How Much Does A Screen Door Cost? [Price By type of door]

Screen doors are a miraculous home addition; they let all of the good from the outside in while keeping the bad from the outside out. That is to say, you can welcome in the fresh air, sunlight, and a cool breeze without the worry of invading pests or unwanted pets. So, you are wondering - how much does a screen door cost?

Screen doors range from about $15 to over $1,000, with most priced between $100-$200. The exact cost of your door depends on several general factors, centering around type and quality. The most critical factor when choosing a screen door is type. The primary types are:

  • Hinged - $100 and upwards (depending on material)
  • Security - $150-$200 
  • Sliding - $100-$300
  • Retractable - $50-$300
  • Magnetic screen curtain (frameless door) - $10-$30

In this post, we have done our research and thoroughly elaborate on the details of the costs of a screen door. Keep reading for a guide on which screen door is right for your home and budget. We include a rundown on each screen door type as well as installation and measurement tips!

A yellow Victorian porch with green chairs and with an ornate green spring screen door, How Much Does A Screen Door Cost? [Price By type of door]

Types Of Screen Doors And How Much They Cost

Aluminium patio doors overlooking back garden with decking

The primary types of screen doors are hinged, security, sliding, retractable, and magnetic. The prices listed here are generally on the low end of the offered price spectrum.

Don't worry, just because screen doors can be affordable does not mean they will quickly fail. However, as with all things, if you pay more for your screen door, you will likely get a product of better quality and durability. So to shop smart, take the time to look at many screen door options and browse a few stores. 

Read the rest of this section to learn which type of screen door is right for you and the approximate price you should expect to pay for it.

Hinged Screen Door

As the title indicates, a hinged screen door matches the general function of a normal home door. There are hinges attached along one vertical side that allows you to open and close the door. For this reason, hinged doors are appropriate for most normal exterior doors.

The cost of these doors varies greatly, depending on material and construction. If you are on a budget, you can pick up a vinyl or aluminum version for around $100, but if you are looking for something fancy (wood, wrought iron, and/or with a glass panel) you can easily start to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

The lighter, cheaper versions of these doors are relatively simple to install - they screw directly into your existing door-frame. However, if you plan on attempting this project yourself, be warned that you only get one, or maybe two, attempts.

If you hang the screen door, and it isn't level or doesn't allow the main door to function properly, you might want to rehang it. However, since you already tried hanging it once, there will now be useless holes in your door frame. These holes weaken the door frame, are unsightly, and make it difficult to securely reattach the screen door in the correct location.

Security Screen Door

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Security screen doors are almost always hinged but are made of tough construction. Usually of iron or stainless steel, these screen doors are durable enough to stop potential breaking and entering. As such, they are lockable as well.

Despite the added security and tougher construction, these doors can still be picked up for under $200. However, they are more difficult to install correctly. Because of this, only a very handy homeowner should attempt the installation of a security screen door on their own.

Sliding Screen Door

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This type of door is most appropriate for sliding doors and french doors, and they usually cost between $100 and $300. Most sliding glass doors come with a track that fits a screen door. All you have do is purchase the door that properly matches the size of your door frame. We will detail how to make these measurements below.

Installing sliding screen doors for french doors is much more complicated. Sliding screen doors, whether for sliding doors or French doors, come in a wide range of prices based on quality and application. Watch this video for a great how-to: 


Retractable Screen Door

Retractable screen doors are relatively new on the scene, and increasing in popularity. Generally, they range from about $5o-$300. Instead of sliding or opening, these doors scrunch together like an accordion. They can either open from side to side, or from the top down. Their design allows you to fold the door up or over, leaving it almost totally out of your sight and way as needed. 

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Retractable screen doors are relatively easy to install, but as always, do your research first. Since the nature of these doors makes the construction much lighter than for sliding and hinged doors, they are on the cheap end of screen door prices. 

Magnetic Screen 

Magnetic doors are the cheapest screen door option and sell for as low as $10. Rather than requiring a frame, they are essentially a curtain with a set of magnetic clasps that keep the door opening screened off. The advantage of this is that you can walk through it without using your hands, and it will snap closed right behind you. Pets can also use these doors.

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Magnetic screen doors are also easy to install. Most versions require you to clean your door frame and then use the supplied adhesive strips to stick the screen door in place. Further, these doors come in a wide variety of sizes. This makes them applicable to almost all door types, even garage doors.

How Much Does Screen Door Installation Cost?

If you opt to pay a professional to install your screen door, expect to pay between $50 and $100. This price is a typical hourly rate for a handyman. This additional cost encourages most homeowners to install their screen doors themselves. However, if you want to be sure of a neat, long-lasting job, it is worth hiring a professional.

How Do You Measure For A Screen Door?

Each type of screen door requires a different measuring technique. We will go over those strategies here.

Hinged, Security, And French Doors

For these types of doors, you want to use a tape measure to measure the size of the finished opening. As shown, measure in several places both horizontally and vertically. Then buy a door that matches the smallest measurement. Otherwise, it might end up slightly too big.

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Sliding Glass Door

To measure for a screen on a sliding glass door, follow the general rules outlined above (measuring in several places for each dimension and matching the smallest measurement) while following these two additional rules.

First, be sure to insert the tip of your tape measure inside the sliding door track. This applies to both vertical and horizontal measurements. Second, only measure half of the horizontal space, leaving the door room to slide completely out of the opening as needed.

Retractable And Magnetic

Since these types of doors rest outside the doorframe, the measurement does not need to be as precise. Use your tape measure to measure the outside opening of the finished door frame. Measure so that the screen door falls onto the frame by at least 1 inch. Or even better, take a close look at the screen door specification you plan on buying. Then measure to make sure the attachment system fits well.

What Is A Standard-Sized Screen Door?

A standard screen door is usually about 36 inches wide by 80 inches tall. This matches the size of a standard exterior door in the US. However, as doors come in a wide variety of sizes, it is 100% necessary to measure before you buy a screen door.

What Should You Look For When Buying A Screen Door?

When buying a screen door, keep an eye on fit, quality of craftsmanship, type, and look. You want a screen door that not only functions as you need it to but also looks good on your home. To accomplish this, take your time while shopping or even look at some installed doors on your friend's and family's homes. For some great advice on choosing the color, read this post!

Are Screen Doors Necessary?

Whether screen doors are necessary or not is a matter of personal taste. A standard non-screen door provides the essential function of keeping bugs and weather out but does not allow in the fresh air. Due to this, many would argue that the cool pest-free breeze that screen doors afford makes them essential home items. To see how popular screens can be, check out these 18 Enclosed And Screened-In Porch Ideas [Photo Inspiration].

In Closing

Screen doors, depending on style and quality, range in price from about $15 to upwards of $1,000. Most traditional screen doors cost about $200. After reading this post, you should have the tools you need to choose the right screen door for you and to make a wise purchasing decision. Good luck!

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