How Much Does It Cost To Carpet A 12X12 Room?

Installing new carpeting in a room can help bring the room to life. Not only can it make a room look newly remodeled, but it can accentuate its furniture and walls.  But how much does it cost to install carpet in a 12×12 room? You’ve come to the right place for this answer. We’ve researched carpet prices, and in this post, we’ll answer this question for you.

The average price range for new carpet installation for a 12×12-foot room can range from $432 to $1728. This estimate is based on the average cost of carpet, which can range from $3 to $12 per square foot. The labor cost can add another $.50 to $1.50 per square foot to the final price.

Before you install brand new carpet in your home, it’s best to make a budget to determine how much you’re willing to spend. You’ll need to consider the type of carpet you want and whether or not you’re willing to take on this project alone; it can be rather laborious. Continue reading to learn more about the factors that can influence installation costs.

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Factors That Influence Carpet Installation Costs

The cost of carpet installation depends on a few factors. Everything from style, quality, size, and padding can make a huge difference in how much you pay for the carpeting in your home.

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Carpet Type and Quality

Carpets come in several different materials, with some being more durable than others. The most common types include cotton, wool, polyester, nylon, and olefin. You can expect to pay anywhere from $1.50 to $5 more per square foot for nylon carpeting.

And if you have a home with high-traffic areas such as doorways, children’s playrooms, or hallways, this carpet material will be ideal. Polyester is also a budget-friendly material to consider. It can cost anywhere from $1.25 to $3.25 per square foot.

Though it’s not the best material to use in high traffic areas, it is both mildew and mold-resistant and suitable for homes that have inhabitants with allergy issues.

Surprisingly, carpet made from cotton is slightly more expensive than your typical synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester, and it can range anywhere from $5 to $7 per square foot.

Empty pale grey room interior with carpet floor

This all-natural textile is easy to clean and maintain. Olefin is a synthetic material made from polypropylene (recycled plastic).

This carpet material can range anywhere from $1.25 to $3 per square foot, making it another inexpensive option. Many homeowners choose this type of carpet because it is both moisture and fade-resistant and extremely durable.

So you if you have a home with small children, pets or are worried about carpet stains, this may be an excellent way to go.

Room Size

The carpet installation cost will also be determined by the size and shape of the room in which it’ll be installed. The larger the room, the more carpet you’ll need. Carpet typically comes and rolls up to 12-18 feet wide, depending on the material and type that you choose.

Empty room with lavender carpet floor

It’s also recommended that you add 5% to 10% to the total square footage that you’ll need for the padding and carpeting. This will help to cover you in case of damage or incorrect measurements.

Carpet Padding

You’ll also want to consider the square footage of the carpet padding when installing new carpet. This extra padding provides cushion and shock absorption to the area beneath the carpet, making it more comfortable to walk on.

And it also works as an effective sound absorber in rooms with multiple stories. There are specific padding materials recommended for specific carpet types. Generally, the thinner the carpet, the more padding will be recommended.

Urethane foam is the most common type of carpet padding, as it is the cheapest. However, it’s typically recommended for areas where traffic is light.

You can expect to pay about $0.50 to $.70 per square foot for this type of padding. On the other hand, bonded urethane is more expensive and can cost anywhere from $0.75 to $0.90 or more per square foot.

This type of padding is thicker, more durable, and more comfortable. If you want to get super fancy, you can go with heavy-duty padding such as rubber which can cost anywhere from $0.90 to $2 per square foot. This type of padding is often used in commercial and industrial buildings.

Contractors typically charge a little less to install padding (or they include it in the carpet installation cost) than they do the carpet, as the process is the same for the most part.

Is it cheaper to carpet or laminate the floor?

Yes, carpet is cheaper to install than laminate flooring. You expect to pay anywhere from $7 to over $16 per square foot for the laminate floor installation. This is about twice as much as it cost to install carpet flooring. The reason is that carpet is pretty much a cut-and-dry process.

You measure the carpet and padding, install the padding, and then lay down the carpet using a knee kicker. The process for installing a laminate floor is more involved, as you have to work with multiple floor pieces to cover the entire room.

Cutting numerous pieces of laminate to fit the room will take more time than cutting one or two rolls of carpet material.

Find this knee kicker on Amazon.

However, you may save money by installing laminate in the long run, as it will typically last longer than carpet. It is also more durable, as it’s easier to remove various types of stains from laminate than from carpeting.

A laminate floor can last anywhere from 15 to 25 years, while carpets typically last [and look their best] for about five to 10 years on average.

How often should carpet be replaced?

A bonus room in a new construction home

The average carpet will last about 15 to 20 years, some longer or shorter depending on its quality, maintenance, and usage. But if your carpet is due for a replacement, it will show signs of it. Here are the most common signs to look out for.

Stains and smells that won’t go away

Every carpet will endure some level of wear-and-tear. However, if you notice that the carpet is holding a particular smell that won’t go away or has stains that you can’t seem to get rid of, it may be time to chuck it. Older carpets can be harder to clean thoroughly, especially in high-traffic areas.

It’s over ten years old

If the carpet is over ten years old, the chances are that it may be due for a replacement. This is likely the case in medium to high traffic areas such as a staircase or hallway. If you know it is wear and tear, such as ripped seams, loose fibers, in general, discoloration, it may be time to replace the carpet with a new one.

It’s lumpy or uncomfortable to walk on

When the carpet is uncomfortable to walk on or displays random lumps, the padding beneath it has likely become worn due to everyday wear and tear. The chances are that if the padding is bad, the carpet is also in a worn condition.

Remember that carpet padding also absorbs any dirt, spills, or stains that penetrate the carpet. This means that musty odors or old stains can stay around no matter how well you clean the carpet.

Your allergies are getting worse

Another common sign that your carpet needs to be replaced is the worsening of allergy symptoms of anyone in the home. People with sensitivities or allergies to mold, dirt, pet dander, mites, and dust may find that their allergies flare up when they enter rooms covered in older carpets.

Often, a deep cleaning can mitigate allergy symptoms, but in cases where the carpet is beyond saving, a replacement may be necessary.

Do you have to replace padding when replacing carpet?

Cozy bathroom interior with double wooden bed and beige carpet floor

You don’t have to necessarily. However, it is strongly recommended. Generally, when it’s time to replace the carpet, the padding has reached its peak as well.

A common sign that padding has gone bad includes lumpiness, discomfort when walking on the carpet, or difficulty removing smells or odors. If you’re installing new carpeting, it’s always best to start with a clean slate to prevent transferring these issues to it.

Do buyers prefer carpet in bedrooms?

Many real estate agents will tell you that buyers typically prefer hardwood flooring over carpeting. Not only is it easier to maintain, but it generally is more aesthetically pleasing.

Wrapping Things Up

Carpeting can be an inexpensive flooring option depending on the size of the room and the material and type that you choose. If you do replace your carpeting, it’s best to also replace the padding beneath it to prevent issues with previous odors, allergies, and stains.

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