How Much Weight Can A Shower Bench Hold?

The bathroom is where nearly 80% of accidents in the home occur. Many of these are slip and fall-related injuries that occur when someone is showering or getting into and out of the bathtub. These sometimes fatal accidents happen to people of all ages, with the elderly and those with physical disabilities more prone. If you're considering placing a shower seat in your tub to help avoid risk, you might be wondering how much weight one of these benches can hold. We've researched dozens of popular brands of shower benches and seats to answer this question for you.

A shower bench can hold a weight range of 200 pounds to 500 pounds, depending upon the model that you select. There are numerous styles to choose from, all of which have different features. Choosing the right shower seat should be based not just on its weight capacity but also on the features that you require of it. 

Getting the brand of shower bench or seat that will hold your weight is critical for avoiding additional shower accidents. Imagine falling from the very device you chose because you exceeded the weight and made it collapse! We've listed maximum weight capacities in this post of various brands of shower benches. We also answer other reasons why people have seats in their showers, how big your shower has to be to install a shower bench, and more! Keep reading to find the answers we've discovered.

A decorative tiled bathroom with a wooden bench and metal frames, How Much Weight Can A Shower Bench Hold?

Popular brand shower seats and benches and their weight capacities

There are scores of shower seat models on the market today. With the Baby Boomer generation aged over sixty, there's been a significant uptick in the need for home medical devices, and shower seats and benches are on the shortlist of things that older Americans are installing in their home showers and baths. Below are some of the more popular models, including weight capacities. We've separated them by wall-mounted models and freestanding, removable ones.

Wall-mounted shower benches and seats

Giantex Teakwood Folding Shower Seat has a weight capacity of 220 pounds. It is an affordable, space-saving solution to add comfort and safety to your shower.

To view the Teakwood Folder Shower Seat on Amazon, you can click here.

ASI Stainless Steel Corner Shower Seat has a corrosive resistant finish and is extremely durable and easy to clean. This model has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds. This is a mid-range priced model, in terms of installed shower benches. 

To view this Corner Surface mounted seat on Amazon, you can click here. 

The BOCCHI Folding Phenolic Shower Seat is another folding model that is made of stainless steel with an oak seat. This model has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds. Durable and stylish, this is a pricy model but worth the overall look and space-saving foldability.

To see the BOCCI Folding Phenolic Shower Seat on Amazon, click here.

Free-standing shower seats and benches

The Drive Medical Safety Shower Seat is lightweight, durable, and easy to clean. This removable seat is backless, has a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds. Very affordable, this is simple solution to the need for a seat without an installation. 

To view the Drive Medical Safety Shower Seat on Amazon, click here.

The Medline Shower Chair is a full support removable shower seat, complete with padded backs and arms. This model has a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds. Another affordable option for portable shower seating.

If you would like to view the Medline Shower Chair on Amazon, you can click here.

Why have a seat in the shower?

Having a seat in the shower meets several needs, but they were originally mass-marketed for safety reasons. Whether you're transporting a person in and out of the shower as their caregiver, or you need a seat to shower yourself with ease, these devices make showering much safer. As earlier stated in this post, most household accidents happen in the bathroom, and a good chunk of those are shower and bathtub related. Having a shower seat greatly reduces the risks of a slip and fall.

Imagine how difficult it could be to remove yourself or someone else from a sitting position from the floor of a tub or shower. It places incredible strain on the person's limbs trying to lift themselves, not to mention the unnecessary strain of any caregiver. Elderly individuals and those who might have a physical disability would have a much more difficult time with this routine task. The shower seats have been a great addition to their lives, as it helps greatly with this activity of daily living.

And, let's face it. Sometimes you've just had a really long and exhausting day and would just like to soak in a running shower until the hot water runs out. Having a shower seat or bench can add comfort to your relaxing routine at the end of the day.

How big should a shower be to add a bench?

Building codes require that showers should be at least 30 inches by 30 inches. So long as your shower is at least this big, you shouldn't have any issues finding a model that will fit nicely into it.

Keep in mind that some model shower benches are larger and will require more than the minimum space allotted by the International Residential Code. You'll want to make absolutely certain that the bench you select won't be too big for your shower. Take exact measurements before you begin narrowing down what model shower bench you'd like.

A wooden shower bench with a folded towel on top inside a tiled bathroom

Where should a shower seat be placed?

Where you place your shower seat depends on why you are using one. If you're using it for lack of mobility reasons, or if you're a caregiver, then you'll want it to face the shower head but back enough so that streaming water doesn't constantly hit the person seated in the face. Having an adjustable shower head with a retractable shower hose will always work best in this situation.

But if the reason for your shower seat is for relaxing, you can place it almost anywhere. If you are installing one into the shower wall, it will need to be attached to the studs in the walls. But other than that, you'll be able to place it anywhere you think you'll be most comfortable. The most popular place is at the back of the shower, away from the showerhead. Shower kits that come with benches already built-in will often have the benches either on the sidewalls of the shower or near the back.

A stone tiled bathroom with a glass walled shower area

In Conclusion

Shower seats are used for several reasons, but it's the elderly and those with certain disabilities that use them the most. You can find a shower seat for any shower size in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors. Knowing where to safely place your shower bench will help you or the person you're caring for avoid slip and falls, as well as helping to make showering as comfortable as possible.

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