How Much Do Curtains Cost?

Collage of curtains with waving curtains on living room window on the background, How Much Do Curtains Cost?As not only a piece of decor to be seen from both the inside and the outside of the house but also an essential part of decor that protects your privacy, choosing curtains is an important decision. It can also be an expensive decision. So how much do curtains cost? With many variations in material, size, and uses, it can be challenging to know when you're getting the best bang for your buck. We have scoured the internet for the answer to this important question.

Curtains will range anywhere from $15 to upwards of $200. Commonly, however, you will be able to find high-quality curtains at around $70, although this price depends on factors such as size, type, customization, and material.

That may sound a little complicated, but don't worry! We're here to break down how to pick the curtains that best fit you and your budget.

How Much do Window Treatments Cost?

There is no set price for window treatments, but whether your tastes like to fly high with private jets and first-class commercial rides or lie low with soft carpet and cheap wine, there are window treatments of every price to suit both your tastes and your budget.

$20-50 Price Range

First, we'll go over the pros and cons of various curtain choices that range from $20 to $45. This is an extremely affordable range, and we think you'll be surprised by how well-made a lot of these pieces can be.

Jinchan Triple Weave Blackout Curtains


  • Light-weight at 4.21 pounds
  • 95 inches long
  • Machine-washable
  • Block 80% of light
  • Sheer panel included


  • Color sometimes not precisely as it appears in the picture
  • Only block out 80% of light, may not be as blackout as some would prefer

Overall, for the price, we can't hate these curtains.

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Elrene Home Fashions Drapes


  • Light-weight and airy
  • Can be 85, 95, or 108 inches long--great variation
  • Includes scarf valance


  • Many report less-than quality craftsmanship

It is also notable that they are extremely sheer, and that is important to keep in mind. These are a superb choice, primarily if you're focusing more on decoration than privacy.

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Mid-Price Curtains Range

Next up are some options that range from $46 to $70. These curtains seem to be very similar in quality and reports of satisfaction as the cheaper ones previous

Flamingo P Blackout Curtains


  • 100% blackout
  • Has double-layer
  • Machine-washable
  • 108 inches long


  • Have been reported to arrive in poor condition
  • Have been said to come at different lengths and widths

Despite the drawbacks, an overwhelming amount of people have found these curtains to be a great choice.

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VOGOL Chenille Jacquard Blackout Curtains


  • 50% polyester
  • Gorgeous embroidered design
  • Good quality


  • 70% blackout (Blackout in the title may be deceptive)
  • Reportedly, Grommet's holes sometimes come misaligned
  • Reported inconsistencies between multiple sets

These beauties are statement pieces. They may not be as dark as people looking at blackout curtains may want, but they're beautiful and seem to have relatively good consistency in quality.

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Are Blinds More Expensive than Curtains?

Short answer: no. Blinds tend to run much cheaper than curtains, but, like most things, this varies widely depending on what you may be looking for. One cannot dismiss the additional safety, and security blinds can afford you, however, and so we'll take a look at some blinds that hold up well price-wise against their flowy competitors.

All of the blinds found below rest within a comfortable $20 to $40 range, a range that we find to have blinds of good quality for their price.

Windowsandgarden Cordless Shades


  • Cordless
  • Customizable measurements
  • efficient light-filtering
  • Easy cleaning
  • Easy to put up--may be easier than curtains.


  • Not opaque

In addition to these blinds being nice-looking and safe, the customer service from this company seems very communicative and helpful if there are any issues.

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Bali Blinds Vinyl Cordless Blind


  • Cordless
  • Thick, opaque slats
  • Mounting hardware included


  • Multiple claims of hardware not being efficient or pieces being missing
  • Not very large

These blinds are very clean and modern-looking, and a majority of buyers claimed they were delighted with their purchase. Overall, a good option.

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ALL FOR YOU Mini Blinds


  • All installation hardware needed is included
  • Has efficient safety and light control


  • Not cordless

Having a cord is a major con if you have kids due to a choking hazard, but if you don't have children or heed the detailed warnings included in many areas of this product's description, these are a great choice.

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Overall, the largest con of blinds, as opposed to curtains, are that they start to climb in expense, the larger they get and are quick to become more expensive than curtains. In addition, if you've had blinds, you now their durability just isn't as reliable as the curability of curtains can be as, despite being much easier to clean, the solid materials made them breakable and quick to pick up wear without proper care. This can be especially prevalent with young children handling them.

But if you don't want to have to pick between the two at all, click here to find an article all about combining curtains and blinds.

Why are Custom Drapes so Expensive?

Custom drapes, just like most anything ordered just for you, are special. They're made with your ideas in mind and take a lot of time and care. Sometimes, custom-made items can even put a person's business on hold for the time it takes to finish the item. This is why getting something custom, drapes included, can be so pricey.

Of course, this all depends on what kind of customization you're looking for. Often times, the customization people look for in drapes is customization in length and width. In this case, these drapes run on the more expensive side because of how much alteration such a request requires of a set pattern. Worth it if you've got windows with weird measurements, but these curtains often run in the hundreds so it definitely needs to be a decision that is thought about in length.

How Can You Make Your Curtains Look More Expensive?

Your curtains not doing it for you? Don't have the luxurious feel you want? Don't worry, you don't need to buy brand new costly curtains to get that expensive feel. There are plenty of

you can do at home to decorate your curtains to better suit your taste and here are just a few that we think will make your curtains look even better.

Hang 'em Higher

High ceilings are in. It isn't very attractive to have your beautiful curtains brushing against the floor and it certainly isn't maximizing your space! By putting your curtain rods higher, up to the ceiling, even, and draping your curtains over them at that height and splaying them out, not only will they make the room seem more spacious, they'll make the ceilings look higher and your curtains more high-end.

Your Curtain Fixtures are More than just Functional--they can be Statement Pieces!

Stop trying to hide your curtain hardware! Not only does it ruin a perfect opportunity for additional decoration, but it can also be a safety hazard. Some people don't like the look of large or bulky hardware and try to downsize. This can be dangerous because, oftentimes, smaller rods are not able to hold the weight pf the desired curtains. So don't be afraid of your rods and the bobs attached to it! They can also look nice and match your color scheme. Plus, a textured look may be just the thing you need--just try it!

Curtains not Hanging Straight down? Totally fixable.

Iron your curtains and sew in a weighted hem to stylishly keep your curtains flowing the way they should. Make sure your rod is made to handle the extra weight. That's it, it really is that simple! Weigh them down!

How Much does it Cost to Put Up Curtains?

So how much does it cost to put up curtains? Picking out curtains aside, you can expect to spend around $1,000 when going about putting your curtains up.

The Rods

The first important thing to consider is the way you will hang your curtains. AKA: the rods. Now, there are actually many different kinds of rods for various different situations and they all have different price points. Here, we'll break these price points down for you.

Traverse Rods

These rods will run you between $20 and $100, but you can generally find a nice median of around $60. Here's a great example:

Rod Desyne Heavy Duty Traverse Rod

Click here to find this on Amazon.

Round Rods

Round rods are the perfect rods for eyelet, panel, and tab-top curtains.  These rods, due to their mostly decorative usefulness, tend to run cheaper than other rods, ranging from $7 to around $30. Here's an example:

Glarks 18 piece Stainless Steel Round Rods:

Click here to find this on Amazon.

Tension Rods

Good for putting up shower curtains, curtains in smaller windows, and curtains in doorways, tension rods a low-hassle and no-drill way to put up curtains. Tension rods will range from $8 to around $22. Here's an affordable example:

AmazonBasics Tension Rod:

Click here to find this on Amazon.


Though it depends on which type of rod you're putting up, the labor cost of putting rods up is going to take up the majority of the expense that comes with putting up curtains. This is dependant on whether or not you hire someone to put the rods up for you (which you should if you don't have the qualifications to do so as installing curtain rods wrong can be very dangerous) as putting them up yourself will be much more cost-efficient, albeit dangerous without proper training.

Hiring a professional, with favorable conditions, will cost a minimum of $400 but should cost no more than $1,200 without a very good reason. Of course, this is just with favorable conditions. Worse conditions will ramp up the cost. Consider seeking out a quote before deciding to take on a contractor to install rods and put your curtains up.

Or, if you want to see some nail-free curtain-hanging options, click here to find a lovely article on that.

We hoped this shed some light on window treatments and made this complicated piece of decor a little easier to handle.

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