your home and only use a few well-chosen rugs.

If you do have multiple rugs, make sure they are all coordinated and complement each other. Too many different colors, patterns, and textures can make a room busy and chaotic.

When in doubt, less is usually more when it comes to rugs. But at the end of the day, it’s your home, and you should decorate it however you see fit!

Side angle view of a modern living room with blue rug, elegant sofa and big window

Should Two Rugs In A Room Match?

There is no rule stating you have to match your rugs, but there are a few guidelines you can follow to ensure your rugs complement each other.

If you have two rugs in the same room, they don’t have to be an exact match, but they should share some commonalities. For example, you could choose two rugs with similar colors or patterns.

Or, you could choose one rug with a bolder design and another with a more neutral pattern. This can help to create some visual interest in the room without being too over-the-top.

If you have two rugs that are completely different, they should be in different areas of the room. Complementing the furniture and wall color in the room can also help to tie everything together.

Again, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to matching rugs. But following these guidelines can help you create a cohesive and stylish look in your home.

What Is The Best Material For A Rug?

Stylish carpet with pattern on floor in room,How Many Rugs Are Too Many?

The best material for a rug depends on the intended use of the rug. For example, if you are looking for a rug to place in a high-traffic area, you will want to choose a durable material that can withstand a lot of foot traffic.

For example, wool, jute, sisal, and nylon are all good options for high-traffic areas. If you are looking for a rug to place in a low-traffic area, you have more options.

If you are looking for only style and don’t care about durability, then you can choose any material you like! Find a rug that fits your budget and style, and go for it!

Another thing to consider is the ease of cleaning. If you have children or pets, you will want to choose a rug that is easy to clean and won’t show stains easily.

For example, wool and nylon are both easy-to-clean materials. If you are looking for a natural fiber rug, jute and cotton can also be good options. You can also look at polypropylene or seagrass rugs.

These are all durable materials that are easy to clean and won’t show dirt and stains easily.

What Size Rug Should I Get?

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The size of the rug you get depends on the size of the room and the furniture in it. In general, you want the rug to be large enough so that all of the furniture in the room fits on it.

For example, in a living room, you want the rug to be large enough so that all of the furniture (couch, chairs, coffee table, etc.) can fit on it.

In a bedroom, you want the rug to be large enough so that it can go under the bed and extend out on both sides.

You don’t want a rug that is too small or too big for the room. The rug should be in proportion to the size of the room and the furniture in it.

If you are unsure what size to get, you can always measure the room and the furniture in it to get an idea of what size rug you need.

Does A Rug Make A Room Feel Bigger Or Smaller?

Open space, white living room interior with a big rug on dark

When it comes to interior design, how the human eye perceives space is important. With that said, one large rug will make a room feel bigger than if the room had two smaller rugs.

This is because a large rug will make the room feel more unified and cohesive. The human eye will perceive the large rug as one big space, which will make the room feel larger.

On the other hand, two small rugs in the same room can make the space feel chopped up and smaller. This is because the human eye will see two small spaces, which makes the room feel smaller.

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule. For example, if you have a large room with a lot of furniture, two small rugs might actually make the space feel more intimate and cozy.

It will also depend on how big the room is. An open floor plan might benefit from two small rugs to create separate spaces.

Is It Okay To Have A Rug In The Kitchen?

It's completely fine to have a rug in the kitchen, as there are benefits. If you like cooking, then having the extra cushioning can be more comfortable for your feet. It can also help to reduce noise if you have hardwood floors.

Depending on your style, it can also add a pop of color or pattern to the kitchen. For example, a rug can complement cabinetry or backsplash.

The most important thing to consider when choosing a kitchen rug is the material. You want to choose a material that is easy to clean and won’t show stains easily.

One of the best stain-resistant materials for rugs is polypropylene. It is also a durable material that can withstand a lot of foot traffic.

Like other rugs, it's a good idea to have a non-slip rug pad underneath the kitchen rug to prevent it from slipping and bunching up.

Low angle of new construction modern kitchen with white cabinets and hardwood floors

Can You Put A Rug On Carpet Flooring?

Yes, you can put a rug on carpet flooring. In fact, it can actually help to protect your carpet from wear and tear. It can also add style and comfort to your home. However, a rug works best when the carpet is a low pile. 

The material is the most important thing to consider when choosing a rug for carpet flooring. You want to choose a material that won’t slide around or bunch up.

In addition, use a carpet pad on top of the carpet to help keep the rug in place and to add extra cushioning.

Final Thoughts

Stylish carpet with pattern on floor in room

As you can see, there are many thoughts to consider when choosing how to best incorporate rugs into your home. It is important to think about the size, material, and style of the rug. Nonetheless, it's your home, and you should feel free to experiment with different ideas to see what you like the best!

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