How Much Space Between Mixtiles?

Mixtiles are great for those who are not keen on screwing in or nailing up wall art.  If you’re one of those who want to try this decor, and you’re wondering how far apart you should space them, you’ve come to the right place. We have researched this question to come up with the answer for you.

When you hang Mixtiles, you should consider leaving one to two inches of space in between them. If you are putting up multiple frames, you want to consistently follow this spacing.

In this post, we will talk about how to properly hang Mixtiles to optimize your walls. We will also discuss the pros and cons of Mixtiles and more. Keep on reading to get further details on this topic.

A collection of art pieces on the wall, How Much Space Between Mixtiles?

How To Arrange And Hang Mixtiles?

Mixtiles are a fantastic way of personalizing your walls. They are convenient because you don’t have to bore holes in the wall to hang your pictures.

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The distance between frames depends on their size. There is no hard rule when it comes to hanging Mixtiles, or wall art, for that matter, but you should try to keep a uniform space of one to two inches between frames.  

The key is to keep a consistent distance in the middle of each frame.

Arranging Mixtiles

Interior of the hall with photo frame on wall

Mixtiles are easy to hang. The difficulty begins with finding a consistent distance and aligning the tiles. You should plan where to put your gallery before doing anything with the tiles. Also, arrangements and layouts depend on how many Mixtiles you’ve ordered.

1. Find An Open Area

Usually, photo galleries are placed in a living room or room that’s spacious enough to display photos. However, there are other places where you can display your Mixtiles as well.

Consider hanging them in a hallway, bedroom, office, or staircase. You can even put them in a dining room or kitchen, depending on the types of pictures you have.

2. Dry Layout The Tiles

Once you have your Mixtiles, lay them out on the floor. Imagine how you’ll arrange them on the wall. You can stick cut-outs on the wall temporarily to get ideas for your arrangement. This will give you a vision of how the frames will look when displayed.

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3. Choose A Suitable Layout For Your Style

There are a lot of ways to arrange the frames on the wall. Here are some design ideas you may want to consider.

You can hang them above the couch. If you have ordered 20 frames, you may want to replicate the layout below. 

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Here’s another design idea for a wall by a staircase.

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Your home office will be filled with good memories with this unconventional layout. Feel free to play around with the arrangement.

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Your guests will enjoy looking at your family photos with this classic arrangement.

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The Mixtiles app offers sample layouts that you can replicate. With Mixtiles, you can get pictures framed in bulk, so you’ll have plenty of frames to fill your walls with different layouts.

Hanging Mixtiles

Woman hanging a frame on a wall

Now that you have found a place to hang the Mixtiles and measured them, it’s time to put them up. This is a fairly easy task, since no drilling or screwing is involved.

1. Wipe the walls before hanging the tiles.

Make sure that the walls are clean for better adhesion. Do not use a wet cloth to wipe the walls, as this may prevent the adhesive sections of the Mixtile from working. 

2. Peel the paper off the adhesive.

The adhesive is a strip at the top of the back section of the tile. It is similar to a double-sided tape. Make sure that you have decided where to put the tile before peeling the paper off the sticky side.

3. Hang The Tile

Place the first tile on the wall and measure the distance from there. Keep a uniform space  of at least one to two inches between each tile.  Use a level to keep the tiles even and straight.

4. Apply Pressure

Press the frame evenly to ensure that it sticks to the wall.

Note that if you need to take a tile down, you can simply lift it off the wall from the bottom to the top. It should come off easily.

Why Should You Try Mixtiles?

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There are several reasons why you should try Mixtiles.

  • No nails needed. You can hang your pictures without using nails or screws, as there are sticky pads at the back of the frame.
  • You can re-stick the tiles. Speaking of the sticky pads, these allow you to remove and re-stick the pictures several times.
  • Easy to install. You just peel the strip off the back and stick the Mixtile to the wall. The tiles are lightweight and will stick to any wall.
  • Print and display your digital gallery. Instead of keeping pictures on your phone or on social media, you print them and put them on display.
  • Reasonable price. Mixtiles are cheaper to buy in sets.
  • You can choose your frames. There are five options: classic, bold, ever, clean, and edge. You can select the one that goes best with the decor in your home.

The disadvantage is that you cannot reuse the frames to change pictures, since they are printed on the tile. Also, Mixtiles only come in one size: 8 x 8 inches.

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How To Pack Mixtiles

Since you didn’t use nails, removing Mixtiles is pretty easy. If you are moving out of your house and  wondering if you can reuse your Mixtiles, the answer is yes—you can reuse them.

That's one of the appealing aspects of Mixtiles. You just have to properly pack them.

When you need to store the tiles, you can use regular kitchen wax paper cut to the proper size. Place a piece of wax paper in between each tile. They should be good as new when you remove the paper.

When it’s time to put them back on the wall, do not use water or cleaning products to wipe the tile. A soft, dry cloth should do the job.

Should The Gallery Take Up The Whole Wall?

Blank wooden square photo frame modern interior design decorated with wood shelf

Artwork and photos add life to your walls. But what is too much when you decorate your wall? Generally, a gallery should occupy 60-75% of open wall space.

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If you plan to hang pictures, artwork, and the like over furniture, consider the width of the furniture. Ideally, the width of the artwork should be 65-85% of the furniture’s width.

What Is The 57 Inches Rule?

When you want to hang pictures or artwork on your wall, you should consider the 57 Inches rule. This rule simply means that the center of the artwork, whether it is a single painting or a gallery wall, should be 57 inches from the floor.

This measurement is considered proportional to the average eye level. Although this rule is not hard-set, it is a good baseline if you are new to putting up wall displays.

Are Gallery Walls In Style?

Gallery walls have been an ongoing trend—one that is still going strong.

Do not be afraid to hang your Mixtiles to create a gallery wall, whether it be in the living room, dining area, or bedroom. This design idea is not dated. It will just strengthen the reflection of your personal style in your house.

Can You Have Two Gallery Walls In One Room?

Gallery picture on the blue wall

To keep your home from looking like an exhibit space, consider creating one gallery wall per room. If you have a lot of photos to display, utilize the different rooms in your house.

It will be better to have a theme per wall to maximize the display.

The Bottom Line

Mixtiles are a good way to display your photography skills. They can also help bring your walls to life. There is really no hard rule for positioning your Mixtiles on a wall, but for balance, consider putting  one to two inches of space in between each tile.

In this post, we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of Mixtiles. We also shared layout ideas, as well has tips on how to arrange your display.

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