How Tall And Wide Should A Bedside Table Be?

Are you looking for the perfect bedside table? How tall and wide should the ideal table be? We're researched various bedside table styles to learn just how wall and wide they tend to be.

The ideal dimensions for a bedside table are 20 inches wide, 20 inches in height, and 20 inches deep. You may choose to use an alternative table like the base of a chair or even shelving. Dimensions may vary on the type of table you are using. 

Keep reading through this article to see the different types of bedside tables that can be used. Also included are the dimensions for the different types of tables or even chairs, and a few examples. 

White dog relaxing on bed at home with bedside table, How Tall And Wide Should A Bedside Table Be

Types of Bedside Tables With Dimensions

Bedside Chest

Feminine bedroom interior with pink sheets on a bed standing near wooden bedside table, How To Decorate The Top Of A Nightstand Or Bedside Table? [7 Suggestions]

A bedside chest is a bit wider than a standard nightstand. It will have two to three drawers for storage and a flat top for a lamp or anything else you may choose to put on top. These tend to be the same height or a few inches higher than your mattress itself.  The dimensions of a bedside chest are 36 inches in width, 32 inches in height, and 20 inches in depth. 

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Bedside Cabinets

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Bedside cabinets are usually floor to ceiling and can have a small table attached to them to work as a nightstand. These cabinets provide a lot of storage space. Some may have a bigger cabinet above with drawers for clothing or blankets on the bottom. These types of cabinets can be between six to eight feet in height, depending on your ceiling height. The width of these can also be different. They can be built or bought in a furniture store. 

Below is a video from YouTube that shows you an easy way to build wooden storage cabinets. These can easily be used for bedside or any other room you may need some extra storage for. 


Bedside Tables

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These types of tables usually have no storage. It can be a small round table with three legs or a longer, rectangular table with four legs. A lot of people use these for the aesthetics of the room and not for storage. They will have enough surface area for a lamp and a photo, or maybe just a vase of flowers. It all depends on your individual needs. These tables range in dimensions due to the fact that they are all different. 

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Smart Nightstands

Smart nightstands are a fairly new concept. They may have built-in outlets or chargers for your phone. They can also have lamps attached to them already, as to not take up additional surface space. Smart tables may even include a small cooler drawer and a cableless phone charger! These creative bedside tables are even popping up in a lot of hotels. Because there are so many different varieties of these stands, dimensions are variable. 

This smart bedside table even has a built-in lamp! 

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Cube or Block 

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A cube or block shelf may spin or standstill against a wall. These have various shelves that can hold baskets or be used as-is. The smallest cube shelf is 30 inches by 30 inches with four square blocks as shelving. These also range in size as you can get bigger ones with more square blocks. You may also decide to get one that has three cubes top to bottom. We have provided a few types below, so that you may see the difference and variations. 

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Chair/Bar Stool

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Yes, you can use a chair as a nightstand! A bar sized chair is probably the best because of its height. They are usually 23 to 28 inches from the floor to the seat. This provides a high enough tabletop if you choose to use one as a nightstand. We recommend one with a flat seat so that you are able to put an alarm clock or lamp on the seat without it sliding off. 

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Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are also another idea for a side table. These will be hung directly on your wall at the height you prefer. You can easily hang them at the recommended 20 inch height. They come with additional shelving or you can just have one flat surface for a lamp. Some have holes drilled into them to allow the cord to go down through for a neater look. 

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What is the difference between a bedside table and a nightstand?

A bedside table is usually just the top. It does not include drawers or cabinets. There is usually no storage within a bedside table. 

What is a good height for a bedside table lamp?

The lamp should be about 29 inches in height and proportionate with the headboard. You do not want the lamp to tower over the bed. 

Can I use an end table as a bedside table?

You can definitely use an end table for a nightstand if you prefer. We recommend making sure it lines up with your mattress and is easily accessible when reaching for your book or alarm clock. 

In Conclusion

White dog relaxing on bed at home with bedside table, How Tall And Wide Should A Bedside Table Be

The average measurements of a bedside table or nightstand are 20 inches in height, 20 inches in width, and 20 inches in depth. This provides more than enough room for a lamp, book, and clock. Some have shelving, drawers, or cabinets built-in. You may even choose to use a cube stand with baskets and lots of room for nic nacks or books. A barstool or chair may also be an option to use as a bedside stand. There are so many creative options when choosing a table to go beside your bed. 

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