How Much Does A Dining Room Set Cost?

The dinner table is the center of family life. Meals are served, laughter is heard, and conversations are made here. A dining room set is an important addition to a home. It is essential that you find one that fits your specific needs. But what should you plan on spending when you go shopping for a dining room set? We have assessed numerous different sets in order to bring a satisfactory answer to the table. (Pun intended)

The average dining room set will cost between $200 and $800. This is an average price for average furniture. There are many options both above and below this estimate. Construction material, the number of place settings, and the manufacturer are all factors that come to play in the pricing of different dining room sets.

We're going to discuss this a little bit more to give you a better idea of dining room set pricing. We will also answer a few more questions that you may have about dining room sets. Keep reading to learn more!

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When you are shopping for a dining room set, you will have decisions to make. One of the first will be what material you want the set to be made of. This decision will impact the price significantly and will be determined by your particular taste and style. There are many different options out there for dining room sets, and often two or more will be used. A few of these are:

  • Wood
  • Bamboo
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Rattan
  • Plastic


A solid wood table is a wonderful choice for a dining room set, and always in style. However, this material can tend to be on the more expensive side. A wood table has the potential to last for generations if it is well taken care of. You can find tables made of a variety of different woods types. Mahogany, oak, pine, cherry, and walnut are all examples of wood used in making dining room sets. These range in value anywhere from $200 to $1,000 or more.

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The use of bamboo in making furniture has gained popularity in recent years. Its fast growth rate makes it a very sustainable material that is economically friendly. Additionally, its light but sturdy makeup is perfect for furniture. Bamboo dining room sets are trendy, lightweight, and usually found in the middle area of our price range.

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The use of metal in dining room sets definitely lends itself to a modern, industrial look. Metal is typically paired with wood or glass to create delightful furniture. Although not the stereotypical material for a dining room set, metal can add a unique flair to your home. Fortunately, these sets are typically found for under $300.

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Midcentury modern dining room sets often make use of glass to produce a sleek, stylish look. Glass tabletops are usually combined wood or metal frames and come with metal chairs. The chairs may have cloth, leather, or wood seats. Glass dining room sets can usually be purchased for $200 to $400 dollars.

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This material is usually used for patio or pool furniture. However, there are some decorating styles that would benefit from a rattan dining room set. Perhaps you have a tropical theme going on, or maybe a bohemian vibe. A dining room set made from rattan can cost quite a pretty penny, usually over 1,000. That being said, having the dining room of your dreams would be worth the investment.

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Now, don't write this cost-effective choice off before you see it! Plastic furniture has come a long way. Dining room sets made of primarily plastic are usually found in a minimalistic, modern style. The good news is that they can be found for under $300. Plus, the seats look incredibly comfy.

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Place Settings

The number of places that can be set at a table is a big factor. The size you choose will certainly affect the price of your dining room set. Tables are typically made to seat from 2 - 8 people. These tables are priced accordingly. Tables that seat:

  • 2 can be found for under $200
  • 4 are usually $150 - $350
  • 6 may cost $300 - $800
  • 8 are usually $750+

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You have two options to choose from when purchasing a table. You can buy a table that is a set size, with exactly enough chairs to sit around it. Conversely, you can find a table that is adjustable. Usually, adjustable tables come with extra leaves to fit in the table in order to lengthen it. These sets come with extra chairs to use along with the larger adjustment. They can cost more than a table that is a set size.

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As with any product, name brand furniture will get a higher price. Additionally, furniture prices can vary by store. All of this can be taken into consideration when shopping for a dining room set.

Is It Cheaper To Build Or Purchase A Dining Room Set?

Beautiful simple country style dining room, hardwood floor and candle chandelier, Should You Put A Mirror In The Dining Room? [Here's How]

Honestly, there are a few different answers to this question. It really depends on what you're looking for. If you want a simple farmhouse table with two benches, you're in luck. You can build one for substantially less than you can purchase one of the same quality. Chairs will take a little more effort, skill, and money to build, but building may still be cheaper than buying.  If you want an ornate, heirloom-quality table, the materials should not cost too much, but remember that time is money. However, some things are worth more than money.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Dining Room Table?

A basic dining room table that seats 2 - 4 people can be built for around $200. This estimate is assuming that you already own the all tools necessary to build a table. The cost of building a table will go up from there, depending on the size.

What Other Furniture Do You Need In A Dining Room?

A table and chairs are all that you technically need in a dining room. However, there are a few other pieces of furniture that are useful in a dining room. Extra furniture can be both practical and decorative, providing additional storage and serving areas. Some additional pieces may include:

  • A sideboard
  • A buffet
  • Accent chairs
  • A china cabinet or hutch

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Does Dining Room Furniture Have To Match?

No! It sure doesn't, although it can. If you want to buy new, matching furniture for your dining room, it will look great. However, if you want to mix and match your dining room furniture, that can look fantastic as well!

Still, it is best to try and match some single element of your furniture. This helps to produce a coordinated look. For instance, try to find furniture that is all the same era, or all the same type of wood. Or try painting them the same color.

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Here is a post that gives some examples of coordinating, but not matching furniture. Can You Mix Wicker and Wood Furniture?

We hope that this article has been helpful to you in your quest to find a dining room set. Whether you decide on wood or metal, 4 seats or 8, the choice is yours. May your dining room be a place of laughter and good food for years to come

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