How Much Does A Dressing Table Weigh?

If you tend to rearrange your furniture often, it's always a good idea to know how much each piece weighs. The size of what you're moving will determine if you can safely do it on your own or if you need additional support. Should you be considering adding a dressing table to your bedroom or bathroom, we've done extensive research that will assist you. Just how much will a dressing table weigh?

A dressing table's total weight will depend upon the size, style, and what attachments are included. While the average dressing table weighs thirty-five pounds, the weight range is between fifteen and ninety pounds for standard models. 

Now that we know the average weight of a dressing table, we'll cover the significant factors determining how much any particular one weighs. We'll also look at several popular styles that are available. You might also be wondering how you should best organize your dressing table or where is the best place to set one. To see what we've discovered, read ahead in this post.

A white dresser table with small basket containers, a white framed glass mirror, and a wicker chair inside a white bedroom, How Much Does A Dressing Table Weigh?

Popular Styles Of Dressing Tables

As we promised above, we'll give a close look at a few dressing table models that you might enjoy. But before we do, let's discuss what makes the weight range in dressing tables so broad. Of course, the size will be a factor; the bigger something is, the more it will weigh. But what else can make that much of a difference?

The style is critical here. A single pedestal dressing table will weigh much less than the typical double you might be considering. And a fully loaded model with seven drawers will have a lot more weight than a simple style that might not have drawers at all.

An attached mirror will certainly add a lot to the weight of the dressing table. If the model table you're considering has one, it will make it weigh an average of fifteen pounds more than models that do not.

Now that we've discussed the factors that contribute to a dressing table's weight let's look at a few different styles.

Minimalist style

Some of you might be wanting a simple, no-frills model for your dressing table. The model featured here comes with the table only, so you'd have to purchase a stool and mirror separately. Weighing 26.4 pounds, this lightweight table is small enough to be placed almost anywhere in your bedroom or master bathroom. 

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Fully loaded models

For those that require a lot of surface room and a maximum amount of storage space, this model dressing table is highly worth your consideration. Weighing sixty pounds, this dressing table comes with an attached and LED lighted tri fold mirror. The mirror is hooked so that necklaces can be safely stored without worrying about snarls and tangles. A comfortable matching stool is included. 

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How about one that's in between?

Sometimes, you want a design that provides just enough, with maybe a few added frills. This model dressing room has less storage space than the previous model we listed but still comes equipped with a seat and a lighted mirror. This modern style table weighs 54.5 pounds and is more than capable of accommodating the average person's cosmetic needs.

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How much does an average dresser weigh?

As is the case with any piece of furniture, the average weight of a dresser will vary. The size, number of drawers, and material the dresser is constructed from are substantial factors in the difference between a lighter weight model and one you may need assistance to move.

On average, the household dresser will weigh between one hundred and one hundred and fifty pounds. In general, less expensive dressers will weigh substantially less than the average. These are made with cheaper materials, which do not have the weight of the hardwood better quality dressers are constructed from.

Does a dressing table have drawers?  

Most any model dressing table will have at least one drawer underneath the tabletop. While you might find a few extremely minimalistic models, you'll be pleased to know that the vast majority of your options will include copious amounts of storage space.

A single pedestal dressing table will host less drawer space. This type of table will have the sitting area on one side of the tabletop, with the drawers vertically positioned on the other. 

A gorgeous white and gray themed dresser with cloth accent chair

Double-pedestal models tend to have the most storage space. Dressing tables built in this style have the sitting area positioned in the center of the table, with two sets of drawers vertically stacked on either side. There will often be an additional drawer or two that are fit into the underside of the tabletop, just above where your legs would be.

A women's dresser table with a blue ottoman chair, white cabinet dresser, and flowers on top

Having enough drawer space makes a big difference in how you can arrange your dressing table and how easy it will be to use. More drawer space will mean less tabletop clutter and help with your bedroom or bathroom's overall tidy appearance.

How do you organize a dressing table?

Now that you have a dressing table, you might be wondering how you can best organize it? If the dressing table you've purchased doesn't have ample drawer space, you will be happy to know that there are several items you can purchase that will declutter your tabletop.

Makeup caddies

These handy storage units are small enough to fit on the tabletop of your dressing table but spacious enough to store many cosmetics. The ability to arrange and store them will not only declutter your dressing table but also makes things much easier to locate when you're in a hurry.

This model makeup caddy is on a pedestal that rotates 360 degrees. It's lightweight and spacious enough to store cosmetics and accessories.

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Hair tool organizer

Your curling irons and hairbrushes can take up valuable room at your dressing table and will often get in your way if they aren't stored when not in use. Thankfully, there are multiple models of organizers for your hair tools that solve this problem.

This model organizer is designed to not only safely keep your brushes and curling irons out of the way but is also made large enough to hold your blow dryers. 

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Jewelry box

For those who like to keep jewelry close at hand when dressing, we know all too well that these items can quickly and easily clutter the tabletops. Consider adding a jewelry box to keep your jewelry safe and out of the way when not in use.

This model jewelry box has ample drawer space for rings and trinkets. It also has a "T" design that will allow you to safely hang your necklaces and longer bracelets. 

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Where is the best place to put a dressing table?

Dressing tables are small and sleek enough to be placed along any wall in your bedroom. Because of the room available in the master bedroom, this makes it the most common room in the house for its placement. Most model dressing tables will fit near windows or in corners and be adjacent to dressers or other bedroom furniture without disrupting the room's flow.

If you have a master bath that is large enough, this room lends the ideal space for a dressing table. Having dressing tables or vanities centered by a sink makes its use that much more convenient.

In Closing

Dressing tables are lighter-weight pieces of furniture that make storage of a person's cosmetics and accessories readily available. The range of weight for dressing tables is broad, as the styles and attachments account for much of the difference.

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