How Much Room Do You Need For A Card Table?

Adding a card table to your home is a great way to have an extra spot for games and puzzles. Card tables are portable and can be folded up and stored in between uses. The lightweight chairs that accompany the table are also foldable and easily set aside in a closet until they're needed again. If you're concerned about not having enough room for a card table set up, you might be asking yourself just how much space you need when one is being used. We carefully examined card table options so that you'll know exactly how much space you'll need.

A standard sized square card table is usually 34 inches by 34 inches but can be as big as 38 inches by 38 inches. This will comfortably accommodate one person per side, for a total of four people. In order for there to be ample room to maneuver in, out, and around a card table, it's recommended that you have a clearance of at least 36 inches between the table's edge and the nearest wall.

Now that you know how much room you need to set up a card table, we'll explore the different types of card tables available. You might also be wondering how much weight a card table can hold or if you're able to purchase a card table from Costco or Home Depot. To see what our findings have shown us, read ahead in this post. 


What are card tables made of? 

If you're curious what card tables are made from, we can answer that! The composition of your card table will depend on what type of card table you've purchased. The ones that can be folded and stored tend to be made with lighter-weight material and covered in vinyl or plastic, while the stationary styles are made with sturdier wood or metal.

Stationary card tables

Stationary card tables are the most sturdy of the two table designs. These are not meant to be stored in-between uses and will be stronger and heavier. A stationary card table is usually constructed of hardwood and has chairs made of matching material.

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Folding card tables

This style of table is most commonly made with lightweight aluminum legs. The tabletop itself will normally be built from cheaper wood or pressboard. Some models are made entirely of plastic, however. No matter the material, the folding card tables are almost always lightweight and meant to be stored in-between uses.

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How much weight can a folding card table hold?

If you're worried about putting too much weight on top of your card table, you'll no doubt want to know what its capacity is. As you can imagine, the amount of weight a card table will hold depends on the table's model. The design is also an important factor in determining how much weight the legs can safely withstand.

Fortunately, the average folding card table will hold at least 100 pounds on it safely. So, if you're using the table as it is intended to be used (for games, puzzles, etc.), then you have nothing to worry about. Sturdier card table designs can withstand weights that far exceed the maximum allowed by the lightweight folding variety. A good wooden, stationary card table will hold more than double the weight of its counterpart.

Before you use your new card table, check the manufacturer's guidelines. They will spell out very clearly just how much weight their particular model can safely hold.

What is the standard size of a bridge table?

Bridge can be played at nearly any table that will comfortably accommodate four individuals. You might have played this game at someone's dining room table, or maybe your host set up a temporary game station by using a folding card table.

Using the spacing guidelines we outlined earlier in this post, you will be able to set up virtually any 34 inch by 34 inch table for a bridge game. Just be mindful of the clearance between the table's edges and the nearest wall, which should be a minimum of 36 inches. This will allow all players to be able to come and go from the game comfortably. 

Does Costco have card tables?

Currently, this retail giant does not sell traditional card tables. However, they do carry a wide variety of lightweight folding chairs that are suited for a card table. Costco also stocks numerous tables that could easily be used to play cards, board games, or working puzzles. 

Does Home Depot have card tables?

You will also be happy to know that your local Home Depot carries several brands of popular card tables. If this retailer doesn't have a physical location close to you, they will sell and ship directly to you from their website.

In Closing

Card tables have been places that friends and families can gather for games, puzzles, and other activities for generations. Their square sizes easily and comfortably accommodate up to four people, making them ideal for many types of card games. While they don't take up much space, you'll want to make certain that your players will have at least 36 inches to work with between the table's edges and the closest wall.

Card tables are made with various materials, the lighter-weight ones being mostly composed of aluminum, plastic, and/or pressboard. Sturdier models will be made of hardwood but won't be made to move around when not used. The traditional chairs for card tables will also be made of different materials but are generally meant to be folded up when not in use.

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