How To Remove Blinds With Metal Brackets

Blinds are great when you want privacy, but they can cause a lot of trouble when you need to remove them. If you’ve never done it before, guesswork might be a losing proposition. So, we looked into the best method for removing blinds with metal brackets from DIY authorities.

To remove horizontal blinds with metal brackets:

  1. Locate and unlatch the plastic brackets that are holding the blind cover in place.
  2. Remove the blind cover.
  3. Use a flathead screwdriver to disengage the tabs of the metal brackets on both ends of the blind.
  4. Raise the blind all the way up and slide it out of the metal brackets.

To remove vertical blinds with metal brackets:

  1. Position the vanes so that they’ll be halfway open.
  2. Remove each of the vanes by pushing it upwards, opening the clip, and gently twisting it out.
  3. Locate the metal brackets. You should find one bracket somewhere near each side of the blind.
  4. Loosen the spring clip using a flathead screwdriver. Insert it and gently twist and turn it until the clip disengages. 

Blinds can be tricky to remove if you don’t know what type of blind you have. Still, it takes more than just identifying blinds to remove them successfully. So, we encourage you to check out our full article on how to remove blinds for additional tips. Read on!

Close-up of a woman's hands holding blinds, a woman removes white plastic blinds from a wooden ceiling - How To Remove Blinds With Metal Brackets

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Removing Horizontal Blinds with Metal Brackets – What to Do?

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In most cases, it’s easier to remove the horizontal blinds from their metal brackets than to try removing the metal brackets alone.

To remove the horizontal blinds, slide the horizontal blinds out from the metal bracket after you have removed the blind cover. It’s that simple.

Removing the metal brackets is a different story, though. The problem is that they are usually screwed into the window frame and can’t be removed without using a power drill.

The best way to remove the metal brackets is to first identify what kind of threaded fasteners they’re using. This way, you will know what type of screwdriver or hex bit socket to use to remove them.

Watch the video below to see how it’s done:

Removing Vertical Blinds with Metal Brackets – What to Do?

Vertical blinds can be tricky to remove. This is because they are secured by metal brackets that are hard to access. However, it will be easy to dislodge the blind once you’ve found them.

Also, the removal of the vanes is the most boring and time-consuming part of the process. Unlike horizontal blinds where you can simply raise the vanes up and slide the blind out, you must remove the vanes of vertical blinds one at a time.

This is because the vanes will be an inconvenience once you get to the next step of locating the metal brackets behind the track. 

Watch how the removal of vertical blinds work:

Disclaimer: Since all blinds are different, some steps outlined here may not apply to other types of blinds.

It is highly recommended that you first check what type of blind you have before following the steps outlined here. You may have some hidden screws elsewhere that you need to remove.

Reinstalling Your Blinds

You can reinstall your blinds by simply following the steps in reverse order. It doesn’t get any simpler than this! Just keep small parts like the screws and the plastic brackets for the valance in one place. Then, you can easily access them when reinstalling the blinds.

How Do You Raise and Lower Blinds with a Faulty Cord?

Black and white macro image of a closed Venetian blind segment showing pull cord tassels.

Blinds can be a pain to open or close. The problem usually comes down to getting the blind cords to reach the correct point.

The first step is to check the hardware and see if there is anything that needs adjusting. If there is, it’s a good idea to adjust the tension of the cords to get them to the right point.

But if the cords are already in the right spot, there are a few things that you can do to make it easier.

First, try to get the cord to move a little. If the cord is tight, it’s likely that it’s binding up. If it’s loose, it’s possible that the end of the cord is caught on something.

If it’s stuck on something, you can try using a pair of needle-nose pliers to work the cord around the obstruction. It’s also possible to use a flathead screwdriver to pry the obstruction away.

You can also try turning the cord a little bit. If the cord is in the wrong direction, you can try turning it the other way.

Another option is to use a stick or dowel to help guide the cord. You can slide the stick or dowel through the hole in the track and then push the cord through the hole.

Alternatively, if you’re tired of reaching for the cord every time you want to raise or lower your blinds, you can install a remote-controlled blinds system. You can choose from a variety of brands and styles to fit your needs.

A remote-control system is installed in the window frame and tracks across the window, allowing you to control the blinds from anywhere in the room. To operate the blinds, a small motor lifts and lowers the slats.

Adjusting the white blinds in height use a cord

How Do You Raise and Lower Blinds With No Cord?

Raising and lowering blinds is often a simple task, but it can sometimes require a little bit of effort. And while most blinds have cords that allow you to raise and lower them, there are times when the cord is either broken or missing. 

If you have a blind installation that requires you to raise and lower the blinds manually, use this simple step – pick up the bottom rail of the blinds and pull it down. To raise the blinds, simply reverse the process. 

Top 3 Socket and Drill Bit Set

If you have ever encountered a tough screw to remove, you know how important a quality socket set is. Whether it’s for DIY home improvement projects or automotive work, you’ll need one of these sets to get the job done.

So, what are the top 3 general-purpose socket drill bits you should consider adding to your arsenal? We did some research and found the best ones for the job.

1. Kingtool Screwdriver and Drill Bit Set

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This set also comes in a handy carry case for safe storage and transport. Each socket and bit is coded for easy identification, so you won’t get confused about which socket and bit to use.

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2. Wulfpowerpro Screwdriver and Drill Bit Set

A must-have for all DIY enthusiasts, Wulfpower Pro drill bits are made of high-grade carbon alloy steel and labeled for easy identification. The package includes 208 pieces of drill bit goodness in different sizes.

This set of drill bits is perfect for DIY projects and home improvement. The included carrying case comes in handy, keeping the drill bits safe and protected.

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3. Black Decker Screwdriver and Drill Bit Set

Black Decker’s drill bit set is engineered for durability and convenience. Featuring premium alloy steel construction, it’s built to last and is ideal for any DIY project. The bits are super easy to use.

Simply insert the bit into the drill chuck and you’re good to go. Each socket is hardened to ensure a precision fit and a tight grip. The bits have a design that ensures they can withstand the toughest job.

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In Closing

Close-up of a woman's hands holding blinds, a woman removes white plastic blinds from a wooden ceiling.

Removing blinds with metal brackets is not as difficult as it sounds, but certainly is overwhelming if you haven’t tried it before. Now that you know how to remove the blinds with confidence, you can do so whenever you want! 

We hope this article helped you and that you learned something new today. If you know of other methods to remove blinds with metal brackets, leave us a comment to let us know.

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