How Much Weight Can A Command Strip Hold [Inc. Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large]?

Are you trying to find the appropriate size Command strip for your project but aren't sure where to start? Well, you've come to the right place. We've put together this guide to help you determine which size Command strip you need. 

  1. Small - Up To 4-Pounds
  2. Medium - Up To 12-Pounds
  3. Large - Up To 16-Pounds
  4. Extra Large - Up To 20-Pounds

So do Command strips have weight limits? And what are they easy to remove when you want to change your decor? Keep reading to learn all about Command strips and their alternatives.

Command brand Picture Hanging Strips and Hooks by 3M company on store shelf, How Much Weight Can A Command Strip Hold [Inc. Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large]?

What Are Command Strips?

Command strips are made from plastic and foam with a rubber resin adhesive backing.

To use them, click together a pair of strips, place the desired number on the back of the item to be hung, and then remove the adhesive cover and stick the item to the wall.

The number of strips you need to use will depend on the weight of the item being hung and the size of the strips you're using.

Package of 3M command brand hanging strips

1. Small - Up To 4-Pounds

The small Command strips can hold a maximum of 1 pound for each pair of strips used. Limit the size of the item you're hanging to 8-inches by 10-inch when using small Command strips.

They're an excellent option for small pictures, photographs in light frames, surge protectors, and other small items that need hanging.

Command Picture Hanging Strips In Small

These strips are great for getting small items hung up in a cinch. They're available in packs of 18 or 36 pairs, so you can stock up on enough to handle multiple projects.

Click here to see these strips on Amazon.

2. Medium - Up To 12-Pounds

Command's medium picture hanging strips can handle 3-pounds per pair, so a set of four will hold 12-pounds total. They work great for frames up to 18-inches by 24-inches, but you shouldn't try to go larger. These strips are great for mid-sized pictures and decorations. They can even hold up things like small key racks.

Command Picture Hanging Strips In Medium

These strips can tackle more challenging projects than the smaller version, making them an excellent choice for most hanging projects. This set includes 24 pairs of strips, so you can keep some on hand for the next project. 

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3. Large - Up To 16-Pounds

Each large Command strip can hold 4-pounds, so four pairs used together will support a total of 16-pounds. They have a maximum dimensional limit of 24-inches by 36-inches for hanging large pieces.

These strips are excellent for large or heavy projects like wooden picture frames. 

Command Picture Hanging Strips In Large

These large Command strips come in black to blend in easier with dark walls and backgrounds. They come in a pack of 14 pairs, so you can get plenty done.

Click here to take a look at these strips on Amazon.

4. Extra Large - Up To 20-Pounds

Command's extra large picture hanging strips can hold up to 5-pounds for each pair of strips, for a total of 20-pounds with a four-pair configuration.

The maximum recommended dimensions of items hung with extra large strips is 24-inches by 36-inches.

These strips are perfect for extra-heavy frames and other decorations that require a strong hold. 

Command Picture Hanging Strips In Extra-Large

These extra-large hanging strips are great for heavy items like mirrors. They're available in packs of ten or twenty pairs to fit your needs.

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Unopened pack of 3M picture hanging strips

Can More Command Strips Hold More Weight?

It's not recommended to use more than four command strips per project to support more weight than the product recommends.

This can result in falling decor, which has the potential to cause injury when it comes down. While it wouldn't hurt to use an extra strip for superior hold, never exceed the recommended weight limit of your product.

Why Do My Command Strips Keep Falling? 

Ensure the item you're trying to hang isn't heavier than the product's recommended weight limit. If the item's weight fits inside the product's limit, it could be debris on the wall preventing the adhesive from sticking well.

Use rubbing alcohol to clean the area on the wall and allow it to air dry completely before trying again.

Do I Have To Wait 1 Hour For Command Strips?

After applying our Command strips, you should wait an hour for the strips to adhere properly before you hang the item on the wall.

The adhesive needs time to create a strong bond to the surfaces; otherwise, they may not hold for long. Command recommends waiting at least an hour after you apply the strips before hanging your item.

Do Command Strips Peel Off Paint?

Command strips that aren't carefully removed risk the chance of damaging wall paint, mainly on painted drywall.

You can avoid this by heating the strip with a hair dryer before pulling it off. After heating it, you can use a scraper, a piece of string, or even dental floss to separate the strip from the wall gently.

You can easily avoid damage if you use care when removing your command strips. 

Will Command Strips Damage Wood?

It's very unlikely that Command strips would damage the wood. If the wood is painted, the strips could remove some paint when pulled off hastily, but you can easily avoid any damage when removed with care.

If the Command strip leaves a sticky residue behind on the wood, just use an adhesive remover like Goo Gone to clean it off.

Goo Gone Adhesive Remover

This bottle of Goo Gone is the perfect way to remove sticky glue and adhesive residues left behind by Command strips. A little goes a long way, so this 8-ounce bottle is enough to clean up after multiple projects.

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a man choosing a command strip hanging on a shelves of a store

Can You Use Command Strips To Anchor Furniture?

Yes, Command strips have been successfully used to anchor furniture for a little extra security.

Avoid using them for extremely heavy furniture, but for lighter pieces that aren't too top-heavy, they can be a quick and easy way to keep things in place.

Try to follow the same weight guidelines for the Command strips when using them to secure furniture.

Can You Use Command Strips To Hang Floating Shelves?

Yes, Command strips can be used to hang floating shelves if the shelves aren't too heavy.

You should also avoid putting heavy items on the shelves that could compromise the hold of the Command strips.

Lightweight objects like small photo frames can be displayed on shelves hung with Command strips.

How Do You Repair Walls After Removing Command Strips?

If you removed your Command strips and notice some damage afterward, it can be very easy to fix. Start by filling in any holes in the wall with some putty and give it time to dry completely.

Sand the putty down to create a smooth, even surface, then paint the area to match the rest of the wall for a quick, seamless fix.

How Long Do Command Strips Last?

a man choosing a command strip hanging on a shelves of a store

Command strips will generally adhere to a surface for a minimum of two years before they lose their bond and let go of the surface. This can be prevented by maintaining a stable temperature and humidity level in your home.

You can also be proactive and replace your Command strips every two years to ensure your pictures and decor don't start falling off the walls.

Can Command Strips Hold A TV?

While some TVs may fit inside the recommended weight limit for Command strips, it's still not recommended to hang a TV with these products.

Televisions throw a decent amount of heat when they're operating, and this heat will cause the adhesive to loosen, which can result in your TV falling from the wall.

Even if the TV is hung at a low height, even a minor fall can cause detrimental damage to the device.

Can You Hang A Mirror With Command Strips?

Yes, if the mirror fits inside the weight guidelines set for Command strips, it will hold the mirror up just fine.

Avoid trying to hang very heavy mirrors with Command strips since they are more likely to break if they give out.

If the mirror is an antique or holds value, you may want to choose a more trustworthy hanging method, like nails or screws.  

In Conclusion

Command brand Picture Hanging Strips and Hooks by 3M company on store shelf

Now that you know all about Command strips, their weight restrictions, and how to use them, you're ready to choose the product that's right for you.

Don't forget to allow them the appropriate amount of time to adhere before hanging your items. Have fun decorating your walls, and enjoy your refreshed space!

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