How Much Weight Can A Console Table Hold?

The modern home will have a wide variety of tables; some used for dining, others for accenting your living room, and a few might be used for displaying decor. A popular display table is the console table. Their narrow build makes them able to be placed against almost any wall without obstructing the room's traffic flow. If you're considering purchasing a console table for your home, you will probably want to know how to style it and how much weight it can hold. We've researched dozens of popular styles of console tables to determine how much weight they hold, so you can decorate with peace of mind.

The weight a console table can hold ranges from 10 pounds to 400 pounds. The amount of weight you can safely place on a narrow console table depends on several variables, such as:

  • the size of the table,
  • the table's material and build, and 
  • whether or not the table is securely fastened to a wall.

We've separated our findings by weight class to make it easier to help you narrow down which console table to select. Keep reading this post, and we'll answer some additional questions you might have about these tables. What are console tables used for? How big should a mirror be that's placed above a console table? What's the best way to style a console table? Read ahead and discover what we've found out!

A wooden console table with metal chairs, a black framed picture frame and an indoor plant on the side, How Much Weight Can A Console Table Hold

Popular brands of console tables

Heavy-duty console tables

A popular brand of a console table, the Bon Augure Industrial model, is perfect for displaying heavier items. Made from steel frame and oak, it will hold up to 300 pounds of weight. 

You can view the Bon Augure Industrial console on Amazon by clicking here.

Another industrial model is Fatorri, which can support up to 500 pounds. While boasting a narrow design, this console table's steel frame is built and positioned perfectly to hold excessive amounts of weight. 

If you'd like to see the Fatorri Industrial console table on Amazon, click here.

Medium capacity console tables

Convenience Concepts Florence console tables come in a variety of colors to choose from. These two shelf models fit nicely in an entryway but have the weight capacity to work as a place to set your flat-screen television. This table can safely hold over 100 pounds.

You can find the Convenience Concepts console table on Amazon by clicking here.

The Giantex console table is also available in assorted colors but has a lesser weight capacity. It's taller and wider design means that it can only safely hold 55 pounds, distributed among its long top shelf and shorter bottom shelf.

To view the Giantex console table on Amazon, click here.

Light-weight console tables

The VASAGLE console table's industrial look will accentuate any rustic wooden frames you might display on it or repurposed mirrors hung above it. It's small but sturdy. It will hold up to 66 pounds of weight on the tabletop and 22 pounds on the bottom grid shelf.

To view the VASAGLE console table on Amazon, click here.

The Sauder North Avenue Sofa Table has a minimalist look and is a one shelf unit. Its taller legs make it perfect for accenting this table with items placed underneath it. This model has a maximum weight capacity of 40 pounds.

If you would like to view the Sauder North Avenue sofa table on Amazon, click here.

What is a console table used for?

Since they were first introduced in France during the seventeenth century, the console table's styles and uses have evolved. Originally supported by wall brackets, this table has been engineered to be free standing. 

Console tables have multiple uses. The narrow and sleek designs that are the signature appearance of this furniture piece allow it to be placed in the most narrow areas of your home or office. They are commonly seen in entryways, foyers, and hallways. Many employ these pieces to hold a variety of items; family photos, visual art pieces, antiques, and vases are just some of the items you'll see displayed on console tables in the home.

Wooden console table with books and indoor plants inside

These tables are also great for placing various plants, should you put the console table adjacent to a sunlit window.

A black mock up picture frame placed on top of a wooden table with a small table and plant on the side

Console tables are also a popular piece to set some models of televisions upon. Newer television sets are much thinner than the ones from a decade ago, and these tables are the perfect place to set your flat screen. Model console tables that have cabinet space underneath are the most ideal for televisions, as you'll find plenty of room for the storage of your blue ray players, gaming systems and controllers, and various other devices that add to clutter if they are out in the open.

A white TV wall unit with a flat screen TV on it inside a luxurious modern contemporary living room

How do you style a console table?

Console tables can be styled in various ways. But no matter how you style it, you'll want it to be a representation of you. This is a great way to show your own interests and loves by adding some great flair to it.

Focal Piece

Begin by selecting your main focal point. This piece should be centered on or above the top shelf and will be the largest item. A large vase, a framed work of art, a decorative mirror, a family portrait, or anything you would like to be the center that will immediately grab the attention of anyone nearby.

Add Height

Next, add some height to the table. Place some vases you like on the ends, and make them taller by arranging some fresh flowers in them. Adding any kind of greenery to your console table makes it seem alive and vibrant.

Go Below

Don't be afraid to display beneath the table. Models that are single top shelf only will have a lot of space underneath. This might be a great place for a wicker basket full of decorative pillows, a small bench, or a shoe tree. Utilize this otherwise dead space to make your console table an even bigger focal point in the room you place it in.

Balanced Decor

Balance the look of your table by placing smaller items on the shelf, evenly spaced apart. Your favorite hardbound editions of books look great, as do smaller vases or figurines.

Think Versatility

You can effectively style your console table no matter what room it's in or how you're using it. Should you have it in a living room or rec room, consider placing your flat screen television on it. Balance the look by adding photos on either side of the television screen. And if there's room underneath the top shelf, think about some ways you could arrange and display your Blu-ray discs or your child's video game units.

The possibilities are seemingly endless when it comes to styling a console table. No matter how you choose to style yours, make it be an extension of you and your interests.

A ladies bedroom with a white vintage styled boudoir table with a mirror on top

How big should a mirror be over a console table?

Ideally, a mirror above a console table would be used as its main focal point. So you want the mirror to be large but not so large that its diameter exceeds the width of the console table itself. Generally speaking, you might consider having a mirror that leaves ten percent of the console table's length outside of the mirror's diameter on either side. Use that space to add some vases or photos, or stack some of your favorite hardbound novels on each side, filling in the space between them with other smaller pieces of decor representing you and your family.

A gorgeous modern contemporary living room with a gray wall a console table and a round mirror

In Conclusion

Console tables are a great addition to almost any room in your home and can carry up to five hundred pounds of weight upon them, depending on the model you select. These pieces have multiple uses but are primarily used to display decorative items. Styling one can be a lot of fun, especially if you make it an extension of your family's interests.

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