How Much Do New Bathroom Cabinets Cost?

While storage is not the most important function of a bathroom, it adds significant utility and visual appeal. Bathroom cabinets are used for storing linens, toiletries, medical supplies, and more. No bathroom would be complete without them. So you are wondering, how much do new bathroom cabinets cost? Well, in this post, we have gathered ample research to thoroughly answer your question.

The cost of new bathroom cabinets varies significantly based on type and quality. In fact, a single cabinet can cost as little as $30 or as much as $2,500 or more. In general, expect to pay about $175 per square foot of installed cabinet. Common bathroom cabinets, and their average costs, are as follows.

  • Bathroom Vanity: $100 to $1,500
  • Medicine Cabinet: $50 to $500
  • Wall Mount Cabinet: $30 to $350
  • Stand-Alone Cabinet: $50 to $400

Keep reading the rest of this post for detailed sections on each of the above cabinet types and the general cost of new bathroom cabinets. We include a rundown on the added cost of custom cabinetry and the answers to a few related questions.

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Average Cost of Bathroom Cabinets

It is difficult to assign an average cost to new bathroom cabinets. Every bathroom varies significantly in size, style, and design. However, when you start to conceptualize a bathroom remodel or a new bathroom, it is useful to be able to get a general idea of what you can expect to pay.

While this number varies based on local prices and availability, expect to pay about $50 per square foot of mid-grade new cabinet. This price rises to around $100 for high-grade and can be brought to under $25 for the most affordable cabinets. Installation is an extra cost which we cover later.

To measure square feet, just multiple the height and width the new cabinets will occupy. So a 3-foot wide by 3-foot tall cabinet occupies 9-square feet. However, as mentioned in the intro, not all cabinets are created equally. For a more detailed breakdown of what your new cabinets might cost, take the time to identify the specific types of cabinets you want and the count for each type.

Cost, of course, is not the only issue influencing which new bathroom cabinets you choose. For help deciding the general color scheme of your cabinets, read this great article, “Dark Or Light Cabinets In Bathroom? [5 Tips To Keep In Mind].

Bathroom Vanity

The bathroom vanity is the central bathroom cabinet. It houses the main sink or sinks, usually has a cupboard for storage that doubles to cover the plumbing, often includes drawers, sometimes also includes a mirror, a countertop, and lights. This long list of amenities coupled with the vanity size is why you can expect to pay the most for this bathroom cabinet.

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Vanities range from $100 to $2,500 or more. In general, expect to pay something closer to about $700. Naturally, nicer larger cabinets fall on the high end of the cost range while simpler smaller vanities are cheaper. Often, a full-size vanity is the only cabinetry in a bathroom, so be cautious skimping on vanity cost.

Medicine Cabinet

Medicine cabinets are most usually shallow with a mirror on their face. They are designed to hold medicine bottles and other small items. The general cost of medicine cabinets ranges from $50 and up. Usually, these handy additions cost about $150 each.

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Larger, fancier medicine cabinets can cost even more than the averages listed above. In fact, medicine cabinets that include additional features such as interior lights and outlets begin to cost thousands and thousands of dollars.

Wall-Mount Cabinet

Once you have made space for your vanity and medicine cabinet, extra space can be filled with wall-mount cabinets. Wall-mount cabinets include brackets and locations to affix the cabinets to the wall. They come in floor-level and near-ceiling designs.

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Floor-level wall-mount cabinets usually come to about hip height and include countertops. Near-ceiling designs snug up to the top corner of a room and allow for more near floor space. Often, wall-mount cabinets are mounted both along the floor and ceiling to maximize storage space.

Pre-made wall-mount cabinets range in price from $30 to $500, but most often cost around $200. Nicer countertops, hidden-hinges, glass-fronts, nicer wood, and nicer finishes all increase the price of wall-mount cabinets.

Stand-Alone Cabinet

Stand-alone cabinet refers to cabinets that are not installed but rather sit on the floor similar to a piece of furniture. These cabinets are useful additions to bathrooms that run low on storage space. These cabinets range from short and wide to tall and narrow.

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Low-end stand-alone cabinets run as cheap as $50. For stand-alone cabinets with glass fronts, fancy scrollwork, or durable countertops, expect to pay closer to $400 or more. One upside of this type of cabinet is that the installation cost is usually zero or very low.

Additional Cabinet Related Costs

Most cabinets come with all the hardware needed for installing the cabinets to the walls and installing the doors onto the cabinets. However, not all cabinet prices include the necessary countertops, sinks, and mirrors often associated with bathroom cabinets.

Further, the original price often does not include the necessary paint and/or stain needed to finish the cabinets. To avoid any surprises, be very careful and clear when you shop for your bathroom cabinets. It is better to be aware of needed additional supplies and materials than to be caught with extra expenses at the last second.

How much does it cost to install bathroom cabinets?

It might go without saying, but installation costs are important to consider when pricing out new cabinets. These finish-work items are usually on full display. Further, cabinets receive heavy use in the form of constantly opening and closing doors and heavily laden shelves. For these reasons, it is important to make sure they are level and well secured.

Installation costs usually run about $50 to $150 per cabinet. The price varies based on the size of the cabinet and the difficulty of installation. For instance, it is not uncommon for a vanity install to run closer to $1,000. Hiring a professional to paint and/or stain your cabinets will also cost extra. Further, local labor practices and laws usually influence the price of the installation and finish.

If you plan on painting your bathroom cabinets on your own, read this helpful article, “How To Paint Bathroom Cabinets [9 Steps].”

How much are custom bathroom cabinets?

The price of your custom cabinets depends on how lavish and specialized your order. However, custom cabinets usually cost one-and-a-half to three times more than non-custom cabinets. But with all things, you get what you pay for. Custom cabinets usually make for a significantly nicer look and usually last much longer.

Ordering custom cabinets allows you to work with a contractor to produce a product that matches your needs precisely. This means that accommodating unusual spaces or design considerations is possible. Stock cabinets, while cheaper, are much more limited in their options.

Another option is semi-custom cabinets. The production of semi-custom cabinets matches stock cabinets, but special orders with the factory allow you to mix and match styles, shapes, and finishes. These semi-custom cabinets usually only run one-and-a-half to two times more than factory cabinets.

Does Home Depot install bathroom cabinets?

Yes, Home Depot does install bathroom cabinets. In fact, they offer a wide range of bathroom remodel options. However, these vary based on your location. Check out this link to see what is covered by Home Depot in your area, “Home Depot: Bathroom Installation Services.”

How much does it cost to replace bathroom cabinets?

The only difference between replacing and installing new bathroom cabinets is the price of removing the old cabinetry. The added cost for just removing and disposing of the old bathrooms’ cabinets is not significant. Expect to pay $200 to $500 dollars for the removal and disposal of the old cabinets.

This cost does increase significantly if you pairing new cabinets with new plumbing, plumbing fixtures, or other bathroom remodel considerations. Shop around home remodelers in your area to get a sense of what a bathroom remodel or just a cabinet upgrade might cost.

Does IKEA sell bathroom cabinets?

Click here for a stand-alone IKEA bathroom cabinet from Amazon.

Yes, IKEA sells bathroom cabinets. In fact, IKEA sells a wide line of bathroom cabinets and cabinet sets. As an added bonus, they usually pair together vanities, medicine cabinets, and wall mount cabinets. This makes the job of selecting a well-paired set of cabinets easy. Further, IKEA offers many stand-alone cabinets appropriate, providing options appropriate for almost any bathroom.

In Closing

In this post, we have covered the average cost of new cabinets. This includes the average price of cabinets per square foot, average price of common different cabinet types, and the average installation cost. We also answered several questions related to the cost of new cabinets. Good luck!

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