How Much Does A Porch Swing Cost?

The idea of spending lazy weekend afternoons on a porch swing is certainly appealing! A porch swing adds a touch of whimsy and coziness to a home. But how much does a porch swing cost, and is it considered a fixture when selling your home? We've done some research for you and have some great information.

The cost of a porch swing varies depending upon a variety of factors. They range anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. The material of which the swing is made has a heavy bearing on the price and the method used to make the swing. The way your swing is attached to your home will determine whether or not it is considered a fixture.

Now that you know the price range, a porch swing might fall within, let's discuss the details that make all the difference in the prices, as well as what makes the swing a fixture or not. Read on to learn more about porch swings and what to consider when purchasing one.

A front porch swing with throw pillows, How Much Does A Porch Swing Cost?

What Material Is Used to Make the Swing?

Porch swings are made from a variety of materials, from wicker to wood to fabric.


Wicker swings tend to be more affordable. Consider if you want to keep your swing outside all year long or something you would store in the cooler months. Most swings made of wicker are very affordable, costing a few hundred dollars. Although they are covered in a protective resin, they will not withstand the elements and a wooden swing. If you love the look and feel of wicker, be prepared to store this swing in rough weather.

This wicker swing is affordable and comes with the hardware to install the swing:

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Some porch swings are made of a braided and knotted fabric called macrame. Since they are made from fabric, they will, of course, get damp out in the elements. This is something to consider if you live in a wet climate. However, they tend to be extremely affordable and can be quite stylish. As with wicker porch swings, you might want to bring this inside or store them in the cooler months. 

This macrame swing on Amazon is extremely affordable, and it comes with all the fixtures!

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Wooden porch swings come in a wide variety of prices. In general, the more durable the wood, the more expensive the swing will be. The more expensive porch swings are meant to be left out in the elements all year long, and the wood is treated to withstand it. 

Some of the most popular types of woods for porch swings are ash, cedar, cypress, redwood, and pine, although pine does tend to warp over time. However, pine is generally the most affordable type of wood from which a swing is made. 

This swing is made of cedar.

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How is the Swing Made?

The price of a porch swing is going to vary depending on the process of how it was made. If you're buying a handmade swing, the price is naturally going to be more considering the amount of time and attention to detail that went into making the swing. A mass-produced swing is going to be cheaper but might not be as durable. 

The cost of the swing will also depend on where you buy it. Home improvement stores have a wide variety of swings for many different budgets. If you look at a more specialized store, you might pay out more for a brand name.

Additionally, you can save money by going the do-it-yourself route. If you're pretty handy, you can get the supplies to make a porch swing for as low as $150, depending on the type of wood you use. 

Watch this Youtube tutorial to learn more about building your own porch swing:

Is My Porch Swing Considered a Fixture?

Whether or not your swing will be considered a fixture when selling your home depends on various factors. If the swing is not attached to your home in any way, such as on a steel frame, then it is not a fixture. If it is attached to the overhang on your porch, that goes into a gray area.

Generally, if the swing is directly screwed into the porch overhang and you have to use tools to remove it, the potential buyer might consider it a fixture. If it is hanging from hooks and easily removed without tools, it should not be considered a fixture. Keep these ideas in mind when installing your porch swing.

When in doubt, make sure you clarify with your realtor and potential buyers whether or not the swing is included in the sale of your home. This can avoid a lot of confusion and heartache when trying to finalize the sale.

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Can a Porch Support a Swing?

Before purchasing a porch swing, it's important to know if your porch will bear its weight well. 

Most porches have ceiling joists that extend from the house, which supports the roof and the porch. If these joists are at least 2x8 or 4x4, they can safely support the weight of a porch swing. However, if these joists are not in the best place considering where you want the swing to hang, or if they are not big enough, you can install 4x4 beams to support your swing. So, regardless if the porch itself is already set to support your swing, you can make it so with a few improvements. 

What Size is a Porch Swing?

Most standard sizes of porch swings seating more than one person are about 4-5 feet in length and range in depth from 18 inches up. These measurements fit what most people think of when they hear "porch swing." However, wicker and fabric swings tend to be much more narrow and generally support one person at a time. These swings are around 32 inches long, give or take a few inches. 

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What Chain Do You Use for a Porch Swing?

Chains used for porch swings should be made of galvanized steel, which means the chain has been treated with a protective coating to keep it from rusting. Most porch swings will come with the appropriate chain for installation. Some porch swings might come with thick marine-grade rope for longevity. Always ensure the chain or rope you use is durable and well-made.

If your swing didn't come with chains, there are kits available made with porch swings in mind.

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Does Home Depot Carry Porch Swings?

Home Depot is a home improvement store with a variety of products, including porch swings. These swings are available in a variety of styles and prices, perfect for any budget.

View Home Depot's website for the most up to date pricing!

Does Lowe's Have Porch Swings?

Lowe's, like Home Depot, is a big box home improvement store that offers a wide variety of products for the DIY weekend warrior! View Lowe's website for a range of porch swings, which are sure to meet your needs. 

In Closing

Having a nice place to spend your time outdoors doesn't have to cost a lot of money. With such an enormous variety of porch swings out there, you are sure to find the perfect swing for your front porch. Consider the climate in which you live, how many people you want to sit with you, and how you will install your swing when purchasing. Most importantly, enjoy the process!

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