How Much Weight Can A Papasan Chair Hold?

Papasan chairs are great seats that you can add to your room, but some people have asked how much weight these chairs can hold. It's a question that doesn't get asked quite often, so we've looked into it, and we've researched the weight limits a Papasan chair can hold. 

Typically wide and angled, a Papasan chair is a bowl-shaped chair that exudes a '70s vibe to any room. Often, these chairs are made with rattan and have a cushion on top. Papasan chairs are known to be very sturdy and stable seating options for a room. These chairs can hold weights of between 200 to 300 pounds.

Adding a Papasan chair to your room is a great way to add a functional accent piece. In this post, we're sharing with you the weight limits of a Papasan chair, as well as the benefits of getting yourself one. Keep scrolling because we will also talk about Mamasan chairs and if they are ideal to use in your space.

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How Much Weight Can A Papasan Chair Hold?

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A Papasan chair, or what others might call a bowl or moon chair (among many other names) is a circular bowl-shaped, cushioned chair that looks very much at home with a '70s-style vibe. Commonly made with wicker or rattan, Papasan chairs are incredibly lightweight,yet surprisingly very sturdy and durable.

Papasan chairs are very comfortable to sit on used in both indoor and outdoor settings. The bowl-shaped seat is perfect if you are looking for a chair that is casual to sit on and can be moved to any place in the house. 

Since Papasan chairs are made of wicker or rattan, they can carry weights ranging from 200 to 300 pounds. A good and well-woven Papasan chair can hold this weight because of the durability that the materials offer. Rattan and wicker are also quite flexible, which gives them the ability to carry weights like this without breaking.

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Where Did The Papasan Chair Come From?

The Papasan chair has a long history of where and when this beloved piece of furniture has gained its popularity and name. At some point in time, nearly all homes had this comfortable-looking chair, even if they didn't really know what to call it.

Papasan chairs are very popular in Asia, and it is still a widely popular piece of furniture in several Asian countries even to this time. According to some "historical" legends, Papasan chairs came to the U.S. when military men would bring the chairs as gifts to their wives. This bowl-like chair started the contemporary military or military chic style in homes. 

Early references to the term "papasan" were heard during the '70s. In 1974, an advertisement in the Philippines used the term to promote these chairs, which is probably where the globally-renowned chair got its name recalled. However, the name Papasan didn't originate from the Philippines, as it was already coined beforehand.

According to John Kelly, the term "papasan" came from the English word papa for father, combined with the suffix, -san, which is used as an honorific title in the Japanese language. While it is the original meaning of where the chair's name comes from, it is also quite ironic that it fits the language where the chair got popularized.

In the Filipino language, pasan means to carry on one's back. Papasan chairs are known to have durability and strength as a chair because they can carry heavy loads despite the chair's lightweight construction. With the sturdiness of the Papasan chair, the place where the chair got one of its early references fits its history perfectly.

The design of the Papasan chairs has evolved throughout the years. However, even the newer designs still retain the basic structure of the Papasan chair, which includes a wide base and a smaller circle that carries the seat itself. Some Papasan chairs are purely made of rattan or wicker, while the most common ones that you will see add a thick, fluffy cushion on top.

Pros and Cons of a Papasan Chair

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As we all know, Papasan chairs are incredibly comfortable, thanks to the seat's shape. It's nice to sit and curl up on a Papasan chair while reading a book or simply to recline and rest comfortably. However, some people who haven't tried to sit on a Papasan chair are a little wary, so we've come up with the pros and cons of using a Papasan chair.


The material that most Papasan chairs use is rattan or wicker, and these materials are very durable. You can use your Papasan chairs indoors or outdoors because of the materials used for the chairs. Wicker and rattan used for furniture making are sealed and coated in waterproofing to help maintain their durability throughout the years.

One of the disadvantages of Papasan chairs is that it needs to have a good weave for them to be durable. Badly woven Papasan chairs have the tendency to loosen over time, and the structural integrity of the chair is compromised. Make sure to choose your Papasan chairs and check the weaving to see if they are tight and secure.


Papasan chairs are typically bowl-shaped, and if you've ever seen a cat curl up in one, you could probably imagine how comfortable it is to sit on this chair. The cushion on a Papasan chair is usually large and thick, and the shape of the furniture itself encourages people to tuck their legs and curl up into the seat. It's a comfortable position you don't want to get out of.

Unfortunately, sitting on a Papasan can be uncomfortable for some people, especially if they want to get up. The bowl-shaped structure of the chair means that your bottom is a little lower than your legs, so you have to push yourself up using your hands. It can also be a little difficult for those with shorter legs because your feet don't touch the ground while seated.


One of the best things about the Papasan chair is its versatility and ability to be restyled to fit your interiors. Despite the style looking like it was taken right out of a '70s living room, Papasan chairs can still integrate themselves into a contemporary or modern-designed interior.

The cushions of a Papasan chair are also removable, which makes it easier for a lot of interior designers to customize these chairs. You can pick and choose the material you prefer for the cushions, depending on the comfort and style that you are looking for.

Why not drape a throw over the Papasan chair to add warmth to your seat and maybe a little style!


Some people find the Papasan chair very stable, thanks to the furniture design. A Papasan chair usually has a wide circle as its base and a smaller circle at the top, which carries the bowl-like seat of the chair. To keep the stability of the chair, it is important to center the frame to the base.

The hard part about sitting on the Papasan chair is that leaning off to the side or twisting may cause the chair to fall over. The chair's design isn't meant to have people moving from the side, so it's important that you only get in and out of it forwards, and not tilted towards the side. 

What Is A Mamasan Chair?

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Papasan chairs are made to seat one person in them comfortably, although kids and some people still find it comfortable even if two people are seated in them. However, if you are looking for a chair of the same structure but can comfortably and safely seat two people together, then this is what you are looking for. 

Mamasan chairs are generally the loveseat version of the Papasan chairs. They are wider and longer, and they have more of an oblong or elongated-shaped cushion. Because of their wider appearance, Mamasan chairs can also be used as an alternative to sofas, especially in small spaces.

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Final Thoughts

Stylish room interior with tropical leaves and papasan chair

Have fun including the Papasan chair in your new interiors and discover how comfortable these chairs are. Don't be fooled by its old '70s-like vibe—these chairs can definitely take their place even in a modern-inspired setting. If you find that you want a bigger seat, you could also get a Mamasan chair and curl up comfortably with someone special. 

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