How Much Does Leather Furniture Cost?

Leather furniture can give your rooms that signature look you’re aiming for. Although generally more expensive than other fabrics, leather furniture will also last and wear better. Speaking of it being more expensive, how much does leather furniture actually cost? We’ve gone ahead and done the research to give you a price range for what you can expect to pay when purchasing leather furniture. 

If you’re looking to buy some leather furniture, you should expect to pay between $599 and $7,999 for a furniture piece. This might seem like a wide range in price; however, quite a lot of factors go into this price. Namely, the cost of leather furniture is dependant on the quality of leather, size or type of furniture, and details or features. 

Throughout this post, we will discuss in-depth the factors that affect the cost of leather furniture. We encourage you to continue reading to understand the price points better and answer some other common questions you may have.

A classic luxury leather chair, How Much Does Leather Furniture Cost

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What affects the cost of leather furniture?

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Natural leather upholstery samples with stitching in various colors

Leather Quality

Usually, furniture is upholstered from either of two types of leather. Both are made of cowhide and will achieve the same look aesthetically. Either the furniture is covered in 100% genuine leather or covered in bonded leather. Bonded leather is made by gluing together pieces of leather that fall off during processing. Genuine leather is fairly self-explanatory.

Genuine leather will be smoother and is more durable than bonded leather. Whereas bonded leather can flake off over time, genuine leather will wear more evenly. If you choose genuine leather over bonded leather, you should expect to pay more for that furniture piece. 

When you speak with a furniture dealer ask as many questions as possible. Just because the tag says the furniture is made with genuine leather, does not mean the entire piece is. Armrests and seats may be top-grain leather, while other parts are made with lesser materials. Fully genuine leather costs more and will last longer. 

For more information about leather types, check out our article “9 Types Of Leather Couches By Leather Type.”

Size and Type of Furniture

A leather couch or sectional will cost more than a chair. This is just because it takes more material to make, meaning the furniture takes more leather to cover. In the same vein as this, larger chairs, sofas, loveseat, etc. will all cost more than smaller ones by comparison. If you’re looking to shave off some of the cost, consider buying a smaller version of the piece you are looking at. 

Details and Features

As with any type of furniture, the features on the piece will increase the cost. Power recliners, chargers, and cupholders are a few examples that will increase the cost. You also need to factor in the types of finish and cushions’ internal materials.

In the case of the leather itself, any kind of patterning or logos will also increase costs. This is usually done as a customizing option where a symbol is burned into the leather. Different options like this or dye colors can also affect the overall cost of the piece. 

Does leather furniture wear well?

English leather Chesterfield buttoned backed original old antique leather couch

Leather furniture does wear well. Generally, leather will last four to five times longer than other fabrics. While individual spots may wear due to constantly sitting in one spot, this is natural. You should expect that spot to darken or lighten depending on the dyes used in the processing of the leather. 

If your furniture is cracking or peeling it is not natural leather. Leather does not crack or peel naturally, so this is either because of the finish on the leather or it is bonded. This can usually be repaired with a leather repair kit, and the same is true for small punctures or tears in the leather. 

If you need some information on how to repair your leather furniture, check out our article “How To Repair A Leather Couch [8 Actionable Solutions].”

What company makes the best leather furniture?

Companies that sell leather furniture can be broken down into different levels of quality. Below we will list and group companies based on the quality of the leather on the furniture they sell. Remember that higher quality will lead to higher prices. All information here is taken from the leather experts at Leather Shoppes

Highest Quality:

  • Bradington Young
  • Hancock and Moore
  • American Heritage

Mid-range Quality:

  • Ethan Allen
  • Pottery Barn
  • American Leather


  • Ashley/Millenium
  • La-Z-Boy
  • Franklin

It is important to remember that this is the opinion of the experts at Leather Shoppes and is very general. Each of the brands has its place in the furniture market, and you can get quality furniture from any of them. You can alternatively look at this list as higher to lower prices on leather furniture. Once you’ve decided on your budget, you should use this list to decide where to shop first if the leather quality is an important factor for you. 

For the best quality leather on your furniture, the higher end companies such as Bradington Young will generally use higher quality upholstery. That isn’t to say that lower-end companies such as La-Z-Boy do not use real leather or that they aren’t worth shopping. The average quality of their furniture is simply better at the higher end dealers than the lower end ones. 

Is Ashley Furniture real leather?

Ashley Furniture store exterior and sign

It is possible to get real leather furniture from Ashley Furniture. However, as Ashley Furniture is a lower-end dealer, more of their pieces will be either faux leather or a type of bonded leather. This does not mean that they do not sell real leather, just that the sales they come out with are rarely real leather. The genuine, 100% leather will most likely be the most expensive pieces in their store. 

You should keep in mind though, that Ashley Furniture advertises their DuraBlend upholstery and does not disclose that it is not real leather. This material is actually a blended upholstery that is coated in faux leather and will crack and peel after only a couple of years of use. There is a class-action lawsuit ongoing in California over this false advertising, and it would be wise to avoid any of the pieces made with this DuraBlend. 

How much does a leather La-Z-Boy recliner cost?

Brown reclining leather chair on white background

Recliners from La-Z-Boy can range in price from $299 to $4,000. Overall the price is influenced most by the type of fabric you choose and any features of the chair. Leather chairs will be more expensive than other fabrics. When it comes to features a power recliner, swivel base, heated seat, massagers, and cushion types can all be options on their chairs. The minimum price you should expect to pay for a leather recliner from La-Z-Boy should be around $599, with a mid-range chair sitting around $1,200.

How Much Does Leather Furniture Cost

When you shop for leather furniture you should expect to pay anywhere from $599 to $7,999 per piece. The larger the piece of furniture, the higher the quality of the leather, and the features you want to be included will all increase the price of the piece. After reading this article you should have a good idea of what to expect and what to keep your eye out for to ensure you get the quality piece you’re looking for. 

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