How Much Does A Sideboard Weigh?

A sideboard is such a versatile piece of furniture, and it might just be that one piece of furnishing needed to fill an empty spot in your home. With so many sizes and types of sideboards available, you may want to consider the weight of the sideboard if you plan on moving your furniture around regularly. We have done the research to assist you in answering this question. 

The average sideboard weight will vary depending on its size and what type of material it is made from. The average sideboard weighs around 360 pounds, but the weights can vary between 175 and 500 pounds. As you can see, sideboards come in a wide variety of weights. 

Now that you know the average weight of a sideboard, we will explore the different types of sideboards and materials used to make them. While a sideboard was originally designed to be used in a dining room, its versatility has allowed it to be used in many different places in a home. Read on to explore the different varieties and uses of sideboards in your home. 

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What Materials Are Used to Make a Sideboard?

A sideboard is a piece of furniture that can serve many different purposes. Traditionally, it was used in dining rooms to set out food and store china, silver, and linens. This furnishing has evolved and is now used in many areas of a home.

While they're still used in dining rooms, it is not uncommon to see them displayed in living rooms, bedrooms, and home offices. A customary sideboard is typically made of wood, but more modern sideboards can be made of a combination of wood and glass, wood and marble or granite, metal, or even plastic or acrylic. 


Wood is the most common sideboard material. A wood sideboard is a timeless piece of furniture and will never go out of style.

Using wood to make a sideboard will make it a very sound, sturdy, long-lasting piece of furniture. Many different types of wood can be used, the most common types being oak, mahogany, cherry, or walnut.

A 50 inch flat screen TV wall is mounted above a mid century modern teak credenza

You should consider the type of wood used for construction in the piece's weight. A dense wood fiber will make the sideboard heavier than one with a less dense wood fiber.

Wooden sideboards can be extremely simple and sleek with only a couple of storage options or can be very ornate with many drawers and cabinets. It depends on your preference and design style.

Old English mahogany antique dining dresser sideboard serving base with fine carving

Wood and Glass or Wood and Marble

To break up the monotonous look of wood, some designers like to add glass or marle to their sideboards. The glass can be used in the cupboards to show off what is being displayed inside.

Marble or granite materials are added to the sideboard for decorative purposes. Marble and granite are generally more expensive and can be damaged easily. Adding marble or granite to a sideboard will also add more weight, as they are very heavy materials. 


Metal is also a very strong material and is used in making modern-looking sideboards. Iron and steel are two common types of metal used to make sideboards.

Both are easy to keep clean and will also remain in good condition for a long period. Although this look may not be for everyone, it can add a modern touch to your home. 

Plastic or Acrylic

Sideboards made of these materials are not the most common and are harder to find. These will be the sideboards that weigh the least because of the lightweight materials used.

However, acrylic is very easily scratched, so great care needs to be taken when handling and cleaning this sideboard. Plastic or acrylic sideboards tend to be cheaper as well but may not last as long. 

How Do I Use a Sideboard?

As mentioned earlier, sideboards can be used in many different rooms in your house. Some people have different names for a sideboard, such as a buffet or a credenza. You can read more about those differences in the following article "Sideboard Vs. Buffet Vs. Credenza – Everything You Need To Know."

Let's explore the different ways you can use a sideboard in various rooms of your home. 

Dining Room

Sideboards started out being used in dining rooms and are still used there today. They offer so much storage for extra dishes, silverware, table cloths, serving pieces, china, and much more.

Sideboards can even be used in dining rooms as a serving area. These furniture pieces also can be used to showcase and display family heirlooms, photos, fancy china, or anything else you would like to show off.  A sideboard can be the finishing touch to any dining room. 

Lilac color dining room in trendy art deco style with modern furniture

Living Room

This furnishing has no limits when it comes to being used in your living room. Who doesn't want a piece of furniture that adds tons of storage as well as function? Use a sideboard to display your television, store all of the games used for family game night, and hide all of those children's toys you don't want lying around.

It can also be a place to show off a prominent collection you possess or a place to tuck away your blankets and throws. The ideas are endless!


A bedroom can be the perfect location for a sideboard. It tends to be lower than a dresser and can fit under a window more easily while still providing tons of storage and function.

The drawers can be used to store clothing or can be used to store valuable items or even toys. Books, blankets, and clothing could also be stored inside a sideboard. Just like in the living room, there are limitless ideas to using a sideboard in a bedroom. 

Home Office

A sideboard can be a very useful piece of furniture when placed in a home office. Again, sideboards are wonderful to use as storage and, in this setting, can be used to store paperwork, books, and office supplies. A sideboard can also be used as shelving or as a tabletop for a desk lamp or other displayed items. 

How Do You Estimate the Weight of Your Furniture?

Unfortunately, there is no tried and true formula to estimate the weight of your sideboard or another piece of furniture. Furniture made out of different materials will weigh more or less, depending on the material. Furniture made with marble and granite will be much heavier than furniture made of plastic or acrylic.

One method that can be used is to gather two accurate household scales and two pieces of wood. Place the scales at either end of the furniture and place a piece of wood on each scale so the legs of your furniture can rest on the wood.

Position the legs of your furniture on the scales, look at the weights on the scales and add them together to get an estimate on how much that piece of furniture weighs. If the piece of furniture is too large, you should not use the method. 

How Big Should A Sideboard Be?

A sideboard's size is dependent upon the space it is placed. It needs to look proportional to the other pieces of furniture in the same room. 

Typically, a sideboard will be 30-36 inches tall, just a little bit taller than a dining room table. Also, the front-to-back depth is usually between 20-24 inches. This allows enough depth for items to be displayed on the furniture without them falling off.

The length of the sideboard is, again, dependent on where it is being used. The average length for a sideboard is around 60 inches. 

How Much Weight Can A Sideboard Hold?

As you have read, sideboards can be used for a variety of purposes. They are used for storage and to display an assortment of items. The material, thickness, and structure will determine how much weight a sideboard can hold. 

The average amount of weight a  sideboard made of wood can hold is 155 pounds.  Again, this is just an average, and different types of materials and designs will hold more or less weight.


Factors such as materials used and size will play a role in the weight of the sideboard you choose. No matter the weight of the sideboard, know that it can be a very functional and versatile piece of furniture that can be used in many locations in your home. 

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