How Much Does A Shower Pan Cost To Buy And Install?

Remodeling a bathroom shower often involves installing a new shower pan. And while you can perform and complete this project yourself, many homeowners opt to hire a contractor. But how much does it cost to install a new shower pan? And how much do these pans typically cost? We have researched shower pans, and in this post, we will answer these questions for you. 

On average, a brand new shower pan will cost anywhere from $300 to over $1,200. Installation for the pan can range, depending on your bathroom layout and other requirements. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $300 to over $2,000 or more for the insulation. 

Installing a shower pan isn't something that most homeowners choose to themselves, as it requires dealing with plumbing-related components. The last thing anyone homeowner wants is to have water damage due to a leaky or poorly installed shower pan. It may be best to leave this job for the pros, especially if you've never done any plumbing jobs in your home before.

A modern bathroom with shower, How Much Does A Shower Pan Cost To Buy And Install?

The Costs to Purchase And Install Common Shower Pan Materials

Regardless of the type of shower pan that you choose, the installation and preparation process will be the same for the most part. This process involves cleaning, measuring, and leveling the space so that be pan can fit properly. It will also need to be sealed and caulked afterward.

You have to mark the drain hole, remove the old caulk, and install the tile around the shower pan if you have tile walls. Therefore, the prep work time should be considered if you choose to go with a contractor. Today, home contractors typically charge anywhere from $30 to $80 per hour.

Removing an old shower pan and installing a new one can take anywhere from 2-4 hours, depending on your bathroom layout and the type of pan you purchase. Now, let's discuss the average cost to buy various shower pan materials:


An elevated shower base with small tiled flooring with glass walls

There are a couple of ways that you can use tile as a shower pan. You can purchase a tile-ready shower pan or one that has a concrete base. Both systems will typically cost anywhere from $400 to $500 or more. This doesn't include the installation process.


Fiberglass is one of the most popular materials used for shower pans. The main reason is that it's relatively inexpensive, which is typically less than $200. It is easy to install, and it's long-lasting.


Acrylic shower pans are also an inexpensive and durable option, though they typically cost more than fiberglass pans. Expect to pay anywhere from $300 to $400 for acrylic pans.

Installation costs for these pans are similar to fiberglass, as they're also easy to set up. So if you have any home building experience and a simple shower layout, you may be able to install these pans yourself.

Do plumbers install shower pans? 

Shower cabin made of glass with a rain shower

Yes. Plumbers generally install shower pans alone or with other related parts such as shower liners and surrounding tile. However, you'll always want to confirm the extent of the plumber's expertise before hiring them for the job. Sometimes plumbers may charge extra to install surrounding tile and other shower attachments.

If you have a bathroom that has customized fittings or other specific requirements, you can expect the plumber to charge additional labor for these items to fit your shower pan properly.

Are acrylic shower pans durable?

Acrylic shower pans are very durable, which is why it is one of the most popular materials used for shower pans and other shower-related materials. They're also less expensive than materials such as porcelain, steel, and natural stone--though it's typically more costly than fiberglass.

However, the amount of time that they will last will depend on the quality of the acrylic material and the frequency of usage and maintenance of the pan. 

Under normal conditions, an acrylic shower pan can last anywhere from seven to ten years or more if it is well-maintained. Acrylic shower pans are relatively easy to install due to their light weight and slight flexibility.

Another great thing about acrylic is that it is a very resilient material, and it's also corrosion-resistant, so you don't have to worry about it rusting over from excessive moisture exposure. 

These pans are built to last and hold strong through thousands of showers, various shower pressures and endure an onslaught of abrasive soaps and other grooming products. You should always be careful which products you use in your acrylic shower as some can cause the acrylic to turn dull, yellow, and develop other types of stains. 

Cleaning Acrylic Shower Pans

Modern bathroom with shower and bathtub

Understanding the best ways to clean your acrylic shower pan is essential to keeping it brilliant and making it last as long as possible. Note that acrylic is plastic, and certain chemicals can easily damage it.

Abrasive products can easily cause it to slowly develop stains, scratches, and other unsightly damage-and once the damage is done, it can't be undone. Let's look at a few methods that you can use to clean it.   

Use a product that's safe for acrylic surfaces

Products that are safe for acrylic include CLR, Lysol bathroom cleaner, Dawn dish soap, and Formula 409 All-purpose cleaner. These products can clean acrylic shower pans without causing yellow tinting or scratches on their surface.

To clean the shower pan using one of the above solutions, spray the solution on the pan and let the solution sit on the pan to break down any stains--for typically anywhere from five to ten minutes. Next, use a microfiber cloth or soft cleaning cloth to remove the excess cleaner. Scrub away any difficult stains with a soft plastic scrubber.

If the stains are still present, re-apply the solution and let it sit for an additional 10-15 minutes. Never use harsh cleaners such as ammonia or bleach on acrylic surfaces.

Use citrus fruits

Did you know that you can also use everyday citrus fruits such as limes, lemons, and grapefruit to clean your acrylic shower pan? Well, you can. To do this, cut the fruit in half and take out any seeds. Next, sprinkle the fruit juice on the shower and then rub the center of the fruit itself along the surface of the pan.

Let the pulp and juice sit on the pan for about 15-20 minutes so the citric acid can penetrate any hard to remove stains or mold. Next, use a microfiber cloth or scrubber brush to clean off the shower pan and then rinse it off. 

Create your own DIY cleaning products

You can also create your own acrylic-safe products for your shower pan. All you need is a plastic spray bottle and a few ingredients. To clean the shower pan, you can use anything from diluted vinegar, citrus fruit, dish soap, diluted hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda.

A mixture of baking soda and vinegar can help to remove any tough stains from the shower pan, as well as a tablespoon of borax mixed with vinegar (in a 1:3 ratio).

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If you are worried about damaging the shower pan, it's best to do a small test area before applying any new DIY cleaning solution to the entire pan.

How long do fiberglass shower pans last?


On average, a fiberglass shower pan can last around ten years or more if it's maintained properly. One of the great things about fiberglass shower pans is that they are typically less expensive than other materials such as acrylic, natural stone, and metal.

However, fiberglass shower pans are super durable like acrylic, though they are more prone to breakage and cracking. 

Fiberglass shower pans are especially useful in regularly shaped bathrooms or shower areas where customized fittings are needed. On the downside, fiberglass is sensitive to heat and can easily corrode when acidic and abrasive cleaning products are used. 

You can usually use the same cleaners that you use for acrylic surfaces on fiberglass, as they are typically gentle enough to work on both materials. Though, with fiberglass, it's better to avoid harsh scrubbing altogether, as it can easily damage the surface.

What is an Onyx shower pan made of?

Onyx products are made of a combination of polyester resin and alumina-trihydrate crystals. The material is known to be pretty easy to clean and maintain and is highly durable.

Overall, people report that Onyx shower pans are some of the most resilient pans in the marketplace, which explains why they are increasing in popularity for many homeowners.

Is an Onyx shower pan slippery?

Consumers report the Onyx shower pan as having a slip resistance surface similar to that of natural stone. However, if you purchase an Onyx shower pan and are worried about potential fall hazards, it's best to buy a slip-resistant drug or slip-resistant adhesive pads to go on the shower floor. 

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Wrapping Things Up

There are dozens of materials to choose from when it comes to shower pans. However, most people opt for either fiberglass or acrylic because of their low price points, easiness of cleaning, and overall durability. 

It's best to understand how to effectively and gently clean these materials to avoid having them become riddled with stains, scratches, and other damage. If well maintained, you'll be happy to find that a quality acrylic or fiberglass shower pan can last anywhere from seven to ten years or more.

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